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Most Important AP Classes?

TrinitrondelTrinitrondel 83 replies42 threads Junior Member
edited April 2008 in High School Life
Personally, I believe:

1. Calculus
2. Physics/Chemistry/Biology
3. Macroeconomics/Microeconomics
4. Psychology
5. English Literature/Language
6. Government & Politics
7. US History/European History
8. Environmental Science
9. Statistics
10. Computer Science
11. World History
12. Art History/Music Theory/Studio Art

Please respect each other's opinion. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. I'm just curious to know what other people think.
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Replies to: Most Important AP Classes?

  • zenythzzenythz 236 replies72 threads Member
    Well, to be honest, I don't think you can really classify any single AP class as being "most important". However, certain clusters are better for some fields than others. For example, if you are interested in pre-med or biological sciences, you should probably take AP Chemistry and AP Biology before anything else. If you are more of an engineering person, you should probably give priority to AP Physics, AP Chemistry, and most likely AP Calculus.

    However, based on my personal opinion, AP Chemistry seems to be a course that never goes to waste.
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  • GPAx213GPAx213 1064 replies103 threads Senior Member
    It depends what field you are going to go into, but I would say..

    1. Calculus
    2. Sciences (including environment)
    3. English lang/lit
    4. Histories (US, World, and Euro)
    5. Macro and microecon
    6. Everything else
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  • ZamzamZamzam 839 replies15 threads Member
    1. Calculus
    2. European History (/maybe World History?)
    3. Chemistry, Physics
    4. Biology
    5. Foreign Languages (including Latin)
    6. English Language/Literature
    7. Stats
    8. Everything else except the following:
    9. Studio Art, Art History, Psychology

    Not sure why Calculus is so important... but I feel like it's something everyone should know.
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  • ChipmoneyChipmoney 1176 replies9 threads Member
    Calculus at the bottom, I hate it with a passion.

    Besides that I don't think it matters.

    Especially at the high school level I think its just a good idea to take what ever sounds interesting.
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  • atrophicwhisperatrophicwhisper 1683 replies61 threads Senior Member
    At my school, there are at least certain expectations- as in, you should take these courses to get admitted to the top schools. It varies from school to school, but in terms of talking admission to top schools, here are the most important for me:

    1. English Lang/ Lit
    2. Calculus (AB or BC)
    3. Chemistry
    4. US Govt or American History
    5. Bio, Physics, or Environmental Science (though that class has problems. It's a combined dual enrollment and AP class and only offered fall semester. Nobody has passed the exam at my school ever. Yes, ever.)
    6. Spanish/French (AP French isn't even offered at my school.)

    bottom of the list:
    Stats (offered as an elective)
    Music Theory
    Studio Art (both for obvious reasons)
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  • TrinitrondelTrinitrondel 83 replies42 threads Junior Member
    I completely agree with you. You may have noticed I put the artsy classes at the bottom of my list. But for an art student, these would be at the top. Anyways, this thread isn't meant to formally recognize some classes as being more important than others. Instead, it's for people to give personal thought and reflection to the topic based off their own opinions.
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  • Janelle09Janelle09 250 replies31 threads Junior Member
    I think English Composition is pretty important because you really do learn a lot and your writing improves tons! Writing is big part of not only college admissions, but also college in general, so I think the tools you learn in the class are priceless! =)
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  • freznowfreznow 97 replies15 threads Junior Member
    I agree with the general consensus that Calc and Chem always seem to be good, though I suppose more so for a scientifically headed person, because yes it would vary. English is probably 'more important' too. The others I think don't matter in order that much. Though personally I think Latin is the best of all.
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  • zfox001zfox001 1169 replies43 threads Senior Member
    i think that AP sciences, AP math, AP History(US and Euro) and AP English are all equally important. It all depends on what you enjoy and want to study. So in essence I just believe that all the more core classes are important then they are followed by more elective types of classes.
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  • Spidey1588Spidey1588 178 replies12 threads Junior Member
    AP Euro and Chemistry are probably most important/useful. Euro has helped me so much in AP US History and AP Art History. AP Chem is useful for AP Bio and AP Env Science. Calculus isn't as useful because none of the other AP's, except for perhaps physics, actually use it.
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  • jamesfordjamesford 3336 replies111 threads Senior Member
    The most important AP class is the one you have the most passion for.
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  • ppenguin757ppenguin757 426 replies8 threads Member
    ^ Agreed.

    Hence AP Calc BC and AP Chem can go trip in a hole and die a slow and painful death.
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  • MelancholyDaneMelancholyDane 620 replies23 threads Member
    Wait, are we talking about most important to look good on a transcript, or most important in terms of imparting useful skills and knowledge?

    I wouldn't know anything about the former, but the latter (for me):

    1. English Language
    2. Foreign Language (German, for me)
    3. Statistics
    4. US Government
    5. World History
    6. US History
    7. Environmental Science
    8. English Literature

    I can't pass judgments on any I didn't take, but I didn't see much merit to taking a lab science or calculus course, but I would have loved to do economics, art history, psychology, and especially music theory if my schedule had permitted. I guess that's what college is for, eh?
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  • UnleashedFuryUnleashedFury 1755 replies29 threads Member
    1. Calculus/Physics
    2. Chemistry
    4. Statistics
    5. Computer Science
    6. Biology
    7. US History
    8. US Government & Politics
    9. Environmental Science
    10. Macroeconomics/Microeconomics
    11. World History
    12. Psychology
    13. English Literature/Language
    14. Art History/Music Theory/Studio Art
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  • ninja.of.loveninja.of.love 588 replies11 threads Member
    My most important AP in terms of my academic development and maturity was World History because I took it freshman year. Micro, Macro, Euro, GoPo, Lang, Lit, Calc, and Stats follow, in that order. I asked my AP Econ/Euro teacher this question and he thought AP Language was the most important. I want to major in Public Policy Analysis and Political Science so Calculus and Chemistry aren't important (or enjoyable) to me.
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  • shravasshravas 1992 replies64 threads Senior Member
    The only important AP class to me is Calculus, and the rest really depend on the person or class. But Biology, Chemistry, Physics C, US History, European History, English Language, and English Literature all seem good in general too.
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  • galestormgalestorm 268 replies39 threads Junior Member
    The most important AP class is the one you learn the most from, aka the one with the best teacher. It's kind of futile to discuss this since that will obviously vary.
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  • classof09classof09 903 replies41 threads Member
    I would say it would have to be either English Lang or Calc BC.
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  • KaznackKaznack 1896 replies89 threads Senior Member
    In my own personal view:

    1. English Literature/Language
    2. Physics/Chemistry/Biology
    3. US History/European History
    4. Psychology
    5. Art History/Music Theory/Studio Art
    6. Government & Politics
    7. Computer Science
    8. Environmental Science
    9. Statistics
    11. World History
    12. Calculus

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  • MiruMiru 126 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Chemistry and Calculus were my favorites, and are obviously great for engineering majors. I had amazing teachers in both subjects though, so I can't imagine what would have happened if I tried to do them with a bad teacher... If you want to get yourself killed by insane papers and criticizing books to death take English Composition/Literature. At least it will get you ready for college english
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