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How do you afford all those college visits?


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  • paying3tuitionspaying3tuitions 12571 replies759 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 13,330 Senior Member
    it would not be a "shut out" from not visiting. But it CAN make a difference in certain schools.
    it's too strong to say,"You won't get in if you don't visit.", but when the admission director tells you, "visit, visit, visit" as your GC says the same, if you can, do. Especially if it is a top choice. IF it puts true burden, let them know of your interest.

    I agree with all of that, and just pulled it out because it summarizes our dialogue so well (for those who can't slog through it all!)
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  • thumper1thumper1 73287 replies3188 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 76,475 Senior Member
    We actually did visit all of the colleges both kids applied to. In DS's case there were three visits (one early visit, one audition, and one post acceptance visit...day trips in all cases). DD visited 15 schools and DS visited 10 different schools. We did the visits over two years with each kid and combined them with our family vacations, and visits to relatives (except the day trips...we just went there for the day). So...we made one trip to the SE where we visited 7 colleges with DD (and vacationed with very good family friends), one trip to CA with DD (7 more schools and a visit with relatives), and one day trip with DD. DS...one trip to the DC area for 3 visits (and a visit with relatives), three day trips (3 schools), one drive to Pittsburgh (and a visit with relatives), and a trip to Texas (3 more schools and a vacation in Texas as well as a visit with relatives).
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  • historymomhistorymom 3302 replies165 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,467 Senior Member
    I don't know if this info is too late for the OP, but for any other parents who, like me and my H live in an area with a dearth of attractive colleges, you have to start early unless you have a big travel budget. We started summer 07 as it was the one before our DDs, Junior year.

    So here is my additional advice on affording college visits:

    * Do regional visits as others have suggested

    * Join a hotel family's "club" ie Hilton Honors. This is a good one because their family of hotels includes everything from the Hampton Inn and Suites where you can get a clean room and breakfast for under 100.00 in many cities, to super chi chi Hilton resorts. What this does for you is it allows you to build up points that you can redeem for free stays.

    * Plan to visit some after admissions results are in. We are looking at the CA and Pacific North West schools before applying but if either of our girls are admitted to the schools there considering in CO and TX, we will fly out to both states and probably make that one trip.

    I have twins so between the two of them we will probably visit 10 to 14 campuses total before all is said and done. We have already made trips to 4 schools within a day's drive and had one overnight.

    Enjoy! and plan some fun stuff along the way. We just got home from a trip to Cal Poly which we combined with a day in Disneyland. It was a blast, just me and my girls, laughing ourselves silly and enjoying our
    time together.
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  • operamomoperamom 134 replies36 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 170 Junior Member
    With DS, auditions required that we visit several places during the application process. We sent CDs to as many as we could to reduce the travel time. Upon acceptance, he visited every school to meet voice teachers and have trial lessons. He visited one school several times because it was relatively close and it emerged, after being unlikely, as his first choice. He is a junior there now.

    DD is not a music major, but she is committed to intense study with a private teacher during her undergraduate years. She has seen 4 of her schools and will see 2 more in December, but we are reserving the travel dollars for post acceptance time so she can interview teachers. I know students who visited before applications, went to auditions, and visited to take trial lessons after they were accepted. Three trips to each school. We can't do this.

    In distinct contrast, I applied to 5 schools total, was accepted with scholarships to 3 of them and attended my first choice, a LAC (2000 miles away from home) which I saw the first time when I arrived as a freshman. I loved the school I attended and I believe that I would have loved any of the others.
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