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Have any questions?

kc_ladykc_lady Registered User Posts: 455 Member
edited July 2005 in Kenyon College
Hey everyone,

I'm currently a sophomore at Kenyon and I'm perfectly willing to candidly answer any questions you have about Kenyon or college in general. Lay them on me!
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Replies to: Have any questions?

  • theHyacinthgirltheHyacinthgirl Registered User Posts: 90 Junior Member
    hi, I applied RD to Kenyon, and I appreciate you being open to questions. It seems like an amazing school, in lots of ways, but I have a few reservations...

    You must get this constantly, but...the isolation? Do you regret not having more access to the culture, art, shopping, dining, adventure etc of a city? And do drinking and frats sometimes dominate the campus?

    Please be honest.

    merci beaucoup :)
  • pheezikpheezik Registered User Posts: 27 New Member

    I applied ED and already got in, so it's a definite thing I'm going in the fall. I know this question is pretty vague, but what would you say are the things you like and hate the most about Kenyon?

    How is this OhiloLink decrease in funds affecting your use of the library? What's the progress on the new Athletics Centre?

    Any tips of things to do/get when we arrive on campus for the first time?
    Ahah, sorry bout all the questions -- guess I'm just curious.
  • kc_ladykc_lady Registered User Posts: 455 Member
    I honestly think the isolation factor is hyperbolized. While I'm from a rural area (and not used to the hustle and bustle of a city) I think Kenyon itself has a lot of the culture of a more populated area. There are constantly concerts, art exhibits, shows, etc, and if Kenyon doesn't fulfill your desires, Columbus is an hour away and pretty easy to get to. Mount Vernon (only a few minutes away... KC provides a shuttle) has plenty of dining options... as for shopping-- you really have to go to Columbus. Kenyon students are pretty demanding when it comes to culture, and I think most of the time the college pulls it through.
    I actually have a lot of friends who go to urban schools (mostly in NYC and Boston) that regret going there-- they get so caught up in the city that they lose the college's culture.
    As for drinking/frats, I think most people at Kenyon do drink, though it isn't entirely dominating. While I enjoy going out, it isn't uncommon to just go see a movie and then head home with a bunch of friends... KC tries its hardest to provide entertainment for nondrinkers. My roommate last year didn't drink, and she always seemed to have something to do, though I think many people find that the sober options on campus tend to get repetitive. The frat scene appears dominating because it's the easiest place to obtain alcohol for underage students, but everyone within greek life is pretty chill... and it's easy to sidestep that whole scene.

    hope I helped!

    rt, shopping, dining, adventure etc of a city? And do drinking and frats sometimes dominate the campus?

    Please be honest.
  • kc_ladykc_lady Registered User Posts: 455 Member

    I'll start with the easier questions... the budget decrease for OhioLINK hasn't affected me at all. I think they mostly cut the items that were really never used in the first place. Personally I've never even had to use OhioLINK... the Kenyon library is pretty extensive, and if I do need to send away I use Consort-- the connection between Kenyon and other Ohio colleges.
    The FRA (athletic center) is looking pretty awesome. The outside is nearly done and the inside will probably get started soon... it's very exciting. Ernst needs to go. Period.

    The things I dislike- being in a conservative state. it's easy to get sick of the food. the no eating in the library rule (it's ******** by the way). the chai at the middle ground isn't strong enough... I honestly really like most everything about Kenyon!
    Likes- the stars here are amazing. Of course the closeknit community; everyone is accepting and open. The intellectualism. The way you think is valued over general knowledge. Every season here is gorgeous. The campus is amazing-- it looks like all your childhood dreams of college. I really like most everything.
    tips- be yourself, have fun! I think it's definitely helpful to have a fridge/microwave for when everything is closed late at night...
  • MotherOfTwoMotherOfTwo Registered User Posts: 2,110 Senior Member
    kc_lady - Hi! Thanks for being so willing to answer Kenyon questions. My daughter was accepted ED to Kenyon and is looking forward to being there next year. Not to belabor the drinking issue, I just have one question about your reply regarding drinking, when you said most people drink and the sober options can become repetitive. Do non-drinkers feel comfortable/accepted at social events where drinking is going on, even if they are not drinking. Or are they mostly confined to the activities designated as "alcohol free"? I am just curious about this, thanks.
  • NorthstarmomNorthstarmom Registered User Posts: 24,853 Senior Member
    Thanks for offering to answer questions.
    Why did you apply to Kenyon? What other places did you consider?

    What's your major? How would you describe the typical Kenyon student?
  • valuable1212valuable1212 Registered User Posts: 396 Member
    i also applied RD to Kenyon and after staying overnight, I am convinced that it is my number one choice. I really enjoyed myself at Kenyon. Everyone was friendly and extremely intellectual. I thought the campus was gorgeous and although it was snowing, the campus was fun to walk and easy to get used to. I even loved the food (the have an awesome stir-fry bar!!!). I don't know why the food gets a "blase" response from the students. They had practically everything from salad bars to stirfry to main entrees to desserts etc. But maybe thats because I haven't been eating it for 4 years hehe.

    My question is: what do the people on campus think about frats/sororities? I got the feeling that the sorority girls on campus weren't the most "liked" types and that was a little discouraging since I wanted to join a sorority.

    Also, what is the "smoking" scene at Kenyon like? It seems like there were a lot of people "open" to a lot of things? Is smoking as prevelant as drinking?

    By the way, I really want to study languages at Kenyon. I sat in on an Intro 2 Spanish class, but I came on a day where students had presentations and didnt get to see the real "class". Could you tell me what they are like normally and if they are helpful (if you are studying a new lang.?)

  • kc_ladykc_lady Registered User Posts: 455 Member
    Motheroftwo- there are many people who go to drinking parties and do not drink, so as far as I can tell they feel pretty comfortable. There is definitely no pressure to drink, and most of the time you can't even tell who is drinking and who is not. If your daughter is uncomfortable with the drinking scene (I certainly was) I'd make sure to let her know that she is always welcome at parties with alcohol. If she feels like she is the only one without a beer in her hand, she could always even hold a beer without drinking it. No one would ever be able to tell. Or care.
  • kc_ladykc_lady Registered User Posts: 455 Member
    Northstarmom- I initially looked into Kenyon when a couple of alumni told me how much they loved it. After scouring the viewbook and website Kenyon seemed like a great fit to me. I also looked at Hamilton, Skidmore, Middlebury, Wheaton (MA), Dickinson, Connecticut College and a few others. While I liked most of them, Kenyon really felt like a place I could call home. The students were the most friendly and receptive to my questions. The academic reputation is great, the classes are small, the professors are great and available, the people are wonderful... it just felt like a college should be! I ended up applying ED...

    I'm a sociology major, though I came to Kenyon thinking neuroscience. I also thought about biology, psych, dance and drama (how liberal arts!).

    The typical Kenyon student... hard to pin down. Liberal for sure. There is a wide spectrum between "hippies" and "preps". Most people would fall somewhere in the middle. KC students are very passionate about politics and other issues, they are active with many groups on campus, and have a huge drive to succeed. Most students work hard and play hard-- they are very good about balancing their lives.
  • kc_ladykc_lady Registered User Posts: 455 Member
    It seems like most students fall in love with Kenyon after they visit- I'm not suprised!
    As for the food, I don't think it's too bad, but the options are on rotation and you tend to have the same things a lot.
    Frats/Sororities- I feel like frats are mostly respected. There are several different types of frats (Betas are the football players, DKEs are more preppy, ADs are more laid back...) so I think everyone can find a frat they like to hang out with. There are only 4 sororities on campus- NIA is sorority primarily for minority women, EDM seems pretty cool- they are all friendly and close to eachother. Several of them don't drink, and they seem to really represent what sororities are supposed to (sisterhood, community service). Thetas are kind of in the shadows... they don't really have social events. You probably heard about Zetas... they are the more stereotypical sorority girls-- preppy, wealthy, partiers who tend to be kind of snobby. No one views joining a sorority as a bad thing, just make sure you find the one that fits you best.
    Smoking- Many people do smoke at Kenyon, but it's definitely not as prevalent as drinking. You don't see people smoking at parties, it's mostly just something you do with a couple of friends in private. The Peeps (a male/female frat) are known for their experimentation with drugs... there are certainly people at Kenyon who do experiment, but drug use isn't widespread, and it's hiding in the shadows...

    And I haven't taken a language at Kenyon (I passed out) but my friends who have loved their classes!
  • White MateriaWhite Materia Registered User Posts: 147 Junior Member
    I have one question:

    The Dorms.

    How is the Residential Life at Kenyon?

    Thanks for your wonderful responses kc_lady.
  • MotherOfTwoMotherOfTwo Registered User Posts: 2,110 Senior Member
    kc_lady, Thanks for your thoughtful answers. My daughter actually looked at many of the same colleges you considered. She is thinking of majoring in International Studies and also wants to pursue and perhaps minor in Art. Kenyon seems to welcome non-majors in art classes, which was one of many things that attracted her to the school.
  • pheezikpheezik Registered User Posts: 27 New Member
    KC lady, thanks for all the responses. Do you happen to know anything about international student orientation by the way?
  • laineylainey Registered User Posts: 100 Junior Member
    Wow this is great! I have a question too, how would you describe the workload and did you have a hard time adjusting to it? Any tips in that area would be greatly appreciated too. Thanks!
  • chochu444chochu444 Registered User Posts: 323 Member
    kc_lady, thanks for being so helpful and answering so many queries. Though I have not asked a question myself yet (which I guess I will, soon), I have really benefited from your replies.
    Thank you.
    Have a good day.
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