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Chance Me!!

tmat91tmat91 44 replies26 threads Junior Member
edited October 2009 in Williams College
Live in a very rural area

GPA Unweighted: 3.8
SAT: Math(720), Reading(740), Writing(690)

DECA (10)
Spanish Club (10,11,12)
Classical Piano
-Private lessons since 1st grade
-I have placed high in statewide competitions
-Solo/Ensemble (x7) Superior or above rating
-JV Tennis (9)
-Varsity Tennis (10,11,12)
-JV Basketball (9)
-Varsity Basketball (10,11,12)

Honors and Awards:
-Honor Roll (9,10,11,12)
-National Honor Society (11,12)
-DECA Regional Champion (10)
-DECA State Competition Qualifier (10)
Varsity Starter (11,12)
Second Team All League (11)
2nd Place State Doubles (11)
1st Team All League (11)
2nd Team All League (10)
State Qualifier (10,11)

Leadership positions:
-Class Officer (9,12)

Will take SAT II...
edited October 2009
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Replies to: Chance Me!!

  • dkanedkane 78 replies3 threads Junior Member
    1) Are you good enough to play these sports at Williams? If not, they don't matter.

    2) Are you Hispanic and/or willing to check that box on the application?

    3) How big is your class, where do you rank in it and where have students with similar ranks in the past gone to college?
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  • tmat91tmat91 44 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Top 10% of my class, but my class size is like 140... I'm half Armenian?? I don't know if that counts for anything ha... I have been recruited to play tennis at other d3 colleges, so maybe... Also my family can fully pay for college, if that carries any weight... In recent years some other kids in my same position have gone on to Harvard and some top liberal arts schools....
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  • ClayleasClayleas 107 replies5 threads Junior Member
    If you're interested in playing tennis at Williams, you should contact the coach as soon as possible to let him know of your interest and credentials.

    Your chances will be much better if the coach wants you.
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  • commservercommserver 79 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Speaking of applying as Hispanic, my daughter went to HS with a person whose family was from Europe but spent several years in Mexico before coming to US. Because the country before coming to US was Mexico this student put down Hispanic.
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  • tmat91tmat91 44 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Ha that's a little dishonest...
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  • LindeLinde 114 replies19 threads Junior Member
    On that logic, I'm Native American. I was born and raised in the United States.

    Seriously, one either is or is not, e.g., Hispanic. To claim that one is merely because he/she lived in Mexico for a few years is ridiculous, dishonest, and an insult, I would think, to those whose heritage and roots are, indeed, Hispanic.
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  • OldbatesieDocOldbatesieDoc 2020 replies39 threads Senior Member
    Did you take the hardest classes available at your school? I agree you should try the tennis thing. Also, You probably have a better chance as ED. That way they know you really want them.I think it is a stretch, frankly.
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  • tmat91tmat91 44 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Um yes I took the hardest classes possible, but like I said I live in the middle of nowhere and my high school does not offer any honors or AP courses...
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