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What race to put on Common App? White, Asian, Both?

anesthesiaanesthesia 15 replies15 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
This question is pertaining to my nephew. He was born and grew up in Beijing, China, and has a Chinese sounding name. However, he is part Russian from when Russians came to Manchuria/Northern China. The Russians were in China in the early 1900s, so that's only 4 generations ago, meaning he is probably 1/16 (or 6.25%), Russian. He looks East Asian for the most part, albeit a taller than normal nose and he doesn't get Asian glow.

Would he be able to put Russian/White to not face the AA scourge Asian boys face? What if he put both?

P/S: I have a friend whose full Gujarati but since his ancestors migrated from India to Tanzania, he put African American on his app and got into Columbia, despite many non URMS with higher stats not getting into any ivy leagues at my high school
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Replies to: What race to put on Common App? White, Asian, Both?

  • CU123CU123 3543 replies65 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Put whatever you want it is self identification.
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  • supernovacoachsupernovacoach 103 replies2 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    What are the kid's stats? This is important to know to consider if it is even worth thinking about strategizing on this level.
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 33572 replies367 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    edited July 22
    Too much certainty Asian American males face a scourge. Let him do as much research as he can into what his college targets really care about on his app. so he can be a clear match. The Russian mix can intrigue. But they aren't looking for DNA or facial characteristics. They want to see how the mixed identity formed his own perspective, influenced him, not his ancestors.

    The definition of African American is "origians in the sub-Saharan regions of Africa." Sounds to me like that kid was of Indian origin.

    Is your nephew living in China now? Is he a UScitizen or Permanent Resident? Otherwise, he can be seen as a Chinese international applicant.
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  • skieuropeskieurope 38911 replies6874 threadsSuper Moderator Super Moderator
    If your nephew is interested in posing the question, he can open his own account to ask. But since we only allow questions for users and their dependents, I am closing this thread.
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