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Shopping at UCSD

williebowilliebo 7 replies11 threads New Member
Hi everyone,
My daughter is currently in the process of deciding between schools. It is LOADS of fun. Anyways, this may seem trivial, but she is an avid shopper (apparently this is how she copes with stress), so what are some nearby shopping locations and is transportation to such areas provided? We're in the midst of scoping out shopping areas for all the schools. We were there for admit day (btw she's a human biology major) and really only saw the Price Center. Are there any other areas nearby? I ask because we explored downtown La Jolla and San Diego and really couldnt find any great spots. (If you'd like to know I can say that she spends the majority of her time at Nordstrom with quite a few charges to Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, A&F, Macy's, and other fairly typical stuff). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Also, we're from Norcal, so she will DEFINITELY NOT be driving
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Replies to: Shopping at UCSD

  • blackberryblackberry 467 replies66 threads Member
    I think this is the closest mall: Westfield - UTC

    My friends went to it after visiting UCSD and they said it was pretty nice. (:
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  • brassringbrassring 347 replies22 threads Member
    She is in luck. Shopping at Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and other hip malls in La Jolla and San Diego are just a short drive away. So, your daughter has two choices if she does not have a car. Make friends with a suite mate who has a car and motivate her friend to drive her to shop or reserve a zip car on campus.

    Just make sure she does brings her credit cards with her.
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  • themoonisdownthemoonisdown 265 replies55 threads Junior Member
    There are plenty of great shops (mainly small boutiques) in downtown La Jolla (i.e. Studio 1220, LF, La Donna, Armani, Let's Go, etc.)

    Oh, and Fashion Valley is awesome, though not quite next to UCSD.
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  • strongbadfanstrongbadfan 157 replies7 threads Junior Member
    UTC is about 20 min from campus by bus. (She can take the 30, 101, etc straight to UTC)
    UTC has A+F, Forever 21, Nordstrom, Macy's, etc.

    La Jolla Village Square is about a 3 min bus ride, or 10 minute walk from campus.
    There are plenty of shops there as well though its mostly grocery stores and food places.

    She can also take the bus downtown, theres another mall at the end of the route but it takes an hour I heard.
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  • williebowilliebo 7 replies11 threads New Member
    Thanks so much everyone. I just showed her your responses and shes very interested! San Diego is such a beautiful city and UCSD is such an amazing school.
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  • OyamaOyama 2448 replies38 threads Senior Member
    There are also two premium designer outlets and another retail outlet within 30 miles from UCSD (Carlsbad Outlets 20 miles North; Las Americas 30 miles South; Viejas Outlets 30 miles East-Southeast)

    Carlsbad Premium Outlets (Carlsbad)
    Las Americas Premium Outlets (Las Americas)
    Viejas Outlet Center (Viejas)
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  • ucsandiego915ucsandiego915 1632 replies11 threads Senior Member
    OMG I am a shopper too. The shopping here is incredible, although UTC sucks in my opinion. Fashion Valley is amazing, although like others mentioned, it is not that close. You can take a bus there though. Or just befriend a suitemate with a car.
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  • ghostbladeghostblade 62 replies4 threads Junior Member
    isn't it better to be far away from shopping malls since she will spend less? :)
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  • lagunallagunal 577 replies23 threads Member
    For four years of your life?
    Malls and shopping centers can be great ways to get-away even if you only window shop.
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  • ChristianWuChristianWu 569 replies25 threads Member
    There are a few I have seen. Some are just 10-30 minutes away.

    Chula Vista Shopping Center - 20 minutes away

    Plaza Bonita Shopping Center - 15-20 minutes away

    UTC - 5-10 minutes away from campus

    Fashion Valley 10-15 minutes away

    Las Americas - near border

    Downtown Horton Plaza - 10-15 minutes away.

    Otay Shopping Center - 15-30 minutes away
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  • ucsd_ucla_daducsd_ucla_dad 8506 replies67 threads Senior Member
    As other have mentioned, University Town Centre (UTC) is a nearby large regional mall with all the typical department and ancillary stores and even an ice skating rink and she can get there on a city bus for free or on the free UCSD shuttle. The shuttle goes fairly close to it. The following website shows where the UCSD shuttles go and even where the shuttles are at the moment. This is a good site for UCSD students to bookmark. It also comes in handy when selecting an off-campus apartment to live in (i.e. getting one near a shuttle stop).
    UC San Diego shuttles | Bus Tracking by Syncromatics

    She could also take the bus into La Jolla for world class expensive shopping if she wants. More shopping is available in Fashion Valley (around I-8 and 163) but that's a much further jaunt. And of course there are many other shopping opportunities around the county.
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  • astrinaastrina 3007 replies22 threads Senior Member
    do you plan on funding all her shopping excursions, or is she planning on picking up a job?

    (i'll be honest and say i'm pretty appalled by this idea)
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  • ghostbladeghostblade 62 replies4 threads Junior Member
    haha astrina. very nicely put
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  • brassringbrassring 347 replies22 threads Member
    Post # 13 needed saying..........

    Besides the obvious ramifications, I'd like to add that as the student's mother, you should be prepared to finance a off-campus storage room full of clothing closets, shoe storage shelves and an area for bags. Why? Have you seen the closet space available to each freshman in a double or triple?

    The other option is to have her shop -- but promptly put these items on sale on EBay. Whether she makes money or not, at least she can claim to be an entrepreneur at school instead of simply excellent at shopping.
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  • SlorgSlorg 1970 replies39 threads Senior Member
    I can't imagine how shopping is a healthy way to relieve stress.

    Last year, I saw someone on Facebook that had shopping as a hobby. How can shopping be a hobby?!? It boggles my mind.
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  • Comp Sci GuyComp Sci Guy 225 replies11 threads Junior Member
    She asked for information about local shopping, not budget advice or family therapy. Keep your judgements to yourselves when you don't even know their circumstances. Maybe she just window shops, maybe she has unlimited funds, and it is not your business how she spends her money.
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  • ucsandiego915ucsandiego915 1632 replies11 threads Senior Member
    ^Agreed!! Most girls love to shop... I know this is weird for guys to comprehend.
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  • SlorgSlorg 1970 replies39 threads Senior Member
    Sorry if my comment was offensive. I never said she was bad or that she should stop. I simply said it was unimaginable and mind-boggling to ME; both are limitations of MY own mind.

    But seriously, shopping to relieve stress is bad and I think she should stop. Rampant consumerism is what fills landfills and drives people into debt. According to my moral intuitions and philosophy, happiness should spring from source less shallow than shopping.

    Of course, she has every right to spend her money as she chooses and ignore a random internet opinion such as mine.

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