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What are you guys doing (in class) after AP testing?

thrill3rnit3thrill3rnit3 1331 replies82 threads Senior Member
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Watch movies? Just do whatever?

In Calc we're just gonna watch movies. For English we're watching movies and prepping for college essays. For APUSH my teacher's going to introduce us to AP Gov topics (plus some free points for everyone's grades), and then for physics we're going to learn about particle physics or relativity (whichever one the class is more interested in).
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Replies to: What are you guys doing (in class) after AP testing?

  • jerrry4445jerrry4445 2714 replies27 threads Senior Member
    Well, since I'm on the block schedule, I only have one AP class this term: AP English Language and Composition. We're going to read a play by Sophocles.
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  • packer22packer22 340 replies23 threads Member

    No, I think we are doing labs (in Bio), watching movies and doing projects (in Euro and US) and having fun! :)
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  • IlikeyouIlikeyou 416 replies50 threads Junior Member
    More work. :/
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  • reginaphalangereginaphalange 793 replies45 threads Member
    We're writing a term paper in APUSH. But my teacher is the most chill guy ever, so we'll be able to get him to cancel class most of the time.
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  • xxrunningonemptyxxrunningonempty 2135 replies23 threads Senior Member
    AP Biology - lots of [formal] labs. Ugh
    AP US Gov - more learning.
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  • rhythmgamingrhythmgaming 634 replies16 threads Member
    For my APUSH class i'm not sure. Considering its 3/4ths seniors and the teacher gets put off topic easily its generally been accomplishing little (though we've still reached Vietnam, somehow) so after the exams I can't imagine much of anything being done. Right now people have pretty much been throwing names of movies around that hardly hold any relevance to US history to watch.

    I can't tell if the teacher is really partially bald or has been ripping his hair out for a while.
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  • fairy_dreamsfairy_dreams 3365 replies12 threads Senior Member
    AP Chem: Everyone's heading downtown to hang out and get food

    AP Euro: Mini in-class projects (I'm not sure what that entails...)
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  • Vertigo220hVertigo220h 815 replies99 threads Member
    Labs in Bio (maybe)
    and English..heck if I know. :p
    Govt..who knows. Probably nothing because that teacher is cool.
    And that's my senior year! [email protected] rhythmgaming's teacher, though.
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  • ChocolateBananaChocolateBanana 1931 replies73 threads Junior Member
    We have projects, but it's pretty chill.
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  • coolbluescoolblues 147 replies1 threads Junior Member
    US- pretend to do work/sleep/do other classes' work
    Chem- labs/sporcle
    Envi Sci- movies
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  • xxsteelxxxxsteelxx 413 replies35 threads Member
    Sleep, cuz I self studied. . .
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  • ravenclawravenclaw 696 replies45 threads Member
    Watch movies, a couple write ups, a project, and laugh at non-AP kids who have to take finals - all adding automatic 100s to our 4th quarter grades. Life will be good post-exam. :)
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  • xrCalico23xrCalico23 4661 replies12 threads Senior Member
    Final exams. Actually finishing the AP courses.
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  • NavyBlueNinjaNavyBlueNinja 309 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Our classes end after the AP Exam; we don't have to take finals in AP Classes. We just get a free period (which at my school is like a study hall, but there are no restrictions, so you can go wherever you want) every day during the period that the class was. So I'll have more than half of the school day FREE!!
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  • RocknPianoRocknPiano 959 replies41 threads- Member
    In ELAC we're going to be reading another book, doing a research paper and the AP Challenge (helping out a cause). I hate the class

    In APChem, we're going to be doing labs, and random learning for fun! The last test of the year was last week.

    Yes, my AP classes have finals and I'm soooo jealous of you all who don't.
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  • FallenAngel9FallenAngel9 2298 replies131 threads Senior Member
    In Calc, I have to learn more Calc.

    That's my teacher for you. =|
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  • diamon153diamon153 160 replies0 threads Junior Member
    AP Physics: We have a final research paper and some random parties.
    Except for 2 students, including myself, everyone is senior, so I don't what's going to happen after seniors go away.
    No class? Small group tutoring? Movies? Help freshman physics class(I'm hoping for this)?
    AP Stat: final survey project.
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  • hi_im_leilahi_im_leila 1981 replies43 threads Senior Member
    My AP teachers all said that we will continue to work until the very last day of school.

    You can imagine how happy this makes all of us seniors. :/
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  • MattNCMattNC 3422 replies15 threads- Senior Member
    In AP World my only AP as a sophomore, I have an essay due 15 days after the AP Exam that's 12-15 pages long. I must pick a decade out of the 50's 60's and 70's and right about what's going on in each area of the world.
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  • MissxSilverwingMissxSilverwing 399 replies19 threads Member
    Oh, you can bet that we aren't doing anything important in AP Music Theory the last few weeks. Our teacher can be pretty lazy. ;P We'll probably have an opportunity for a "performance day" (which we've talked about all year haha) where we play something for the class. Or, maybe he'll graciously allow us to do homework/study in class, as he's done a couple of times before.

    Either way, we won't be working much. xD
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