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Agonizing over 1st quarter grades! HELP!


Replies to: Agonizing over 1st quarter grades! HELP!

  • JustaMom5465JustaMom5465 1646 replies82 threads Senior Member
    I think it is Calc AB - it is the most rigorous course offered at her HS. That is what makes this decision more complicated. The A in AP Calc would sort of counter-balance the SAT Math score. But the science classes would not. Why does this whole process have to be so STRESSFUL!?
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  • Mummyof1Mummyof1 10 replies0 threads New Member
    Is BC more rigorous than AB? Is there a regular level calculus course or are all the calculus courses in high school AP level? My son is taking AP Calculus BC and is struggling a bit. I'm wondering if he should have taken an "easier" calculus for a better grade.
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  • JustaMom5465JustaMom5465 1646 replies82 threads Senior Member
    Sorry, I was confusing in my answer. DD's HS offers ONE AP calc course. I don't know if it is AB or BC. What I meant to say was that she is taking the most rigorous course at HS, regardless of which one it is.
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  • sybbie719sybbie719 20943 replies2049 threads Super Moderator
    Yes, AP Calc BC is more rigerous than AP Calc AB

    Description of both courses:

    Calculus AB is designed to be taught over a full high school academic year. It is possible to spend some time on elementary functions and still cover the Calculus AB curriculum within a year. However, if students are to be adequately prepared for the Calculus AB examination, most of the year must be devoted to topics in differential and integral calculus. These topics are the focus of the AP Exam.

    AP: Calculus AB
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  • sybbie719sybbie719 20943 replies2049 threads Super Moderator
    AP Calc BC
    Calculus BC can be offered by schools that are able to complete all the prerequisites before the course. Calculus BC is a full-year course in the calculus of functions of a single variable. It includes all topics covered in Calculus AB plus additional topics. Both courses represent college-level mathematics for which most colleges grant advanced placement and credit. The content of Calculus BC is designed to qualify the student for placement and credit in a course that is one course beyond that granted for Calculus AB.

    AP: Calculus BC
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 30246 replies59 threads Senior Member
    The decision would not be rescinded on those grades, but if she's doing better, and has done better, why send them? Most schools do not even want mid year grades for ED/EA. They just want the year end transcript if the kid is accepted. The midyear grade would be for RD consideration if deferred. I have my fingers crossed for her.

    To all parents and kids out there, please do not feel you have to name the specific schools. You really do not know who reads these posts. They do show up in Google. Most of the time it is no big deal, like in this case, but sometimes the info can be misinterpreted, and your kid can sometimes be identifiable.
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  • mammallmammall - 1654 replies47 threads Senior Member
    I don't think it's standard to send 1st quarter grades. Our school does not.
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 40844 replies475 threads Senior Member
    This is clearly a situation for "don't ask, don't tell." If the ED college asked for the grades, you have to choice but to send them. If they didn't ask, then tell your counselor to hang fire here.

    DD reported that her GC was contacted by her ED school about her mid-term progress report. Her grades are surprisingly good (she ususally gets all B+/A- midway and then ends semesters with mostly As), so she is keeping her fingers crossed.
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  • 99cents99cents 1082 replies6 threads Senior Member
    I would interpret that as good news. They would not bother to check otherwise.
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