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Brown RUE vs. regular transfer?

threeofbirdsthreeofbirds 1 replies1 threads New Member
Hi there! I was this close to applying regular transfer for Brown when I heard about the RUE program. Now I'm unsure what to do! I'm a bit worried to apply as RUE because I don't have a super exciting backstory. I dropped out of HS and was scared to go back to school until a couple of years ago! I attend community college now and this is my last semester. I was wondering if some current and/or prospective RUE's are out there who may be able to guide me in the right direction. Do I apply RUE or regular transfer? Here are some of my stats! Thanks so much in advance!

High School:
Honestly, terrible. I don't even know what my GPA was, and I dropped out. My teachers mostly loved me though. No EC's. I had a fairly tumultuous life at the time and most likely undiagnosed ADHD and not a great support system.

- Started at the age of 34. I'm 36 now.
- GPA by term: 4.0, 3.5, 3.8, 3.846, 4.0, 4.0. This is my last semester but I'm hoping I'll get a 4.0. Currently my cumalitive GPA is 3.861 out of 4.0, unweighted.
- Took one of the hardest non-STEM courses at my school an honors colloquim for which special permission is needed by the prof's. Earned an A. I wrote my final paper on how language changes reality.
- Right now I'm doing an independent honors project for which I've designed and am conducting a psychological study. It's about how attachment style, infidelity, and commitment are linked.

Comm. College EC's:
- Treasurer and Mentor Lead in Student Senate. This is my second semester in Senate and I am very involved.
Honor Societies:
- Green Key Honor Society: members act as official school ambassadors at events as well as doing community service and a year long project. Green Key is the only honor society for which you must be endorsed by faculty or a current member, then interviewed and accepted.
- Psi Beta: national cc psychology honor society. Must be endorsed by member of psych faculty, school pays for membership. I'm one of less than 10 members because the program at my cc is actually super tough!
- Phi Theta Kappa: Not super involved but I paid the lifetime membership fee. I would probably be more involved but the meetings conflict with my class and work schedule

I also sit on a strategic planning team focused on student success, along with several faculty members and administrators.

I received a scholarship from my school's scholarship foundation last year as well.

I've been in the workforce for my entire adult and most of my teenage life. At my last job I was a manager, department head, and assistant buyer (but it was only retail, so....)

I'm a psychology major but have a heavy interest in both linguistics and cogntive science as well.

Sorry this was so very long but any help or advice is much appreciated!!

P.S. I'm from RI but live in western mass right now!

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