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Stanford Admits! I need your help!

currentjuniorcurrentjunior 5 replies8 threads New Member
Hello! Coming from a future applicant who is stressing about grades and transcripts, I was wondering, @Stanford Admits, how many b's have you received and when? Thank you so much!
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Replies to: Stanford Admits! I need your help!

  • dbk2024dbk2024 7 replies3 threads New Member

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  • buckybarnesxbuckybarnesx 127 replies12 threads Junior Member
    I have straight As all four years, but then again I never took any AP classes (our school doesn't have them), and took dual enrollment classes through state universities instead.
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  • LuvbadgersLuvbadgers 24 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Daughter received (1) B+ for AP Biology for first semester in 11 grade but received A second semester. School operated on a 7 point scale. She needed a 92.50% to get an A- but instead, got 92.40% and so received the B+. The school does not round the percentage.

    If you didn’t get in to Stanford, it won’t be because of a few B’s. Will be something else.
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  • Suave123Suave123 225 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Same here, daughter received 2 B+, one in AP Calc AB first semester in 11th grade but got an A second semester, also 5 on AP exam. Another B+ in AP Seminar second semester 11th grade also got 5 on the AP exam. Still got into Stanford. Hope this helps!
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  • MaxtonMaxton 3 replies1 threads New Member
    Straight As, but if you are having difficulty with certain classes (especially if your lower grades are in freshman/sophmore years or you took all APs one year, etc.) you might be able to explain them in your application. You could also supplement your grades with community service or other outside of school stuff like starting a small business with friends or getting an internship. Good luck, and try not to stress out!
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  • currentjuniorcurrentjunior 5 replies8 threads New Member
    yeaa its just i've been researching tons about the school and for the longest time i knew that i had to at least show an upward trend in my grades but like they stayed the samee

    soph1: 1 b+
    soph2: 1 b+
    jr1: 2 b+
    and i'm predicting 1 b+ this sem.

    But i do have an explanation. my dad moved across the country to work because where i live, nothing was working out. My brother moved to college and my mom was working as well. I became the father figure for my family ever since 2nd sem soph yr taking care of my little sister too. took a lot of my time. This sem, I thought i was gonna get all a's but corona hit and my lang teacher was acting up lol so now no one rlly has an a. And the school i come from, only like 10 people get all straight a's. it's rlly hard to even get all a+ like they try to kill us lol. anyways, i'm just rlly stressed. IK that stanford does the scoring based on stats, activites, and IV but i rlly hope if i get a low evaluation for my stats, my activities and essays will cover it up. praying for the best!
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  • austinmshauriaustinmshauri 9847 replies377 threads Senior Member
    I don't think ECs and essays make up for low stats. Just do your best and apply to a range of schools.
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  • Suave123Suave123 225 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Also pls don’t have one dream school, as mentioned above - apply to a range of schools and based on where you get admitted, choose The one that u think will fit best from that list.
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  • Youngboy2019Youngboy2019 43 replies0 threads Junior Member
    i had a 3.6 and i was waitlisted so its not the end of the world lol
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