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AP U.S. History

cbashicbashi 4 replies4 threads New Member
Hi! I am debating whether or not I should take AP U.S. History in my upcoming sophmore year. I am concerned with the fact that I am already taking the following classes: Honors Chem, Honors Pre-Calc, Honors English, French 3, and Chamber Singers (advanced choir). In addition, I have many activities that I will be participating in which includes the following: treasurer of choir council, weekly singing lessons, the musical, the fall straight play, bards (after school advanced mens choir), french club, student council (maybe). Furthermore, I spend a lot of time studying, to the point that I am up until midnight or even 1am. I am afraid that I won't get much sleep to the point that I become majorly stressed. I did take honors english as a freshman and achieved an A all year; however, i believe it was because of the amount of time I put into the class. I read at a slow pace to be able to comprehend what I am reading. Plus, I don't really have much interest in history, in fact, I find it VERY boring. I am also paranoid with the fact that my GPA will decrease (currently have a cumulative of 3.92 as an upcoming sophmore); However, I plan to take many AP classes as an upperclassman and would like to get the experience as an underclassman. I am seeking for advice on the decision I should make. Thanks!
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Replies to: AP U.S. History

  • AsianDoctorAsianDoctor 249 replies113 threads Member
    don't take it... take AP's that interest you... quality over quantity. That's how i feel at least.
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  • fbplayerfbplayer 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I took AP History this past year and it wasn't the difficulty of the course work that made it tough but the overwhelming amount of homework (1-2 hours a night). I personally think you should take as many AP classes as you can, without over stressing yourself. Also with it being a weighted grade it shouldn't hurt your GPA at all.
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  • ErenYeagerErenYeager 528 replies9 threads Member
    I think you'll be fine. i had a similar situation and got As all year with grade deflation for grades 92-100%
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  • cbashicbashi 4 replies4 threads New Member
    So you do think I'll be able to handle it? Even with the fact that I have all of the other work going on? And my lack of interest? Plus, my slow reading pace?
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  • YnotgoYnotgo 3882 replies58 threads Senior Member
    Do you know anything about the teacher? Some APUSH teachers are great, and some are, well, not. If it's not a great teacher, stick to APs that you will find interesting.
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  • cbashicbashi 4 replies4 threads New Member
    The syllabus of the class says that most of the class is student-driven and that we will have to do most of the work ourselves.
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  • QuadMasterQuadMaster 725 replies13 threads Member
    If you aren't interested in history, avoid it. Try to take another AP class, like APCS or APHuG. No point in taking a class that doesn't interest you, you'd only be wasting your time.
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  • imaginethisimaginethis 15 replies1 threads New Member
    I thought the class was harder than the AP exam. I guess it varies, but I didn't have much homework, just the occasional essay/research paper. I thought the tests were more difficult and a bit time-consuming to study for, since a lot of times you just have to read the information until you memorize it. If you're not interested in the subject, I don't know if you'll find the motivation to study enough to get an A in the class, and if you don't learn/memorize at least some of content throughout the year, it'll be hard to cram a few weeks before the exam.
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  • GameRoomGameRoom 9 replies6 threads New Member
    For me, the class was incredibly rigorous, but the test was easy. I suppose I was just very prepared.
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  • MagicialMagicial 62 replies8 threads Junior Member
    I say take it, challenge yourself! I took it myself as a freshman taking the hardest classes I could and received an A. I also had a test every week that I had to prepare for. I managed to complete the class successfully and do well on the exam.
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