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guys .. . i'm so depressed

kitten77kitten77 Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
edited April 2006 in High School Life
hey ccers. Sorry in advance if this makes anyone mad. but i really don't know what's wrong with me. lately i've just lost so much motivation in school, i've been skipping much more just because i dont "feel" like going. Teachers have been calling the house concerned because i'm a pretty good student, i dont even answer the phone. i just lay in bed all day wanting to cry, with the temperature way up. i lost 6 lbs this week, and i never feel hungry anymore. i'm taking the sat tomorrow and well, i have no idea what to do to calm down and bring those endorphins into play.

my mom tried to take me shopping today (she never really likes to shop while i usually love to) and i told her "no, i dont really feel like it", finally convincing her after several times to just leave me be. she's concerned too and is always asking me whats wrong, but i dont really know. today my dad comes in my room, cuts off the heater and is like "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, ARE YOU SICK . . ."

do you guys think this will pass soon or should i get some professional help??

sigh....i feel like i dont even want to live anymore.
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Replies to: guys .. . i'm so depressed

  • astrifeastrife Registered User Posts: 484 Member
    Classic depression... If it lasts much longer I would definitely talk to your family doctor about it... Some prozac will do wonders for you trust me...
  • helicoptermomhelicoptermom Registered User Posts: 70 Junior Member
    Kitten77: I don't know how long you've been feeling like this, but I can see why your parents and teachers are concerned. I'm a mom, and I'd be worried too. I do think it's a good idea to get some help in figuring out what's going on. Maybe this is depression, or maybe there's some physical illness that's making you tired and cold, but either way, you're smart to recognize that this isn't the way your life is supposed to be.

    I hope you will ask your parents to take you to a doctor, and I hope you'll feel better soon!
  • tennisprotennispro User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 301 Junior Member
    Okay I'm not a big fan of shrinks (lol I've never been to one but still) Listen in my opinon just talk it out. If you don't want to talk about it with a friend or someone talk about on CC. Just talk through it. If there DEF isn't any problem or anything you want to talk about then most likely talk to a shrink.
  • XavierKnights'06XavierKnights'06 Registered User Posts: 187 Junior Member
    Well the most important thing I just learned is that your friends and parents love you. Even though your friends may not say that they love you, they sure do. Concentrate on how much your friends love ya!
  • zulinlawzulinlaw Registered User Posts: 217 Junior Member
    I can relate because for a pretty damn long time I felt a similar way to how you feel. XavierKnights'06 makes a good point. Just focus on the good, you say you are a good student. I can bet you have a lot of friends and family that care about you. By the same token being in your shoes once before, maybe even a little now, that could possibly not do you any good. So basically just keep focusing on the good, look inside yourself and ask, why don't I want to continue living? I guarentee you come up with so many reasons it is crazy. So much to live for, people who love you, your career and your whole life ahead of you. Again this might not do much to help you out of your depression. Yes you could always take the medicinal route but I believe that doesn't solve the problem it just supresses it quite a bit. So all in all, think of the good in your life and this phase will pass. Reasons for it could be many, going off on your own to college, relationships, etc. You may and probably don't even know the reason for your depression which makes sense. When I was going through it I could not find any reason why I felt the way I did. But with time and working it out of your system it just stopped happening and stopped bothering me. Oh yeah my one piece of advice for you to do for sure is to talk to someone or many people about it. Get it off your chest, doing so will help you out a lot, believe me I know. Parents, relatives or close friends would be my choice.
  • dragonreborndragonreborn Registered User Posts: 573 Member
    check out this thread


    it's telling people to appreciate life.

    Many people have also experienced various levels of depressions, myself included, to the point where we want to kill ourselves because we feel like the world is just not working right for us. There is something missing perhaps. I'm not very sure about your case however my suggestion is to talk to your parents so they will understand better what is going on with you and do go out and do something together as a family. You need them and they need you. You will see the beauty of the world and life once you get your way out of a path seemingly so permeated by unspeakable anguish.
  • helicoptermomhelicoptermom Registered User Posts: 70 Junior Member
    I have the sense that we all want to help to Kitten77, but even if we were doctors, we wouldn't have enough information to know why she (I'm guessing Kitten77 is female) is feeling so bad. Even if her situation sounds similar to something in our experience, we don't really know what's going on in her particular case: There could be some physical condition that's making her feel weak and overwhelmed, or she could--or could not--have a chemical imbalance that won't simply get better through time or through talking with friends.

    Kitten77--I'm not saying you should take Prozac or anything else, but you yourself have started to wonder if it's time to get professional help. It's good advice to talk to family and friends, but if the clouds haven't started to lift by Monday, I also urge you to talk to a doctor--not because you're weak or are looking for easy answers, but because you have the courage to figure out what's wrong and what you can do to make it better.

    Good luck!
  • sr6622sr6622 Registered User Posts: 3,123 Senior Member
    I have felt some depression this year and that lack of motivation was also a constant theme throughout the year...

    I don't want to sound too religious, but, for me, praying helped....
  • blah06blah06 Registered User Posts: 253 Junior Member
    a few years ago i went through depression. i wanted to see a doctor, but my parents didn't believe in that kind of thing--and still don't. i guess you can say i suffered alone.

    eventually, i felt better....it was because i did a lot of introspective thinking and discovered something about myself and life in general.

    like what the others above me said, you can try to talk to a close friend or family member.
  • NoFXNoFX Registered User Posts: 3,784 Senior Member
    a few years ago i went through depression. i wanted to see a doctor, but my parents didn't believe in that kind of thing--and still don't. i guess you can say i suffered alone.
    Ditto! Except my depression lasted for a couple of weeks only. They just said I was crazy.. (as in, crazy to think that I was 'sick')
    I eventually got over it. I still have lapses of those feelings every now and then but I'm pretty sure it's just because of stress, because they are kinda minor.
    I got over that pooey period by...(this is gonna sound really stupid)... a diary/journal. I dont like talking personal stuffs with anyone. Not even the closest family member or friend. I like to keep everything to myself. So I kept a diary for a month i think. By that way, I didn't feel vulnerable and didn't feel exposed and paranoid.
    Hope you get better kitten
  • cornerstonescornerstones Registered User Posts: 152 Junior Member
    ok i've had 6 absences in the last 2 months. I don't know if that's usually considered a lot, but for me it is. I'm with you on this one. Zero motivation. I think it's because all the work just makes me be like "forget it." Too much - show me some payoff please.

    Feel free to PM
  • ChemNerdChemNerd Registered User Posts: 100 Junior Member
    what's everyone complaining about?? I'm excited about applying to colleges and taking SATs!!
  • rachel212rachel212 Registered User Posts: 905 Member
    I would try and seek professional help now(or as helicoptermom said, by monday). Go to your school's psychologist if you have one, if not, talk to your mom and tell her how you feel and she will probably take you to the doctor who will then ask you to tell him/her how you feel and if youre completely honest, meaning you dont get embarrassed and pretend that nothing's wrong, he will probably send you to a psychologist.
  • GumballGumball - Posts: 603 Member
    To the OP: That's happened to me before. It sucks but you'll naturally come out of it.
  • kchenkchen Registered User Posts: 4,236 Senior Member
    OP: I have a similar situation. Ever since freshman year, I've maintained a perfect attendance at school -- that is, until this month came. I missed five days of school in this month - and this month only. I don't particularly like school, but it just pains me to see that I've killed something that I had been consistently doing for the past three years. Last Monday, I had a terrible stomach pain at school for about five hours, from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. I felt like an inflated balloon. The worse part was when I also felt like I was being punched in the stomach every ten minutes or so (the pain would come and go). I couldn't take it any longer around noon, so I went to the sick room. In my life, I have never ever been to the sick room at any school. It was one of the worst days ever. After the emergency appointment with the doctor, I was informed that I had a mild condition of gastroenteritis. I was to take some kind of stomach medicine, and if it got any worse, I would end up in the emergency room for a possible examination of appendicitis. I didn't even want to think about missing school, let alone go to the hospital and take the blood test, the ultrasound test... I was so depressed that day. But now I'm doing fine, and I hope I stay in good health.

    Aside from me (sorry for ranting if that irritated anyone - I needed to get that out of me), it's been a bit hard these past two months for other people as well. A couple of people passed away in my school community, both in tragic snowboarding and skiing accidents. That thread posted above really makes us rethink about how we really need to appreciate life. Nothing should be taken for granted.
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