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Just For Fun, let's find the "Average" CCer


Replies to: Just For Fun, let's find the "Average" CCer

  • dancingxelmodancingxelmo 9 replies1 threads New Member
    GPA: 3.71 uw/4.1 weighted
    RANK: don't know (probably within top 15% of a class of about 900)
    ACT: n/a
    OLD SAT: 1490 (790 V/700 M)
    NEW SAT: 2280 - 800 CR, 790 M, 690 W (retaking in oct)
    SAT IIS: 790 writing, 750 U.S. History, 720 IIC (retaking saturday), taking Literature saturday (expecting 700 +)

    Rank 1( bad) - 10 (good) of
    Course Load: 8 (will have completed 7 APs by graduation)
    EC: 5
    Orchestra (5 years) + violin, art(painting) 9 years, Spanish Club 3 years (publicity commisioner jr. year + next year), Diversity Club 1 year
    Work/volunteering: 3

    Private/Public school: Public
    State or country: CA

    Colleges I'll be applying to: UC Berkeley, UCLA, NYU, Northwestern, UChicago, Vassar, and some safeties
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  • TeaHelpsTeaHelps 155 replies26 threads Junior Member
    GPA unweighted: Dunno, but weighted is 4.1
    SAT: 700M, 760V
    SATIIs: Chemistry 710, Biology 700, Math IC 720, Math IIC 710, Writing 630
    Rank 1( bad) - 10 (good) of
    ECs: 9
    Course load: 10 w/ 10 APs total
    Work and/or Volunteering: 7

    Private/Public school: Public
    State or country: GA
    If applicable:
    Top colleges you applied to, especially Ivies: GA Tech, Northwestern, UMich, Duke, Harvard, Cornell, Columbia, UPenn
    Colleges you recieved admission to: Columbia, Cornell, UPenn, GA Tech, Northwestern, UMich
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