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What is life actually like for SCA grads?

FilmilfFilmilf 14 replies15 threads Junior Member
As far as Jobs, internships, gigs, unemployment, etc
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Replies to: What is life actually like for SCA grads?

  • WWWardWWWard 3124 replies15 threads Senior Member
    With thousands of SCA alumni out there in the world, the answers can vary widely. It is fairly easy of course to find a list of their stellar alumni who have made it big, but below that level, you are likely to find a tremendously mixed bag of results that would fill the entire spectrum of possible jobs and career paths. An SCA degree can potentially open certain doors for those well-positioned to capitalize on it, but it may still likely take a great deal of perseverance, dedication and networking effort to move ahead rapidly. Those who fare best start networking early, while still there... taking advantage of internships and associations and anything and everything needed to get noticed... like volunteering on projects - both within and outside of SCA in L.A. To me, there are three levels or elements to attending SCA... 1) your actual eduction via SCA - what you can learn while there 2) the contacts you can make with fellow students and faculty and alumni while there + voluntering on or working on as many SCA-centric projects you can while there. All of this is to build up your networking relationships for after graduation. 3) L.A. itself --- and all of the opportunities and internships available to you there, that may not be accessible elsewhere.

    All three of these elements work in tandem together... like three foundational pillars to your potential future success. But what you actually gain in terms of knowledge while there may only be one element to the entire skill set needed for you to capitalize on it all after graduation. Join the SCA Network as soon as you enroll. And then keep that one word... Network... in mind forever thereafter. They call it the SCA Mafia for a reason. SCA alum help each other. But it's not an automatic. You have to work at it.
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  • FilmilfFilmilf 14 replies15 threads Junior Member
    Yeah I was at USC for 2 years already and took a leave for a while. I was able to get unpaid internships. I’ve had three already. I thought it would be fairly easy to get an internship at a studio or network with SCA on my resume, but I was only able to get lesser ones through connect SC. From what I’ve heard it’s very difficult to get a job just through job portals. You have to network really well with current alumni especially at SC job fairs. Even with your classmates it would be difficult for them to get you a paying job because they’ll be working entry level jobs too. Other Job boards are better but they’ll mostly have obscure companies you haven’t heard of
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