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Twin chances at Brown!! (ED)?

Anonymous91Anonymous91 968 replies40 threads Senior Member
edited August 2008 in Brown University
Please Help us evaluate our chances of brown, and also if we should consider ED and if you have any insight on Brown's past of twin acceptances.
Twin One
White Male, from NYC, Huge NYC HS- 1000+in each class
ACT:30 E-31 M-31 R-32 S-25 8 Essay (retaking in sept)
SAT II's: USH: 790 Math IIC: 650 (will retake) Planning on taking physics SATII.
3 AP's junior year (most possible) 5 on psych and USH, 4 on English composition
GPA, don't know out of a 4.0 scale but it's 99+ (weighted) probably 97 UW

Twin Two (also a male)
ACT:33 (36 eng, 33 math) 9 essay
SAT II's: USH 800 MATH IIC 710 (will retake)
SAT I: 2020 (700 cr + 660 on writing/ math, 11 essay(hopefully Brown will neglect this score for the 33 ACT).
3 AP's (same AP's), 5 on all
Same GPA (slightly lower, but ever so slight) as twin one

Rank (both): Top 5% of a moderately competitive Public High School (school sends a few to top colleges and Ivy's every year).

Senior Courseload for both twins: 4 AP's (BC calc, Chem, Gov, lit) also other courses (senior Band), honors everything possible.

Extracurriculars (for both twins)

BBYO (Jewish youth organization), 8+ hours a week (twin one has a leadership position for two years, twin two does not)

Student Advisory Council to the Queens District Attorney (only two selected from school, out of 1,000 candidates)- 11th grade

Key Club (Twin two is secretary, but both are very active members) 10-12
Community service hours estimated around 120 hours from 10-12
Went on 7 walks for a plethora of causes (Leukemia, Aids, Breast Cancer, etc)

Saxophone, 7-12th grade (not a music major)

Both members of Arista (National Honor Society), co heads of tutoring department (10 hours/week)

Co-founded school's Law newspaper, developing a staff for my senior year

Graduating our HS with a "law" diploma for doing several law courses and completing a law program.

Both volunteered in school's book room everyday (5hrs/week)-11th grade
2nd twin- Questbridge collegeprep scholarship award winner + Edward Fein scholarship award winner, national commendation from PSAT, First place science fair- 10th grade
Both Twins
Presidential Award for Academic Excellence - 9th grade
Honor Roll, every semester- 9-12th grade
Merit awards in science, foreign language, English
Special recognition in chemistry (Teachers assistant credit as well)

Work Experience: Both volunteered in an inner city nursery school in a very economically disadvantaged neighborhood (Summer of 9th grade)
Counselors at another inner city day camp for economically disadvantaged youth (last summer and this summer).
Twin two looks as a stronger candidate than Twin 1, do you think they will reject twin 1 and admit twin 2/ accept both as a package? I am really interested in knowing Brown's Twin admit history. Thanks for any feedback.
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Replies to: Twin chances at Brown!! (ED)?

  • 2by22by2 375 replies12 threads Member
    I googled the colleges my kids were interested in (2 boys) and "twins" both and found lots of articles (usually from the college papers). What I read revealed that there are some very positive things that come along with "twins" that colleges like (ie. more likely to stick out all 4 years). They also all seem to claim that they look at them as individuals first, if both are "what they are looking for" and "qualified" then they would be more apt to both receive the same decision. However, I didn't really see much that ever made being a twin seem like a hook. It probably does make it a bit easier to remember them though as it is a characteristic that is at least a bit unique.

    I know that with my 2 I have one that looks stronger in some areas and the other looks stronger in other areas. I am hoping that what I read is true and that they are fully aware of the issues and would render the same decision since both are so very close. (also it's not all about the test scores)

    I think they look unique and not like carbon copies (who wants to have 2 of the exact same thing when you are working to create a diverse campus). Twin 1 should emphasize his strengths (leadership?) and twin 2 (writing talent?). Also, why do they want to go to Brown? Why will they fit in there? That's what they will want to make sure is clear in their application.

    I know it is nerve wracking- I'm just trusting that it will work out- whether it is how I want it to or not. Good Luck!!
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  • ClaySoulClaySoul - 2119 replies57 threads Senior Member
    Some of my very good friends here are twins, but they got admitted as track-recruits...

    Clearly it can happen, but I'm not sure.
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  • ummyummy 111 replies38 threads Junior Member
    just be sure you really want to go to brown before you apply ED because you may lose out on financial aid opportunities. you both have great stats. it's really weird because I actually have a lot of the same numbers as twin one (30 ACT, I got a 790 on bio M, haha). you both should be really proud of your test scores (30 and 33 are both amazing, ppl on CC may not think so, but they really are), grades, ECs. I think you both have a good chance. just remember, test scores aren't everything. be sure to display a level of passion in your essays. i know you both will get into top schools. best of luck!
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