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Safest grade to get into George Washington University

MayhemMillerFanMayhemMillerFan 0 replies5 threads New Member
My dream is to go to George Washington University, so i am planning for it now in highschool. What is a safe SAT score and GPA to have to have to get into GWU? How many extra curriculars are a safe amount to get into GWU? how many AP/Honors should i take throughout High School?? Please answer as many ?'s as possible. Thanks.
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5 replies
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Replies to: Safest grade to get into George Washington University

  • jru2011jru2011 7 replies0 threads New Member
    Do as much as you can as well as you can and show a lot of interest in the school. Don't sell yourself short and just do the minumun necessary to get by, but at the same time don't stress yourself out if you cant get that 2300 sat or A+ in ap physics. Don't try to play it "safe." Do what you love and do it well, that way when you're applying to schools you'll know that you did everything you could and wont have any regrets.
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  • esthetiqueesthetique 1021 replies85 threads Senior Member
    I think a safe SAT score would be anywhere from 2000-2200. GPA would be 3.7+. Take as many APs/Honors as you can that'll still enable you to get As or Bs in them. Besides ECs, GWU is also really into community service. And yes, these are all important, but ultimately, what's most important is that you show a lot of interest in them. For example, visit them so that they'll know you're interested. In your essay, go beyond the "Oh I love GWU because I can be the President's neighbor, it's in the heart of DC, etc." Good luck!
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  • RZHUUURZHUUU 30 replies9 threads Junior Member
    There are no minimum stats (SAT/GPA) to get into GWU. GWU takes a holistic review with more emphasis on the essay: WHY GWU?
    If you can, visit GW to get the feel of the environment prior to writing your essay.

    I've been accepted to GW with $37,800 of scholarships from GW with the following criteria:
    -SAT of 1950
    -weighted GPA of 3.96
    -9 APs, including senior year.
    -heavy ECs

    I cannot fully answer your question without knowing your entire profile: your classes/gpa/sat scores/ECs

    Considering that you are a well-rounded student, i would say that SAT 2000 and weighted GPA of 3.7 are SAFE numbers. If you are a junior, I have one incredible piece of advice for you if you want to get into GWU: start as soon as possible in the summer after your junior year and start answering the essay question-WHY GWU?

    Why do you want to go there? In your essay, DO NOT say what WASHINGTON DC has to offer to you. SAY what GWU can offer you. this is one thing that GW applicants often overlook because there are others colleges like Georgetown and American around the corner.

    Since GW is your dream, apply early decision and continue to work hard in junior year and beginning of senior year because you will have to send in your mid-year grades of senior year to GW.
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  • chocomonster501chocomonster501 1 replies0 threads New Member
    what ethnicity are you? Does GW have a quota for ethnicitiies?
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  • CJ MadisonCJ Madison 461 replies27 threads Member

    Do you really think GW would post or even admit to a "quota" on the ethnic make-up of a particular class -you're naive. Scholarships and FA are strictly need/merit based. It's discriminatory to do therwise and would jeapardize any Federal Aid if GW used quotas. Time to grow up!

    The admissions committees at most colleges keep their "process" of selection very secret and will vary with each class.

    However, you can be assured GW has a very multi-cultural make-up. Don't worry about ethnicity and quotas - just do your best and the rest will come to fruition.

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