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University of Alabama in *Huntsville* ??

ragavpayneragavpayne 30 replies15 threads Junior Member
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I'm an international student (from India) and I've got my admission into undergraduate program in Physics in UAHuntsville with a 100% scholarship. I mainly chose UAH because it:-

1) Is labeled as "A Best Southeastern college" (by the way I don't understand what "A Best..." means. I thought it should be *The* best. Are there many *A* best southeastern colleges?)

2) Seems to have a great Physics program (ranked 41st nation-wide by some website)

3) Is a research intensive university with an annual expenditure of $65 million on research alone.

4) Seems to cater primarily those students that are of above-average intellect or brilliant.

5) Is giving me great scholarships! ( I just have to pay for room, board and miscellaneous expenses)

6) Is in Huntsville, which seems to be a beautiful and high-tech city (and also has NASA space flight center and Cummings Research Park)

7) Is of the right size (not too big & not too small)

8) Seems like nerdyville; Social life there is quite inactive (which sounds like home for the kind of person I am)

9) Has a great Co-op program (one among only 13 that are available in the nation)

10) Offers the option of having a private room for incoming freshmen (this means more privacy)

It has a lot of other facilities such as free wi-fi networks and unlimited internet connection inside the private rooms, and exposure to research etc.

But, I'm still wondering if it is what I'm expecting it to be.

1) Is it a school that provides high quality education for the intellectually curious?
2) Is it the school for me if I want to pursue higher education in a reputed school after graduation rather than get a job in that region?
3) Does it have a thriving academic atmosphere where the professors focus on improving the *understanding* of what is being taught?
4) How about the quality of the faculty?

Hope someone will be able to answer.


PS - I'm not sure if this is the place to post this question. If you don't think it is, then please let me know another place where i can post it.
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Replies to: University of Alabama in *Huntsville* ??

  • BunnygirlLEHBunnygirlLEH 31 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I'm not an expert, but in Alabama (where I live) UAH does not have that great of a reputation. UAB is regarded as the best science school.

    I'm not sure about the physics department, but I do know that most people from the Alabama School of Math and Science (competitive high school) choose Auburn, UA, or UAB over UAH.
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  • feenotypefeenotype 2242 replies69 threads Senior Member
    Any school that offers you a 100% tuition scholly is not a bad choice. What are your other choices?
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  • LakeWashingtonLakeWashington 8865 replies474 threads Senior Member
    UAH is notable for its hard sciences programs, including Physics. UAH and UAB are very different from the school at Tuscaloosa. U of Alabama Birmingham is has an excellent medical school and graduate medical research facilities. The undergraduate program in natural sciences at UAB gets high marks.
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  • Laura1013Laura1013 145 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Bunnygirl is very wrong. I'm a grad student in the Physics Dept. at UAH. UAH has a great reputation. I have never heard that UAB is the better science school than UAH! UAH is probably the strongest school in Alabama for physics and engineering. LakeWashington may be right, UAB may be known more for medical sciences.

    The main benefit of UAH is the close proximity to NASA MSFC, as well as many technology-oriented companies. Students have many fantastic opportunities to work on high-tech projects.

    I can't speak for the undergrad education, but I'm glad I'm here for grad school. Feel free to contact me for specific questions.
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