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Are you the "smart one" in your group of friends?

tb0mb93tb0mb93 1149 replies171 threads Senior Member
edited July 2010 in High School Life
It's pretty funny, a little sad. In my group of friends, I'm always the 'smart one'. And it always comes up in the stupidest ways, like if we are playing a game or something you'd hear "oh we have him, we're definitely winning" I'm nothing like the kids on this forum but still considered smart.
edited July 2010
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Replies to: Are you the "smart one" in your group of friends?

  • christiansoldierchristiansoldier 1311 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Me and my friends are all the smart ones.
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  • BMan22BMan22 - 444 replies13 threads Member
    YES YES YES. It's kinda sad, but I enjoy it in a weird way.
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  • tb0mb93tb0mb93 1149 replies171 threads Senior Member
    " Me and my friends are all the smart ones. "

    I have a feeling there will be a whole lot of this
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  • MIThopeful16MIThopeful16 7390 replies149 threads Senior Member
    I am the smart one. All of my friends are smart, but they consider me the smart one. Whatever team I'm on, we win. My class is like, this is unfair.
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  • eastafrobeautyeastafrobeauty 2333 replies97 threads Senior Member

    my friends are actually really dumb (i'm dumb myself so im not being obnoxious or anything) but they're hella fun and funny :)

    so i'm the 'smart' one they just always ask me help on h.w. and assignments and stuff....
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  • energizeenergize 915 replies49 threads Member
    I'm actually one of the stupider ones in my "nerd" group of friends. But in most other contexts, I am indeed the "smart one".
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  • UnconfidentialUnconfidential 391 replies14 threads Junior Member
    I certainly am, particularly during quiz and games.
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  • WhanWhan 819 replies3 threads Member
    In most groups, yes, but in my "main" one, no, I'm just one of them.
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  • lucky2010lucky2010 1435 replies30 threads Senior Member
    Only in math. And only like, 9 people really think of me as the smart one in that because otherwise no one really has a point where they're like "OMG, someone with skills in finding the normal! help!". In the close group of 3 (me, R, D) they think of me as the smart one, but not that they say it much but like, when I got into college and all they were like "you'll be riiiich, and they come buy us stuff"

    But I have one guy who I think of as the smart one, more like the politically aware with a large knowledge of history and love of random economic debates. Alas that knowledge is wasted since talking about any of that is just boring and we'd all rather go watch Transformers.

    I'm the one making odd jokes and comments, we all kinda are.
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  • everaryeverary 686 replies22 threads Junior Member
    No; my friends are all rather intelligent and knowledgeable people. I'm the quiet one, though if anyone were to consult me for writing or trivia I would probably be able to assist them very competently.
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  • futurexecutivefuturexecutive 2665 replies17 threads Senior Member
    no, i'm friends with an asian.
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  • MillancadMillancad 5917 replies24 threads Senior Member
    I'm one of the smart ones, probs in the top two, in the group of friends with whom I eat, and after we made college decisions, I was mocked a little because the other really smart one (who was ranked a few spots above me) decided to stay at home with a full ride and a little more while I was deliberating between blahblahblah.
    A couple of my friends are, like, geniuses, but one lives in another state and the other one is not part of the main group, though I like him better than quite a few of the ones in it.
    My closest friend in the group considers me the smart one, but she always phrases it in a way that makes me feel awful.
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  • peachasopeachaso 330 replies5 threads Member
    LOL I can definitely relate to that. It is true though, that my jeopardy/whatever review game we're playing that day team usually wins...

    Well in terms of ranking, I would be the valedictorian and one of my friends would be the salutatorian, so sometimes it balances out. Then again, sometimes we are both on the same team xD then people really complain!
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  • neekzgneekzg 980 replies26 threads Senior Member
    ^Even out of the teachers?

    and yeah.
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  • crimsonivycrimsonivy 219 replies9 threads New Member
    In most group settings, I am the smart one. There are a couple of groups that I am just one of the many smart people though.
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  • HBrownHBrown 420 replies0 threads Member
    Sorta kinda but not really. We really dont talk about grades though. They joke about the school im going to because its a good school but sometimes I do and say really dum things.
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  • esthetiqueesthetique 1021 replies85 threads Senior Member
    In my Asian group of friends I'm in the middle or the lesser intelligent one. In my American group of friends, yes, I am the smartest one.
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  • CurseItToHadesCurseItToHades 239 replies17 threads Junior Member
    Yes. I have a really good memory and tend to pick up everything I read, so I know a lot of random crap, which people equate with intelligence.
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  • Rtgrove123Rtgrove123 1523 replies275 threads Senior Member
    In my group, we are all smart. However, I am prbly thought of as the one who works hard for his A's but isnt as "naturally intelligent." In my school as whole, I am prbly looked at as a top student.
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  • xXconfusedXxxXconfusedXx 950 replies9 threads Member
    In my main group of friends, I am just one of them.

    In most groups, I am the 'smart one'.
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