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Is GPA done by semester or year?

CIACIA 956 replies164 threads Senior Member
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I'm just curious because if it's by semester it'll add a whole tenth of a point to my cumulative GPA.
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Replies to: Is GPA done by semester or year?

  • LiistLiist 1741 replies46 threads- Senior Member
    Depends on your school/district.
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  • rmadden15rmadden15 2415 replies93 threads Senior Member
    ^ Ha , this is what I was about to say:

    "It all depends on your school or county"
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  • southeasttitansoutheasttitan 1855 replies73 threads Senior Member
    Mine is done by quarter, which seems ridiculously unfair, to be honest. If it weren't for that stupid system I would still have my 4.0 (my single A- came as a quarter grade, not a semester grade).
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  • binglebingle 354 replies73 threads Member
    Bummer, southeasttitan, you need to go to our school. They do it by semester AND minuses and plusses don't affect it. So an A- is a 4.0

    Of course the adcomms recalc to their way, so it doesn't matter a whole lot.
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  • PoseurPoseur 3243 replies88 threads Senior Member
    Mine is done by year... even if someone gets a B for two quarters and a B on a semester exam, if they get A's the other two quarters and on the other semester exam, they get an A for the course.

    Our grades aren't inflated; our school system just makes it crazy easy to get 4.0s. The guidance counselors have to send a note (in addition to the explanation of how the grading system works) saying "Please ignore the fact that kids with 3.95s are ranked 30th...!"
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  • shravasshravas 1992 replies64 threads Senior Member
    If it's done by year, then how do semester-long classes work with GPA?
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  • PoseurPoseur 3243 replies88 threads Senior Member
    They count for half as much in the cumulative GPA. We only have three or four of those offered, though.
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