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firefly3141firefly3141 13 replies13 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
Rising senior with a 1520 sat (8/6/7), 800 chem, 780 USH, and 5 AP tests (all 5s).... I have strong(ish?) ECs, should have pretty good recs and essays as well..... Is it worth retaking SAT for 1550+?? I am currently signed up for August but not sure if I should take it. And do I need Math 2? Not applying to engineering schools but thought it might be worth it as well. I am already really busy this summer so it's not like I have tons of extra time cut out for this, but do need to make a decision to see if it is something worth prioritizing. Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks!
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  • happy1happy1 22754 replies2239 threadsVerified Member Senior Member
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    The answer about retaking the SAT won't change from the last time you asked. https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/sat-preparation/2098744-retaking-sat-with-1520.html#latest

    In terms of SAT II look up the requirements of each school you plan to apply to and see if the tests are required or recommended (and if so how many SAT II tests are needed -- be sure to check for specific requirements each school may have).
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  • TheSATTeacherTheSATTeacher 236 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    If I were you, I would take Math 2 if I were confident I could get a very high score (e.g. 800). Even if no colleges you apply to require it, it still looks good. Also, even if no college you are currently thinking about applying to requires it, your list may change at a later date.
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