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Last minute picking!

tooindecisivetooindecisive 6 replies2 threads New Member
Okay. I got the Banneker/Key, which is sweet. I'm also a Maryland Distinguished Scholar finalist, so I'll actually net money from the combined scholarships. Getting paid to go to college is a cool concept. And Honors/Gemstone is cool.


I also got into Hopkins as a biomedical engineering major, which is also really cool. And tempting. To be honest, I like the city (have lived near Baltimore my entire life) better than College Park, and I like Hopkins' campus (though College Park's is cool too). I visited Hopkins, and I liked it a lot, and if money were of no consequence, I think I would pick Hopkins (not to say I don't like Maryland either... it's just the way I feel).

So... any thoughts on which I should pick? I honestly like both schools, but I like Hopkins a little bit more. Of course, there is the money issue. Ha. So, if anyone has any input, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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Replies to: Last minute picking!

  • BigJBigJ 120 replies1 threads Junior Member
    If you're going strictly for your education:

    Hopkins all the way.

    If you're going strictly for the college experience:

    UMD all the way.

    Also, since you grew up around Baltimore, you know how damn dangerous it is outside of the Inner Harbor.
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  • anpejuanpeju 19 replies13 threads Junior Member
    I would choose Johns Hopkins over Maryland, it is much better ranked and if you like the campus and the city better then that's a plus. I also think Johns Hopkins has a great biology program and if you want biomedical engineering it's something you should consider. There is a big difference economically though, if you don't have the money and would be getting into too big of a debt then you should go to Maryland, but if you can make arrangements economically and not into too much debt then go to Johns Hopkins. At least that's what I would do. I'm in your same position though, I got into Maryland and Michigan and would rather go to Michigan but it's about 8,000 more anually plus a summer bridge program I would have to take that adds 10,000 to my first year. I wanna study medicine and know Michigan has a better program but is it worth the extra money? Could anyone here give me their personal opinion too? Thanks, and good luck tooindecisive!
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  • CheapseatsCheapseats 923 replies9 threads Member
    that is a $160,000 difference. If you are thinking a medical career then seriously think about it more. They say medical schools care less about your school and more about your grades and stuff. They do care about jobs though and hopkins will get you better jobs later. Again I defer to lindz stat of 90+% of students in honors going to a medical school from UMD. Lindz said she wasn't positive but ask in the selection thread of this site.
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  • njbrynnnjbrynn 11 replies0 threads New Member
    ive heard where you go for undergrad is not as important as how well you do there. go to umd and save the money so you can go to a big name med school later. (getting the md full ride scholarship will also look great on med school apps)
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  • lindz0722lindz0722 694 replies4 threads Member
    cheapseats, i love the constant references to the things i say :-D
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  • CheapseatsCheapseats 923 replies9 threads Member
    lol, its useful information :D
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  • tooindecisivetooindecisive 6 replies2 threads New Member
    Thanks for the help, guys. I actually just enrolled at Maryland today -- 40k just isn't worth it.
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