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Course Selection..

AznBoiAznBoi 117 replies64 threads Junior Member
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It's getting time for me to choose courses for next year. The one thing that has been bothering me is the number of APs and Honors classes to take. What is the ideal number of AP/Honors classes to take in your Junior year. I'm planning to study for the SATs and do extra-curricular activites/sports. However, I also want to keep up my class rank and maintain a high GPA. I was thinking around 4-5 APs/Honors with careful selection. I will ask the teachers for the class's workload and the avg. amount of study time for each. Please offer your advice/experience. Is 5 AP/Honors doable in your Junior Year?? Thanks in advance!
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Replies to: Course Selection..

  • orchdorkbandoorchdorkbando 335 replies13 threads Member
    I'm a junior and am taking 5 AP's, so it's definitely doable. If your teachers recommend you for such a courseload, you should be fine and could end up surprising yourself with how much you can handle. I also think your "careful selection" is important since workload varies a lot for the different AP classes - my 5 AP's this year give less hw than my 3 AP's last year. However, don't let the selection process stress you out too much and remember that a class will often be easier if you enjoy the subject. Good luck!
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  • AznBoiAznBoi 117 replies64 threads Junior Member
    What APs/Honors classes would you think are the easiest to get an A in? I don't really want to spend too much time studying. I'm interested in pretty much anything. I loved Physics AP this year.
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  • apathyapathy 555 replies35 threads Member
    well Psych's an easy AP, so I hear. Bio requires an extreme amount of reading, but as long as you read it's an easy A. Comp Sci in my school was horrendously hard, but at the same time all of us in that class breezed through the AP with a 5 so i think it was just our teacher who was very demanding. that's all i can think of that would be easy to get an A in. you might want to check with the kids at your school to see how hard their classes are, since they vary.
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  • katia11katia11 517 replies94 threads Member
    what have you taken so far?
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  • Anon_Person_1Anon_Person_1 2377 replies76 threads Senior Member
    I'm also a sophomore and I'm planning to take about 4 APs, 2 honors, and 1 regular course (religion)...but I'll tell you-it definitely depends on your school. A person at a very competitive school might have a harder time with the courseload as opposed to a school where it's basically "AP" in name only. What's the pass rate? Have you talked to juniors?

    You should also consider what courses you took this year/last year. Are you on a similarly demanding schedule? Or are you transitioning between zero honors? From my personal experience, the AP American History is considered hard-but only for people who didn't take honors history before. Similarly, the AP Chemistry class senior year is considered a breeze-only if you took honors chemistry.

    Good luck!
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  • GreenDayFanGreenDayFan 3759 replies168 threads Senior Member
    At my school no AP's are considered easy. lol. the hardest schedule for juniors at my school is 2 Ap's and 3 honors. and you can take 5 ap's senior year.
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