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My act score(HELP)

aries nzraries nzr 12 replies16 threads Junior Member
Hi so i felt like reaching out today because you people here always guide me towards the right path. I feel terrible because the first time i took the Act, i got a 20. Now after my dad paying for classes I'm getting about a 27/28. It feels disappointing because i truly tried and worked my ass off considering all the other school life struggles that were happening. Im about to take my Act next Saturday, but with an intention of taking it a third and a final time(This year will be my senior year).My reading and science really suck. SPECIALLY SCIENCE! I don't read the passage, i look for keywords and all that jazz but still manage to get confused of what I'm being asked or where to find the data that i need on some questions. As far as the reading goes i take about 4:30 to read and the rest to answer. I just feel disappointed to see my dad working 14 hours a day and my mom working 2 jobs while attending an english class while I'm sitting here getting a 27 after all that they have done. Im not a stupid person, infact ironically I'm among top ranks of my classes and I'm looked at as the smart guy, yet the people who don't seem to be putting any effort get 33’s on their first attempts. Help me out please
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Replies to: My act score(HELP)

  • socaldad2002socaldad2002 2477 replies34 threads Senior Member
    First off, going from a 20 to 27 is very impressive and 88th percentile. All you can do is try your best. There are many colleges that will accept you with these scores and some colleges are even test optional. You are not disappointing anyone and don’t compare yourself to others. Some students just test really well, they won the genetic lottery for being able to complete fast paced tests, accurately. So what. Do the best you can and I guarantee it will all work out in the end.
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  • BuckeyeMomX3BuckeyeMomX3 7 replies2 threads New Member
    I suggest that you also take the SAT. Students who are not strong in Science, tend to do better on the SAT. Students who are strong in Science tend to do better on the ACT. My daughter attends a STEM school that encourages their students to take the ACT for this reason. She scored a 1320 on her second try on the SAT, but a 30 on her first try with the ACT. Her ACT score of 30 should get her into her choice universities, but the SAT score of 1320 is iffy. She probably will not be taking the SAT again, but is re-taking the ACT in hopes of increasing her ACT score to a 31-32 for merit scholarships.
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