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IB/AP Exams are coming up! What're you taking and which are you [not] scared about?

swim2daendswim2daend 2293 replies204 threads Senior Member
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Post What exams you're taking these next few weeks!

I'm taking:
IB English HL
IB Chem HL
IB French B SL
IB History HL
IB Math HL
AP Chem

I'm really afraid for history and chem. AND THEY'RE ON THE SAME DAY!! :(
English and math should be fine. I just don't even care about french. lol
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Replies to: IB/AP Exams are coming up! What're you taking and which are you [not] scared about?

  • cheeseballcheeseball 126 replies2 threads Junior Member
    AP Calculus BC
    AP Psychology
    IB Chem SL

    Taking the rest next year.

    I'm scared most about Chem since my teacher's terrible, and absolutely hates IB, so she taught us the wrong curriculum the entire year....

    I feel good about Calc, just need to learn Taylor Series and LaGrange error, and Psych should be a total breeze.

    And all the while, I have a History of the Americas term paper/practice IA and History test that week of Chem.
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  • kenzie1992kenzie1992 957 replies46 threads Senior Member
    Taking IB Math SL and Spanish SL this year, not really worried about either of them, but I have my history IA and first EE draft due right around the same time as the math test...plus I have about 40 fallacies to memorizes XD I <3 IB!
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  • cheeseballcheeseball 126 replies2 threads Junior Member
    ^ Ahhh. My EE draft is due the first week of June. Time to do what IB kids do best: BS.
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  • ansaransar 1973 replies98 threads Senior Member
    APCS, Tuesday
    Calc BC, Wednedsay,
    Mech/E+M, following Monday

    Scared for: APCS, E+M
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  • theblusrstillblutheblusrstillblu 167 replies2 threads Junior Member
    AP Calc AB - i feel well prepped but still nervous.
    AP Physics B - we didn't finish the entire curriculum but my teacher is outstanding and has a 100% pass rate... so i hope i dont choke and ruin it hahaha.
    Ap Eng Lang - english is absolutely my strong suit. i know i am ABLE to get a 5, i just hope i can perform to the best of my ability on test day. so strangely, i'm probably most nervous for this one.
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  • AUGirlAUGirl 2791 replies99 threads Senior Member
    AP US History [Not ready for AT ALL]
    AP Music Theory [I'm screwed. My listening SUCKS.]
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  • lauravaz10lauravaz10 228 replies21 threads Junior Member
    AP Human Geography - Not too scared about this one. I am thankful to have a very good teacher. Aiming for a 4 or 5.

    AP Art History - I really like the subject but there's just soooo much information going on that it makes me nervous. I really would like to get at least a 3.

    AP Lit - So-so, I know we're going to have to read poetry, which I dislike, but I'll tough it out haha.

    AP European History - I'm aiming for a 4 or 5. I really like European History and my teacher.

    AP Stat - Hahaha I gave up on stat the end of first quarter. We'll see ;)
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  • arsenalcrazyarsenalcrazy 233 replies18 threads Junior Member
    I have IB Spanish SL and IB ITGS SL
    Not too worried about spanish but freaking out over itgs because we've honestly learned nothing in class that's related to the test (it's the first year our school has offered it)
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  • NYSP2010NYSP2010 362 replies7 threads Member
    AP US Government and Politics: Monday morning. Feeling good, got a 5 on my practice multiple choice in Barron's Review Book yesterday. I was always bad at free response though. So I'm guessing I'll end up with a 4.

    AP Comparative Politics: Monday afternoon, after Gov. It's gonna be a killer to do 2 in a row. I feel comfortable with the conceptual vocabulary, but now I gotta review my specific terms/people/etc. I think this one will probably also be a 4...hopefully not a 3. Of course I'd like a 5, but right now, I'm not really sure how I'll do. I won't fail though. Never failed an AP test, and I've taken harder/felt worse about tests than AP Comp. Pol.

    AP Calculus AB: Wednesday. Since March, I've been in the Prep class, which is 45 minutes a day preparing by doing past AP tests. I feel okay, I think I'll get a 4...I don't know, I haven't had as much time as I'd like to study. Iffy on free response (haha, I am like that about every test.)

    AP Literature and Composition: Thursday. Also had a Prep class for this, but it was much more lax and informal and not as hard-working. I don't know, it's not really something to study a lot for; it's more on skills. I got a 4 on Lang/Comp last year, but I really hope for a 5 so that I can get out of the 2nd half of Cal R&C requirements. All depends on what poems they put on...my success with poems really varies.

    AP Biology: Monday. I'm going to cram like crazy for this one, really don't know how to feel about it.
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  • _daniel_daniel 638 replies27 threads Member
    AP Spanish - 2/3 (extremely worried)
    AP U.S. History - 3/4 (worried)
    AP Chem - 2/3 (extremely worried)
    AP Art History- 3/4/5 (slightly worried)
    AP English 3/4/5 (slightly worried)
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  • Henry18Henry18 48 replies3 threads Junior Member
    AP Chemistry- very confident
    AP English Lit- nervous
    AP Environmental Science-quite confident
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  • MillancadMillancad 5917 replies24 threads Senior Member
    AP French (extremely worried)
    AP Eng Lit (not worried)
    AP Physics C: Mech (somewhat worried, but I have low expectations anyway)
    AP Physics C: E&M (expect to fail in a somewhat calm manner)
    AP Chem (not very worried)
    AP Psych (not very worried)
    AP World History (slightly worried)

    My chem practice test scores indicate a 5 without study. English will probably be the same. My World History teacher taught me nothing, but I learned everything for the subject test in two days, so I can do the same for the AP. I'm self studying Psych and have done pretty much nothing, but there's not much to learn. I read about 100 pages of French practice stuff today, but it's a self study (accidental, since the second semester of my community college course was canceled) so I'm concerned. People who do well on language tests at my school are legends. I'm not legend-worthy. And I was destined to not understand physics.
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  • lucky2010lucky2010 1435 replies30 threads Senior Member
    IB Math, English, Spanish, and History tests next week. I can't even care though. I'm not worried, I think I'll do fine and otherwise I just can't care because I won't even know about the IB diploma till I'm already at college.
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  • ansaransar 1973 replies98 threads Senior Member
    Millancad wrote:
    I'm not legend-worthy.
    You're way too humble.
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  • ksarmandksarmand 2725 replies18 threads Senior Member
    ^Agreed. Humility coated with a veneer of altogether superficial arrogance is much better. :)

    I'll be taking:

    AP Government (quite chill)
    AP Spanish Language (****-in-your-pants terrified)
    AP Calculus AB (ready to accept my failure with equanimity)
    AP English Lit (even chiller than I am about Gov)
    AP Art History (not concerned in the slightest)
    AP Biology (insta-fail)

    It wasn't until I found out about the Advanced Standing option at Harvard that I wanted to pass my AP exams. Alas, it was too late to begin caring.

    Edit: apparently, saying urinate with more vulgar terminology is not allowed here on CC. please do not interpret the asterisks as another, more insalubrious activity that begins with an "s" as my four-lettered word of choice.
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  • ilikeUWilikeUW 1054 replies73 threads Senior Member
    AP USH: studied a lot. somewhat worried because of the randomness on the multiple choice and I'm scare that the DBQ/FRQs will be on something I barely went over
    AP Lang: wouldn't be surprised to get a 3. obviously aiming for a 4/5. i've been getting 5/6s on my timed-writes, but manage to do pretty well on multiple choice.
    AP Environmental Sci: i know im underestimating this test, but im focusing on the top 2 AP tests as of now. ill have a solid week to study for this test after AP Lang's over (apes is my last AP test)
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  • DRussianDRussian 54 replies30 threads Junior Member
    AP Computer Science on Tuesday, not worried at all (4/5)
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  • HADC10HADC10 263 replies13 threads Junior Member
    AP French Language: Feeling unprepared and not confident. Hoping for a 4. It feels more a problem of the test than my actual feeling with the language
    AP Chemistry: Feeling pretty good, just need to study a ton
    IB Chemistry SL: I'll be fine with AP
    AP Comparative Government and Politics: Need to order study book, but feel good with the material
    IB French SL: Feel very good
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  • jerrry4445jerrry4445 2714 replies27 threads Senior Member
    AP Calculus BC
    AP Statistics
    AP European History
    AP U.S. History
    AP Physics B
    AP English Language and Composition

    I'm a little nervous.
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  • MIThopeful16MIThopeful16 7390 replies149 threads Senior Member
    lol AP Comparative Gov't. I've literally for the past 4 Hours have been on FB helping people. Easy class for a horrible teacher.

    Next year it's just comp sci sl and 82 million APs. lol jk.

    Senior year, 6 IB exams, and about 8 APs.
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