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Official UC Berkeley Admission Decisions


Replies to: Official UC Berkeley Admission Decisions

  • CC AdminCC Admin 29515 replies3000 threadsAdministrator Senior Member
    rejected. its definitely because i got accepted by UCLA lol
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  • telephonemantelephoneman 17 replies1 threads New Member
    got in to berkeley...but im rejecting it for UCLA!

    go bruins!!!!
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  • tambonetambone 250 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Accepted for Spring still means accepted. You have a choice of staying home till Spring or attending the extension program while staying at the dorms.
    Courses offered during extension are all requirements that you have to take anyway to graduate from UCB. Grades do not count in your Berkeley cumulative GPA.
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  • staticsoliloquystaticsoliloquy 1446 replies50 threads Senior Member
    accepted to the college of chemistry
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  • nnnrrggghhnnnrrggghh 109 replies12 threads Junior Member
    But why did they do this? I don't THINK I am like a less desirable applicant, I have 4.2 UC GPA 1550 SAT bla bla you know and UCLA wanted me for honors, same with my friend, higher gpa lower SAT, and he got into spring too. I know weaker students who got in for fall. Do they not realize that this spring thing is sort of a put off, like a sort of lesser acceptance? Is it part of their "diversity" thing in which they want to diversify the strength of their students? I'm so confused. IF anyone who knows about this could please enlighten me I'd really appreciate it, and I have a few friends who would appreciate knowing, too.
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  • bettinabettina 1224 replies12 threads Senior Member
    UC gpa 4.03
    Sat I 1490
    SAT II 720/710/710
    Great essay, ec's

    Don't read too much into the Spring thing. It means they filled the class and had qualified people they weren't ablt to take, so they offered them Spring.
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  • kissyourLbowkissyourLbow 124 replies13 threads Junior Member
    accepted...but just like telephoneman, opting for ucla...GO BRUINS!
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