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University of Michigan fall 2020 transfer.

ZGloverZGlover 0 replies2 threads New Member
Hi everybody,
I am finishing up 4 years active duty in the Marine Corps, and I am looking to transfer to UM for the fall 2020 semester. I am trying to get into the LSA program for a bachelors in psychology. I took online courses during my time in the military, but it looks like I will only have 9 or so credits that will transfer to Michigan. Not a lot, but enough to qualify as a transfer student.

My college GPA is 3.56 and my high school GPA was 3.4 My essays were pretty strong and I have some excellent letters of recommendation.

Obviously I do not have the best GPAs, but I figured I would apply anyway and see what happens.
I understand that UM is a very competitive school, and my hopes are not high for acceptance. However, I read that they are more lenient on transfer students than freshman. If someone could provide some insight on my chances of admission that would be great!
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 4568 replies18 threads Senior Member
    First thanks for your service.

    Look at :https://vets.umich.edu/prospective-students/undergraduate-students/

    Contact them at the bottom and ask your questions. They will advise you correctly. Pursue this site also. Lots of good information coming from the military.
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  • transfer201920transfer201920 2 replies0 threads New Member
    Hello everyone, I'm currently a first year Economics student at the University of Toledo. I was originally deferred during the Early Action period for Fall 2019, then eventually denied. UMich is my dream school and I would like to transfer there. Here are some of my credentials:
    College GPA (Estimated): 3.8-3.9ish
    High School GPA: 3.95
    SAT: 1280
    Decent amount of extracurricular, also in Financial Management Association at Toledo.
    Pretty good at writing essays
    At the time of my Fall 2020 application in February, I will have 16 transferrable credits and be in the process of earning 16 more. Should I wait until I have fully completed my first year, or would I still have a good shot at being accepted? Also, should I retake the SAT since they do consider that? I am fairly confident I can get at least a 1350. Any feedback would be appreciated!
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  • transferr2020transferr2020 19 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Currently a second year sophomore, graduated high school in 2018. Yet, I enter college with descent amount of credits from AP and some classes I took in community college as high school student.

    Does anyone know is having too many units will hinder my chance for getting accepted into UMichigan? Currently have 3.8 GPA at San Jose State University.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 4568 replies18 threads Senior Member
    You need to make sure they transfer. Michigan is difficult to have certain classes to transfer like math /science.


    Check it out
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  • transferr2020transferr2020 19 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @Knowsstuff I calculated, I think I can have roughly around 30-40 units to transfer.
    Do you know if UM calculate how many units can be transferred before they admit students or after? I feel transfer admission is a lot more objective than freshman admission (unless you are applying to UC/CSU from California community college)
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 4568 replies18 threads Senior Member
    Not sure but why not set up meeting with a counselor and send your transcripts prior so you know for sure?
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  • strgglngkdstrgglngkd 10 replies0 threads New Member
    What do you guys think about applying as a summer 2020 transfer vs. fall 2020 transfer? Need some advice about this
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  • somuchworktodosomuchworktodo 34 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Literally just got rejected for Winter, this is going to be my new home
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  • CriveloCrivelo 19 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Heyyyyy I remember you from last year on the freshmen applicant University of Michigan thread. I was wait-listed, but I'm back and ready to get rejected once again!

    Was your son looking to go to umich or do you just browse the forms frequently?
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 4568 replies18 threads Senior Member
    @Crivelo. I am hoping you get in this year! My son is a Junior in Industrial engineering at Michigan. My wife went there. Grew up in Detroit area. Been on here for about 3 years and watching Michigan football taking care of Michigan State 24/7 in the third. Lol

    Wishing you the best.

    Go Blue!
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  • CriveloCrivelo 19 replies0 threads Junior Member

    Thank you for your kind wishes.

    Does anyone know how important letters of recommendation are? Am I okay if I don't have one?
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  • CriveloCrivelo 19 replies0 threads Junior Member
    For the last essay question that says "Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve.", how long is this meant to be?

    "A statement" seems to imply a max of a paragraph, but the common app gives way more room than that. Any insights?
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  • 99suhjw99suhjw 18 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Asian, International

    Current School: top 50 region west university (my family's faith based instituation)
    Major: Econ LSA ( the institution im currently at doesnt have an econ major)
    College GPA: 3.4-3.5 ( I know very low for transfer from lower tier school)
    It was on an upward trend until this quarter as I am doing very poorly in General Biology.

    Somewhat "rigorous" Courses taken before transfer app : Calc 1, Phys 1 &2, Microecon, Acc 1&2, Macroecon, Stats, and will be taking calc2, calc3, game theory, and retaking macroecon to receive a better grade. all B+ to A except for macroecon.

    also I attended 1 CC in Michigan 1 4 year faith-based institution in Michigan, and currently enrolled at a Californian university (also faith-based)

    Extra Curriculars/Extra Stuff after HS grad
    - Founder and President at a cultural club at current school
    - 1.5 month volunteer work in a small village in Nepal
    (teaching korean/english, doing medical/dental work, and installing water pipes)

    Recommendations: one or maybe two decent ones

    High School GPA: 3.6 UW 3.8 W
    ACT : 33 (34 superscore)
    I did not apply to any non schools other than faith-based institution after hs.
    One Ap score : 4 in US history
    EC's in HS
    -Varsity soccer 3 years (captain senior year)
    -2 years senator for class office
    -1 year Parliamentarian for student government
    -1 year Parliamentarian for class office

    Im quite concerned as I attended several schools before transferring (for health and family reasons), And have a lower than average gpa a from a lower-tier college.
    I would submit my application with 45 credits earned.

    How does UMICH assess college gpa, standardized testing scores, and ECs ?
    Will my ACT score even matter to the admission officers?
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