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Are the kids at Drexel outgoing?

aabballdudeaabballdude 1 replies1 threads New Member
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So far Drexel is the top choice of the colleges im applying to. Academically it has everything I want. However, I have no idea of what the social scene is like. My sister went to NYU. There she met very few kids who wanted to just chill and be friendlily. She met all her NYU friends through activities that were not even related to the school. I don't want to make the same mistake she did. If I go to drexel I know I will get a top noch education, but will I have any fun?
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Replies to: Are the kids at Drexel outgoing?

  • ZackduddeZackdudde 361 replies8 threads Member
    are the kids at drexel outgoing? i'd say everyone but the engineers.

    I don't know about your sister, but I know tons of kids that go to NYU that love it and meet people and party all the time. i also know people that come to drexel and hate it and don't really meet any friends. but here's the thing, it's not NYU and it's not Drexel. most of the time it's the person, not the school.

    i'm having fun. i'm not the biggest fan of drexel parties and i like to go to upenn across the street a lot more, but once you turn 21 you'll realize your in the center of bar heaven. college is all about what you make out of it. if you don't take the initiative to get involved with anything freshman year, whether it's student life, a sport, a frat/sorority, or whatever your thing is, and don't go and explore philly, you're almost destined to have a miserable time. once you start having a miserable time and decide that a college is miserable and you hate it and want to get out, you'll probably never start liking it again. i actually know a kid freshman year who hated drexel and transferred out after freshman year to a state school. i'm not exactly sure what happened, but the year after that he transferred back to drexel. i'm not sure if he still hates drexel, but i think he at least appreciates it more.

    different college atmospheres are better for different people. some like the really big state schools, some like the big urban city schools, some like the tiny little schools in the middle of nowhere. biggest advice i can give you is actually go to campus, walk around, and talk to regular students off the street or in the dining hall and ask what they think. or really just see what kind of initial vibes you get just watching students walk around campus as lame as that sounds.
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  • drexelerdrexeler 675 replies33 threads Member
    It probably depends on the type of people on your dorm floor or the people you see in your classes. I can understand how the engineers aren't very outgoing though :P I'm going to be an engineering major and I'm sure that they're just very serious about their classes. There are people that go to college and prioritize partying over studying, and so be it. I'm not sure about the social situation at Drexel, but I know people (who were engineering majors) that enjoyed it there :)
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  • jersey4everjersey4ever 8 replies1 threads New Member
    Are the kids at Drexel outgoing?

    I just wanted to add... my son is a freshman at Drexel and really likes it there. I agree with Zackdudde, "different college atmospheres are better for different people". My son looked at many colleges and liked the "city" atmosphere of Drexel (and other reasons), but one open house presentation at Drexel really said it all and that was "if you are coming to Drexel to "find yourself" that Drexel is not the school for you". My nephew is an alumni of Drexel and is very successful (hired from his co-op).
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  • aabballdudeaabballdude 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Thanks! I'm not planning on being an engineering major lol. Its good to hear that kids have at drexel. I know that with the co-op its rigorous and just wanted to make sure it wasn't a school of kids devoted to work (not that I don't plan on working hard but I want to go somewhere that has the full college experience). I found it funny that UPenn had the better parties, my mom went to BU and said she used to go down to Harvard for parties. Its just surprising that Ivy kids throw good parties considering all the Ivy bound kids at my school barely leave there house.
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  • shogunzekshogunzek 197 replies4 threads Junior Member
    My friend who has some friends at Drexel told me there's not really much of a "scene" at Drexel at all. Probably at Penn, Ivy kids may not seem like partiers, but get a bunch of them together and they're crazy, I've heard.
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  • concordflight13concordflight13 14 replies0 threads New Member
    Not a college student currently, but to ask specifically if a school is outgoing or not is difficult to judge.
    I'd have to agree with @zackdudde on this though, make college fun, do things you enjoy and you'll find good people and you'll do fine. If you're not enjoying what you do it's a lot harder to learn. Drexel offers an amazing education, and if you're willing to work for it, have fun with it. I think anyone with the right attitude will do just fine.
    I've got a friend there right now who honestly has some of the best stories and the best friends because he just gets out and enjoys himself. It's a good plan.
    Hope this helps?
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