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How expensive really is a gas bill?

joevjoev - 2803 replies121 threads Senior Member
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I have always lived in apartments where the gas bill was included in the rent. So I get this new half of a house, the gas bill for the first month is $160. I think no big deal, its winter. I usually only keep the heat on 60 if on at all. So I get the bill in the mail for March, and its 475 freaking dollars!!!! This is almost as much as my rent. I am sure there is a billing error in there somewhere. But what the hell? We barely even turn on the heat. What would a gas bill for someone who keeps the heat at 75 degrees be? Input please.
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Replies to: How expensive really is a gas bill?

  • 1moremom1moremom 3871 replies96 threads Senior Member
    It's possible that last month's bill was an estimate, they estimated low and now you're catching up. It's also possible that this month's is an estimate. If so, you can look at your meter and, if they over charged (too high an estimate) you can call them and they will usually send a corrected bill. (Gas prices differ in different parts of the country.)
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  • JeepMOMJeepMOM 2468 replies31 threads Senior Member
    joev - I would wonder - since you moved into 1/2 a house - could that gas bill possibly be for the whole house?? I would also wonder if it is an estimated one as 1moremom said. Definitely go read the meter and call the gas company - that bill you have sounds exorbitant - we have gas and heat a whole house - gas dryer - gas hot h20 and gas grill - and gas fire place - live in the northeast - runs about $200 in the winter months - $300 if a REAL cold snap for a few weeks.

    As a new tenent you may want the gas company to come and check the meter also - and also ask the gas company for costs on that proberty for the past 12 months - will give you a good idea of what you should expect. Good Luck - hope it works to your advantage.
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  • barronsbarrons 23094 replies1958 threads Senior Member
    In central VA we were paying well over $300/mo in winter and had the heat as low as possible much of the day. I heard of people with larger homes paying $1000/mo
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  • newmassdadnewmassdad 3792 replies56 threads Senior Member
    I've known of cases where there was one water heater for both parts of a house. You need to do your homework.

    OTOH, if you live in the northeast, Boston, for example, and have a poorly insulated older place with drafty windows, then the bill could be accurate.

    This is one of the downsides of new places, rental or purchase - the little surprises.
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