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My question is about my schedule. Due to the fact that I moved a lot and I didn't take much time considering my schedules in those days, I am in a serious trouble!! Everything is messed up. I am taking grade 9 english this year again! Don't ask me how it happened. Therefore, I am only getting one english credit so far while all my peers are getting two. And 4 english credits are needed to graduate. My teacher suggested me to take English 10 over summer so I can move on, but here's another problem. I am so not ready for the college. I have no idea how I am going to get 2300+ in SAT since I want to go to Harvard. And all my extracurriculars started in my sophomore year. And I haven't took any foreign language classes yet. I am going to take Latin 1 next year. What I think is that if I just don't take english 10 over summer and take english 10 next year, which makes me have one more year of high school and all, I would have more chances of getting into harvard.
I am a good student. I get straight-As at school now. I don't know why I was so foolish back then.
I want to be a journalist or a doctore. I haven't decided which yet, but I am sure Harvard would probably open me a narrower range of choices only if I get in.

Belows are my past and future schedules.. I am sorry for taking too much time of yours..

Grade 9- I was in Canada
English 9
Home Education/Drafting
World History I
Business Education

Grade 10(which is now and I moved to US)
English 9
World History II
Chemistry(audit)-I am getting As, so it's sad.
Business Law/Management
Algebra 2

Summer School

Grade 11
English 10 Honors
Journalism 2
Precalculus Honors
AP Physics
AP US History
Latin 1

Grade 12
AP English 11
AP Biology
Senior Science Investigation
Journalism 3
Latin 3(if I do well next year, i can get into 3 or maybe 4)
AP Calculus AB or BC
AP US Government

Grade 12*again
AP English 12
AP Chemistry
Journalism 4
Latin 4 or AP
AP Psychology
Desktop Presentation

Thank you for reading. I'd really REALLY appreciate if you could tell me what you think. Let's say I would have almost-perfect SAT scores, beautiful extracurriculars, and many other stuff with that schdule.What do you think the chances are?
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