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Need some info--GWU vs. Tulane!

devinjhenrydevinjhenry Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
So as I have said, I am committed to GWU, already sent in my deposit. But I just got off the waitlist at Tulane University also, so now I am considering that. I plan to double major in political science and philosophy. I am also planning to go to law school immediately following graduation from college, hopefully at Georgetown, Stanford, or one of the Ivies... I love aspects of both schools, and clearly GWU would be better for poly sci, but how are Tulane's programs for philosophy and/or poly sci? How does social life differ at these two schools? Prestige/Name recognition? Student body? How are these schools diffferent/similar? I have a friend at Tulane who LOVES it there and I kinda let him convince me to consider it over GWU, though he acknowledges GW's strengths too. Any information you could give me would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks so much everyone!
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Replies to: Need some info--GWU vs. Tulane!

  • waveswatcherwaveswatcher Registered User Posts: 395 Member
    You know, I had to do some soul searching not too long ago and had to decide what it was I was going to do with the education I got, no matter where I went. If you think that you are going to go to law school then a degree in polisci from GW would probably be more worthwhile (internships, connections, etc). Let's face it, you can't pay the rent, even in the deep south, with a philosophy degree. Sorry if I sound blunt, don't mean to offend...
  • devinjhenrydevinjhenry Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    I appreciate your bluntness actually. I wish more people would be "blunt". I would love to get an education in philosophy though, so it will ultimately be part of my double major. I agree that the location of GW is more worthwhile in terms of my future, but on the other hand, New Orleans is different: NO is not erally the kind of city one "settles down" ni or lives in for a long period of time. I actually plan to live near (or in) DC when the time comes that I can afford it, but New Orleans is really more of a one-time deal, a once in a lifetime opportunity to live there through college.
  • waveswatcherwaveswatcher Registered User Posts: 395 Member
    It sounds like your heart has already made a decision and your head wants us to tell you its OK. You're only young once, so maybe you need to follow your heart. OMG I went from blunt to sappy! I'm done for the night, it's time to go out on the town and put some of this sentimentality behind!!!!!!!!! I suggest you do the same!
  • gwseniorgwsenior Registered User Posts: 250 Junior Member
    If you want to go to law school, it doesn't matter where you go for undergrad, nor does it matter how "good" the philosophy/poli sci programs are, since you won't be using those skills anyway. I never looked at Tulane, so I can't comment on their program, but I did poli sci/philosophy at GW and I'm going to a top 10 law school next year. Go wherever you feel like you would be most comfortable.
  • devinjhenrydevinjhenry Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    I'm torn. I love DC and GWU, almost everything about it. That said, I like that Tulane has an actual "campus" and a crazier nightlife than GWU. Both schools are equal academically really.
  • BenetodeBenetode Registered User Posts: 439 Member
    I would agree that academically, they're "equals." Or at least regarded equally. (Neither will jump out on a resume more than the other.) Obviously GW will have more opportunities for DC internships ect. I went to Tulane and several friends were able to intern in DC during the summers though. Tulane is more of a unique experience due to its city as well, albeit for different reasons. Tulane does have a good Poli Sci program and I'm sure GW does. Other than cost, which may or may not be a factor. I would just visit both schools, the surrounding cities, and go with your gut instinct. You can't go wrong with either school for a wide variety of reasons. I know I've just repeated a lot of what's been stated already but I want to emphasize that going with your gut feeling really is your best bet. Best of Luck!!
  • collegemom2bcollegemom2b Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    Ultimately, my D chose GW over Tulane because of the internship opportunities and the simple ability to absorb politics/government through osmosis in DC. As a Tulane alum I'm extremely familiar with it. Both GW and Tulane are similar academically. It really depends on whether you think you'll be more comfortable with the traditional campus setting of Tulane or the urban environment of GW. Then again, the Mt. Vernon campus affords you that setting as well. Your ability to get into law school will be more impacted by the amount of effort you put forth in college and your LSAT scores than it will be by the name of your undergraduate university. That having been said, I believe that in general, GW has a slightly better "reputation" nationwide than does Tulane.
  • devinjhenrydevinjhenry Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    Just an update: I think I've basically decided on GWU as of now, but I still really do like Tulane. Tulane is hurt in my book because I live in NJ and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a direct flight to NOLA; even the CHEAPEST connecting flights are over $500, which isn't even for a "special" occasion or holiday. I'm having a lot of trouble getting down there to visit and if it's giving me this much trouble now, I don't know if I could do 4 years of this transportation struggle. Getting home only for Christmas and Spring Break isn't all that bad, but I'd at least like to have the option of heading home when I want to. GW is the perfect distance for me (~6 hours) and considering all other things are even, GW most likely wins out. Unless something really jumps out at me soon for Tulane, GW here I come!
  • rodneyrodney Registered User Posts: 9,406 Senior Member
    Jw, where do you live in NJ that it would take 6 hours to get to DC??; it's more like 4, even with traffic....

    Agree that if flying is such an issue to NOLA that GW makes more sense....
  • devinjhenrydevinjhenry Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    Rodney--Hey, I live in Northern-most Jersey (wantage--Sussex County). When we drove down to visit a couple weeks ago it took a little over 5 hours and i'd imagine traffic could be much worse. Its probably closer to 5 than 6 actually...I'd say 5.
  • rodneyrodney Registered User Posts: 9,406 Senior Member
    Ah, yes...closer to NY/PA border explains that....
  • devinjhenrydevinjhenry Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    Rodney--Very close to NY border. I live about 3 minutes from the state boundary.
  • downtoearthdowntoearth Registered User Posts: 3,209 Senior Member
    devinjhenry-did you say what you are going to study?
  • downtoearthdowntoearth Registered User Posts: 3,209 Senior Member
    yes you did, actually-sorry
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