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Which college majors make the most money?

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Which college majors in general make the most money coming out of school?
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  • skieuropeskieurope 38570 replies6752 postsSuper Moderator Super Moderator
  • juilletjuillet 12634 replies161 postsSuper Moderator Super Moderator
    Generally speaking, engineering-, computer-, and math-related majors make the most coming right out of college. The majors are difficult to complete and the demand for them is higher than the supply of majors. Think math/applied math/statistics, computer science, and most of the engineering subfields (mechanical, aerospace, civil, computer, electrical, etc.) There are also some more specialized majors that are offered some places that can yield high-paying careers, like data science (which is increasingly offered as an undergrad major), operations research, supply chain management, logistics, etc. Most of them are also related to math, engineering and/or computers.

    Of course, you'll need to balance the potential for high salaries with demand and with your own interests. For example, many online lists put petroleum engineering as one of the highest-paying majors. But first of all, it's not offered at most colleges; and second of all, the market for that is small and volatile, as it's attached directly to gas/petroleum prices. Also, if you major in computer science with the intention to be a software developer and make $$$, but it turns out that you hate the material (or worse, that you're not good at it), you may still struggle to find a role that satisfies you. (However, you can always take a CS major into something else - like program management or technology management - that doesn't require you to code but still draws on your technical skills. A CS major is rarely a bad choice.)
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    Maybe not a popular sentiment but as more and more firms are looking to outsource engineering and software development oversees (e.g. India, China, Ukraine, etc) because of the cheap foreign labor costs, these highly lucrative jobs may become more scarce in the U.S. in the future. Just something to think about.
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