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Attempting 6 Classes in One Semester?

arcticridge17arcticridge17 0 replies1 threads New Member
So, my case is a little odd. I'm 16 years old. I am an dual enrollment student at the moment, but transferring over to early admit in about one month. Currently, I have two college classes completed, two I'm currently undergoing, and three AP classes completed (Human Geo, World History, English Lit), all of which I passed with a 4 or higher. My college website says that having a 4 or higher exempts you from ENC1101 and ENC1102, but I'm not sure if they give you 6 whole credits. Either way, if my calculations are correct, I'll be about 4 or 5 classes off of my AA when I graduate. I want to have it by the time I graduate, since I plan to go into the military when I graduate, and don't want to attempt military and college or do a long 4 year gap. My plan was to take 4 regular classes and then 2 online in each of the semesters, which puts me at 19 out of the 20 classes. If ENC1101 and ENC1102 both count as credits, that completes it for me. However, I'm not sure if that's a wise choice. I know college classes are a lot more hefty than high school classes were, and I never took a full 6 classes in high school, due to the way my school's schedule was set up. Fortunately, I already have college algebra out of the way, so that makes things a bit easier for me. Still, is it a good idea?
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Replies to: Attempting 6 Classes in One Semester?

  • MrThatcherMrThatcher 133 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I honestly wouldn't suggest it. As someone who attempted to carry 18 credit hours on a 3 credit hour per class regimen, I damn nearly died from all the coursework. I had to drop it down to 15 credit hours which equates to just 5 classes per semester. I mean, you do you, but as a college student who attempted to do 6 classes, you better have a lot of free time or be very good at time management to do it successfully.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83860 replies744 threads Senior Member
    edited June 2019
    6 courses may be doable if you are very good at time management and do not have other time commitments. But if any have especially heavy time requirements (lab, term project, art studio, music performance, subject matter is hard for you, etc.), then it can be less doable.
    edited June 2019
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  • stradmomstradmom 5235 replies51 threads Senior Member
    Can you take two of those classes in summer/winter session?
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  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU 14518 replies106 threads Forum Champion
    Don't over commit yourself
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  • NHufferNHuffer Forum Champion GWU 990 replies2 threads Forum Champion
    If you have such a proclivity for college classes, is there a reason you're choosing to enlist vs. obtaining a degree and going the officer route? Just curious, as my experience (5 years Navy right after high school) has shown that life as an officer is an order of magnitude better than your average enlisted servicemember. I do realize, though, that only certain jobs can be done as enlisted, as may be the case for you.
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  • itsgettingreal17itsgettingreal17 4110 replies28 threads Senior Member
    It doesn’t sound like you have the preparation for it, so I wouldn’t recommend it. If you still want to attempt it, drop a class at the first sign of trouble.
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  • OGBENGOGBENG 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I'll tell you. It is possible. Last semester, I worked 24 hours a week and took Calc-based Mechanics w/ lab, Ochem I w/ lab, Gen Bio I w/ lab, English 205, and Calc III. 22 credits in all. I was at school from 7:50am to 7:00pm Mon-Thurs. It was a heck of a work load, and time management is very necessary, especially if you have a part time job as well; however, with determination, planning, and effort, retention of a good GPA is definitely possible. I was successful in maintaining A's in all classes besides English... a B.
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