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FSU slips in party school rankings

parent2nolesparent2noles 7154 replies808 threads Senior Member
edited December 2008 in Florida State University
"Florida State University's ranking has dropped in a recently published study of universitys around the country, but school administrators aren't complaining.

The "Best 366 Colleges" guidebook, published by The Princeton Review, named FSU No. 18 in a top 20 list of best party schools. FSU was listed as the No. 1 party school back in 2000.

"Our 'Best 366 Colleges' is based on a survey of 120,000 students at the nation's top colleges," said Adrinda Kelly, senior editor of The Princeton Review. The New York-based publication is not affiliated with Princeton University in New Jersey.

Kelly said the schools are not ranked from best to worst academically. Instead, the book focuses on students' opinions on everything from campus culture to the library.

"We don't hold much stock in Princeton Review," Mary Coburn, FSU vice president of student affairs, said.

Coburn said Princeton Review representatives never tell how they sample students. FSU was listed positive in three other areas: America's best southeastern college, a college with a conscience and America's best value college. However, Coburn said the book and listings are not credible.

"We don't think there's any better authority than the customers of these schools," Kelly said.

Kelly said school administrators should find value from hearing from their customers."

Students who (almost) never study

1. West Virginia University

11. Florida State University

12. University of Florida

Party Schools

1. West Virginia University

5. University of Florida

18. Florida State University

Jock Schools

1. Clemson University

3. University of Florida

10. Florida State University

See: http://www.tallahassee.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070822/NEWS01/708220329
edited December 2008
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Replies to: FSU slips in party school rankings

  • Fsu-ufFsu-uf 884 replies52 threads Member
    biggest joke of a ranking....
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  • KHohmanKHohman 17 replies1 threads New Member
    I bought last years edition when I was looking at colleges. Neither FSU or UF was casted with a good reputation, in my opinion. You really have to vistit a school to get the whole picture. And FSU- love it!
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  • yankee boyyankee boy 145 replies23 threads Junior Member
    there is not possible way UF is higher than FSU when it comes to partying, I was just in gainesville with a bunch of friends and its a small boring town with when compared to Tally.
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  • PoetreePoetree User Awaiting Email Confirmation 64 replies11 threads Junior Member
    hi yankee boy and all - i just returned from visiting tallahassee and fsu. i have also been to UF -gainseville (twice).
    i think that fsu and the city/area is more pristine. it is also way more laid back and that chill attitude may cause some to think it is not as lively as another place. anyway i agree i dont think there is any problem having fun at fsu and in tally..............

    all i can say is i think it seems

    the students enjoy the classes. i want to take fashion merchandising and all studenta i spoke with said the fm program is amazing

    really fun - everyone was so happy and wanted to be helpful willing to give directions - if they knew -(some were freshman)

    for girls who want to pledge the houses are amazing

    safe (my mom and i think it seems safer than gainesville)
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  • unclebooguncleboog 20 replies0 threads New Member
    Total BS...party and your headed for trouble....study?....Ok...sure, IF you do not study your one (semester) and done..this school is seroius with very good smart students....idiot rankings! FSU is a great school....a few drunks in any school!
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  • livelovelaughlivelovelaugh 166 replies7 threads Junior Member
    uncleboog, "your" does not mean the same thing as "you're." have you even been to college?

    anyway, I think FSU is definitely a big party school, more-so than UF. I only know maybe one person that doesn't drink...everyone else I've talked to does (not to a huge extent, but still). Any night of the week, there are always parties. Also, in my opinion, people study a ton at FSU. Strozier library is always packed! People call it club stroz, it's so popular.

    just a couple of a current student's opinions :]
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  • rsxwheeeeeersxwheeeeee 1238 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Poetree, Tallahassee as "pristine"??? I must've visited the wrong city, because the surrounding area sealed it for me as the ugliest college I've visited so far (although the campus itself is nice.) Gainesville on the other hand, beautiful all-around.

    Anyway, if FSU wants me to attend, they need to move back up these charts.
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  • YauYau 349 replies4 threads Member
    You might have skipped around the edges of the true city. For when I visited FSU I was a little shocked at the hickey feel around the town. However, once I attended the first week a local brought me around to the actual city to the little coffee shops and unique restaurants and pointed out the clubs and shopping strips. I don't know how I missed it before!

    Club stroz during finals week... all I can say is Ugh, Horribly packed! Ha
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  • parent2nolesparent2noles 7154 replies808 threads Senior Member
    Tallahassee is rather unusual in that it has a large number of highly educated people residing in it and around it. Tallahassee supports Florida State and all the FSU faculty and students (including such facilities like the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory - the only National Lab in Florida and so on), Florida A&M and all the FAMU faculty and students, Tallahassee Community College and all the TCC faculty and students, plus is the hub of state government with thousands of state officials, employees, lobbyists, attorneys and so on. It is far from just a country town.

    Check carefully, you'll find your banker likely has an advanced degree, your local high school teacher has a PhD and so on. It is hard to leave Tallahassee once you've lived there. Even today I'd like to return someday. :)
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  • ryuzaki2012ryuzaki2012 81 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I'll bet there is a correlation between how well the school's football team does and the amount of partying that happens at the school. I'm sure once we start playing better, we'll see an increase in the partying as well.

    That being said.. I pretty much go out once a week and am moderately involved in campus activities and still got a 3.74 my first semester.
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  • unclebooguncleboog 20 replies0 threads New Member
    To LiveloveLaugh...Are you an idiot or just studying to be a drunken moron ? You go to FSU?....you will be headed for rehab in about 10 years. Sounds like you are with the loser, drinking crowd. College is about learning not drinking. Get your priorities straight! You know only one person who dosn't drink? Heck I know many who do not drink and I don't even go to school at FSU. It is losers like you who give FSU a bad "Party School" name. Quit wasting daddy and mommy's money. Instead of bars go to church!
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  • rsxwheeeeeersxwheeeeee 1238 replies31 threads Senior Member
    whoa boog, having a party school name isn't bad. Look at W&L, one of the better Universities in the country and it is known as a party school. Loosen up, and if you're over 21, have a drink. ;D
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  • livelovelaughlivelovelaugh 166 replies7 threads Junior Member
    wow, uncleboog, thank you for that insightful comment.

    in fact, i've only had alcohol a couple times while my semester at fsu. i never said that the people i know who drink go out and drink every single night. most of them only drink a couple of times a month. of course, there are those kids who drink at least a couple times a week, but those are usually involved in the greek scene, and i only know a few of those people.

    I had a good time this semester, drank a couple times, went to a few parties, and ended up with all A's and a B+ (3.83 gpa). These weren't typical "easy" classes, either, since I came into college with 22 hours received from SAT and AP credits. Also, I have multiple scholarships which are paying my way through college, so I have incentive not to drink. I'm not using mommy and daddy's money; I took out a loan instead.

    Anyway, thanks for the personal attack that proved you know nothing about me :]
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  • unclebooguncleboog 20 replies0 threads New Member
    Sorry for coming out so strong against you(Livelovelaugh), but the facts remain that the majority of College kids that drink are under 21, which that in itself makes it illegal and not OK.

    These blase' attitudes by the majority is what gives us these so called shameful.."Party School" rankings.

    If FSU is ever going to be taken seriously as an Institution with respect to "Higher Learning and Education", we must address the on campus alcohol policies in place.

    It must be zero tolerance with immediate expulsion, with anyone under the age of 21 sent home for a semester or more. We can not have the "boys being boys" policy that has ruled for years, with enforcement being selective and inconsistent.

    We must adhere to strict guidelines with swift and absolute punishment. Initially alot of good students will suffer, but in a "few" semesters everyone will know the rules, and slowly but surely we will lose this "party school" image. The word will get around that if you want to party, then you better go to UF or something. FSU will then, and only then will attract the "best and the brightest", and achieve academic excellence.

    Livelovelaugh...your right I do not know you, and I am wrong to attack you personally. I guess I was screaming through you, and not at you...using you as my "whipping boy", to get my point across.

    You being a bright kid, and (I hope) a leader, and not a follower, perhaps you can be the FSU student (leader) to form, organize and adopt a new policy on under age drinking in regards to the Student Body.

    Similiar, perhaps to the new NO TABACCO advertising campaign..."I don't Smoke, Dip or Chew"...perhaps using fellow student leaders and FSU sports stars. We need to make it cool not to drink, but cool to study. FSU is a good school, not a great school in many eyes. Let's make it the greatest school not just in Florida, but in the whole Southeast and top 50 in the USA. We need to shake this "party school" image to attain this status.

    Is this an impossible dream?

    Thoughts Welcome.


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  • rsxwheeeeeersxwheeeeee 1238 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Once again, you can be a party school and considered a great school. I will use my example of Washington & Lee, and add this from the list of top party schools by pubclub.com

    The top-ranked party school is top 50 University
    The second-ranked party school is a top 50 University
    The third-ranked party school is a top 35 University

    FSU is 8th on the party rankings and 102nd in the University rankings. Room for improvment? Most definitely. However, that doesn't mean you can't party hard along with working hard.

    Bibliography (:P)
    Top Party Schools - PubClub.com!
    National Universities Rankings - Best Colleges - Education - US News and World Report
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  • dramakitty92428dramakitty92428 623 replies53 threads Member
    Boog, are you a ****?
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  • ryuzaki2012ryuzaki2012 81 replies6 threads Junior Member
    .. I don't even know where to start here.. uncleboog, you are being ridiculous!
    Since you seem to have retracted the post where you personally attacked livelaughlove, I'll ignore it..

    "the facts remain that the majority of College kids that drink are under 21, which that in itself makes it illegal and not OK. "

    So you think that everything that is illegal is not okay? I seriously beg to differ, and if you really think that- you have a lot to learn.

    "It must be zero tolerance with immediate expulsion, with anyone under the age of 21 sent home for a semester or more."

    That is the craziest thing I have ever heard. The penalties for hard drugs aren't even that severe. College is a time to experience new things, and the responsible use of alcohol is among those. If gaining spots in the rankings is your goal, how come alcohol is even prevalent among the Ivies? I appreciate your genuine interest in making FSU a better school, but I don't think that the alcohol situation is to blame.

    Also, I don't believe the tobacco metaphor is very accurate. Tobacco doesn't influence your actions like alcohol does, and there is no real reason to smoke, unless out of habit. Alcohol, however, has many enjoyable effects which I am sure you are aware of.

    This is coming from a current FSU student with a 3.75 GPA who goes out and drinks about once per week while still attending to his schoolwork. I am also in the honors program with the university scholarship and don't "waste mommy and daddy's money" either.
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  • futuremedfuturemed 10 replies5 threads New Member
    I know we are generalizing and any school can be considered a party school, but do Honors Students party any less or more than others (or just manage their time better :-)?

    Will the demands of the Honors program, living in Landis Hall, and being around like minded students preclude the temptations of non stop partying?

    D wants to apply for Med Scholars, does take her studies seriously, but does like a good time as well.
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  • unclebooguncleboog 20 replies0 threads New Member
    To RYUZAKI2012:-YOUR QUOTE "Alcohol, however, has many enjoyable effects which I am sure you are aware of"

    To Futermed: "A good time as well" You can have a good time without alcohol? Right?

    I am not aware of anything enjoyable about alcohol consumption...but what the facts are below.


    Alcohol, one of the oldest drugs of abuse, is a colorless liquid produced by fermenting cereals such as corn, rice, and barley. Alcohol, which produces a sedative effect, induces depression and is one of the oldest and most common drugs of abuse. Short-term effects of alcohol include anxiety, slowed heart and respiratory rates, blurred vision, and poor motor coordination. Long-term effects include cirrhosis, cancers, cardiac diseases, and any number of other irreversible neurological and psychological health conditions. Nationally, nearly 40% of admissions to mental hospitals and 50% of arrests are alcohol-related. The minimum drinking age is 21 years. However, it is estimated that nearly 65% of all alcohol outlets sell alcohol to minors. A Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level of .08 or higher is considered to be intoxicated, and it is illegal to drive under these conditions. Individual and interpersonal alcohol preventive strategies, such as educations campaigns designed to resist social influence and peer pressure, and the primary preventative efforts implemented by the alcohol council.

    People killed or injured in automobile accidents each year. (55,000)

    Alcohol is one of the worst known drugs known to man...YES, it is a HARD DRUG (like the others)..it is just accepted, tolerated and woven into society so deep, that it appears to be a lost cause to fight.

    This is a public forum. Whether you are for this argument, against it or neutral....folks we have a HUGH problem on our hands with under age drinking on College Campuses...my hope is that FSU recognizes this and becomes a leader in stopping it. To parents...I challenge you to tell your kids to resist the temptation of alcohol consumption all together. It is not OK to drink, and you don't need it to be accepted by your peers, or otherwise. The short term effects are troublesome, the long term effects of alcohol are devastating. And for the record alcohol consumption is VERY ADDICTIVE. Similiar to TOBBACO.
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  • ryuzaki2012ryuzaki2012 81 replies6 threads Junior Member
    <sarchasm>Thanks for the copy pasta, I had no idea how dangerous alcohol was </sarchasm>

    Have you ever drank before? I can list quite a few desirable effects related to alcohol consumption (and undesirable ones as well). I think it's wrong of you to tell parents how to raise their children, and I am confused why you have such a negative attitude towards alcohol in general.

    And- yes, it is entirely possible to have fun without drinking. I enjoy my life and I certainly don't walk around drunk all day.

    Good day to you Mr. ****.
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