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Talking about 'Death' in CommonApp Essay

VeronikaZMVVeronikaZMV 7 replies5 threads New Member
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Thanks for any and all advice.

Key points
- I lived with my paternal grandparents and dad my entire life.
- My grandparents have always been 'mom' and 'dad' to me
- My dad has Autism and our dynamic has been closest to a sibling type than anything else.
- Grandfather passed away from a stroke during getting treatment for cancer.
- My last conversation with him while he was still conscious was how I was going to complete Multivariable Calc, Intro to Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations before graduating HS.
- Even though I had fallen almost a year behind I still made it through Multivar and DE (not Linear though :( ) but I also recovered my GPA to 3.8 UW and 4.2 W

I've lived off CC forum posts lately but have only been a ghost so yeah I'm new but I really appreciate this community so much! Cheers.
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Replies to: Talking about 'Death' in CommonApp Essay

  • VeronikaZMVVeronikaZMV 7 replies5 threads New Member
    edited November 2019
    I just feel like it's so clique and if it really is something college admissions hears in essays all the time I'd rather just talk about the insane amount of hatred I have for raisins... 🤣
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  • MWolfMWolf 1895 replies13 threads Senior Member
    If your GC will talk about your struggles, that raisin essay may actually be a winner.

    In all seriousness, writing about your struggles can be a problem, for many reasons. One is that people tend to tell the reader about their the difficulties they went through, and the cardinal rule is (all together now) "show, don't tell".

    The point of an essay is to show the OA why you would make a great addition to their incoming class. Talking about the bad things that happened to you doesn't do that. As I wrote, the focus of the essay tends to be the occurrences and how traumatic they were. The problem there is that it doesn't say anything about you, except that you suffered the loss of a loved one. Some people can do it, but it usually requires a lot more writing experience and skill.

    On the other hand, with an essay about your hate of raisins, you are much more likely to show who you are, write something in your own voice, be clever, engaging, and fun. Besides, raisin are awful.

    While both could make great essay topics, it is far more difficult to do so using a traumatic event as the topic.

    PS. I think that you meant "cliche"... 🙂
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  • VeronikaZMVVeronikaZMV 7 replies5 threads New Member
    edited November 2019
    Yeah, I totally understand. And that makes total sense too. Writing about the raisins is definitely more out of my comfort zone (as I'm more of a... math person than I've ever been a storyteller haha)

    Obviously you can probably that tell my grammar and spelling need some work. How embarrassing 😂 Thank you for your wonderful response c:
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  • c3memedc3memed 41 replies4 threads Junior Member
    super helpful
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