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Having trouble deciding a major

gococks21gococks21 28 replies12 postsRegistered User Junior Member
I am transferring from CC. I want to have two studies, one major and a minor. Mass Communication was the biggest one I was looking at because of my love of sports. I wanted to be a sportswriter or an analyst. However, I am very concerned about ageism. I am 38 and with a substantial work gap and having a very hard time finding work as it is. I do not want these things to hinder me when I have my degree at 40 or over.

As for the others, I have looked at Business and STEM. I don't want a major too easy though because I have shown I can do some harder work that separates me from the pack. In Associate in Arts, courses like Stats and Bio were what separated me. I was one of two Summa Cum Laude graduates for that major and one of two PTK members, with the other being Magna. With that said, business is a highly sought after field by younger people, especially athletes. I don't want to have to compete with that. Maybe a stronger program in the Business field? With a STEM major, I am more concerned about my GPA. I know GPA is no big deal to some, but it does matter to me and the higher the better my chances of finding a job. I was considering Computer Science, but I learned it may be way too hard because of coding and solving riddles. If I do this, I will have to not put too much in one semester so it's manageable. If there are better ones out there that lands me a good job, that will be better.

Mass Communications will be one of my programs, but I am looking at one other. If I am going to do STEM, I may have to minor in it. Others I could major in like Business.
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  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 6476 replies51 postsRegistered User Senior Member
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    As a principle I strongly advocate following *your* real interests, and honestly the name of your major(s) will matter much less than you think. Focus on mass communications, and focus focus focus on getting internships and work experience- b/c irl life that is how you will get job leads- and jobs . If you are still choosing your next school, prioritize those that can (& will) help you with that. For example, some programs have built-in internships. You can take relevant business classes along the way, but keep you eye on the ball :-)

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  • gococks21gococks21 28 replies12 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    I have already been accepted into a fine arts college, Francis Marion. I couldn't commute any further than that. What do you think works best for that college?
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  • juilletjuillet 12631 replies161 postsSuper Moderator Super Moderator
    You don't need a second major. If you can't genuinely think of one you want to study, don't bother: you can just focus on your mass communications major.

    As a fresh college grad, you are going to have to compete with younger people anyway for jobs, so I think attempting to avoid that is pointless. That's going to be true no matter what you major in. There are other, much more important ways to make yourself a standout candidate - internships and part-time jobs, for example.

    Don't do a major just because it's perceived to be be difficult. Do it because you are interested and it maybe aligns with your career goals.

    If you're interested in sports analysis, a minor in math might be a good choice. If you're interested in sportswriting, FMU also has a professional writing minor you can choose.

    Why are you not majoring in sports broadcasting rather than mass communications?
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