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How important are AP classes?

liquidus042liquidus042 5 replies1 threads New Member
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As a junior entering my senior year, I'm wondering if taking AP Human Geo is something i should consider doing. It's the only AP class that i wouldn't end up taking at my school - i took AP Bio sophomore year, AP English Lang and AP Gov this year, and plan on taking AP English Lit and AP Calc BC next year. Because of my schedule though, I only have room for 1 classes out of 2 candidates next year: AP Human Geo or Orchestra. I am in band as well, so it wouldn't be too big a hit in the fine arts aspect of my transcript if i were to drop orchestra, but i am also going to be section leader next year in a very strong music program, and it's fun too. When i was reading some posts here though, i noticed that a very high regard for AP classes. Are they really that important in the college admission process? I'm probably going into science/ math, so neither one will really significantly affect whatever I go into, but I want to know if AP's really matter that much, even if they're unrelated to future plans.
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Replies to: How important are AP classes?

  • karabeekarabee 837 replies22 threads Member
    AP Human Geo is the least important AP, from what I can tell. I know Vandy doesn't even count it for any sort of credit (not even elective), and I'm going to assume that most other top schools won't either. 5 APs is nothing to be embarrassed about, and if you think you'll have more fun in orchestra, I'd say go for that.
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  • entomomentomom 22547 replies1111 threads Senior Member
    Taking rigorous classes is important, and one aspect of that is taking AP courses. However, it is not the absolute number that is important, but rather how many given the number and type offered by your school. You have taken the important APs offered at your school and Human Geo is definitely a lower tier AP. I'd agree that you are fine taking orchestra, particularly since it is an integral part of your fine arts background.
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  • IBfootballerIBfootballer 2220 replies30 threads Senior Member
    don't take an AP for the sake of taking an AP. Take an AP because you genuinely are intrigued by the subject and want further enrichment, or if lower-level classes aren't challenging enough. take orchestra. it's something that's much more enriching to you, and it will show that you aren't just pandering to your adcoms.
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  • MD MomMD Mom 6644 replies84 threads Senior Member
    Have fun in orchestra and spend some extra time with your friends.
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  • HarambeeHarambee 2600 replies4 threads Senior Member
    Yeah, seriously don't take an AP just for the sake of it. Here's another thread from a while ago about taking AP's just for the sake of it: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/parents-forum/97255-whoever-has-most-aps-wins.html
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  • T26E4T26E4 23243 replies1031 threads Senior Member
    I concur w/entomom completely. Don't sweat it and enjoy your last year in HS orchestra. Trust me: whatever colleges accept you/reject you won't be based on this choice you're about to make.
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  • NavyZealNavyZeal 57 replies11 threads Junior Member
    You need to take the most rigorous curriculum offered at your school. If that means giving up orchestra, so be it.
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