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Is it good to have after-school English program teacher write personal recommendation letter?

skyhigh1203skyhigh1203 1 replies1 threads New Member
I'm an eighth grader applying for ninth grade in Exeter and Andover. These schools require a personal recommendation letter for the application. I love to read and write, and I go to an after-school supplementary program for writing. I'm taking a ninth/tenth grade writing class in that program, and the English teacher there really appreciates my writing. I heard that schools frown upon students who take supplementary English and/or math classes outside of regular school classes. Is it a good idea to ask my writing teacher to write the personal recommendation letter? Will it reflect negatively upon me in any way?
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Replies to: Is it good to have after-school English program teacher write personal recommendation letter?

  • vegas1vegas1 594 replies2 threads Member
    @skyhigh1203 we always viewed the personal recommendation as an opportunity to highlight another facet of your personality. So, if your teacher recommendations are going to speak to what a strong, motivated student you are why waste the personal one on a similar message. If your supplementary teacher can speak to a different side of you than the traditional teachers then by all means use her.
    If not, better to use someone that can speak to another side of you. Maybe you volunteer with kids and your patience is on display, maybe you work as a babysitter and always leave the house spotless because you know the parents have stressful jobs, maybe you play sports/ music and are the one who helps pick up the balls after practice or put away the music stands. The point is seeing you as more then just a good student is what this recommendation is designed for. There are plenty of smart kids, what else will you bring to the community?
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  • skyhigh1203skyhigh1203 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Okay, thank you!
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  • lakemountainlakemountain 6 replies1 threads New Member
    Very good point! Thanks a lot! I'm also debating about the personal rec. My main straw is math, so I'm thinking asking the teacher in charge of our school math club for the personal rec, she should have different perspective from my math teacher I guess? But now I'm kind of unsure....
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