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Admissions Chances to McGill University?

sspdsk8asspdsk8a 69 replies7 threads Junior Member
edited October 2013 in McGill University
Hey all, I am new here and signed up specifically to ask this question.

So McGill is my undisputed top choice for a number of reasons. I love Montreal, it is a phenomenal school with a beautiful campus and a culture that really stands out to me, and to top it off I am a speedskater and the Canadian national training facility is nearby, thus providing me with the best of both worlds.

Anyway enough of that. It's pretty obvious I'm desperate to get in. Do you guys think I have a good chance? I am applying to the Desautels Faculty of Management.

Test Scores:
630 SAT Critical Reading (620 if not superscored)
760 SAT Math
800 SAT Writing
790 SATII Biology
760 SATII Math I

WGPA: 3.9
However, my counselor clarified in a letter included with my transcript that during my freshman and sophomore years, I attended a prestigious and highly selective high school in DC (Sidwell Friends) that didn't emphasize grades, was extremely difficult, didn't calculate GPA, and didn't have weighted classes. I had a 3.4 unweighted GPA (3.5 weighted) going into junior year and in the two semesters of junior year (at public school) I went 3.85-4.0 (4.7-4.8). I will have taken six AP's, including Bio, US History, Lang, Lit, Psych, and BC Calc. Unfortunately, AP's aren't offered to Sidwell students until junior year. What are my odds? I'm especially concerned about my SAT Critical Reading and my GPA. Hopefully they really take my recs to heart. Thank you so much!
edited October 2013
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Replies to: Admissions Chances to McGill University?

  • ttparentttparent 1907 replies6 threads Senior Member
    Here is McGill admission standard:

    Admission standards (US) | Applying to Undergraduate Studies - McGill University

    They mostly look at unweighted GPA and test scores, other things like ECs or recs are not generally looked at. The posted standard is the minimum grades and test scores that you should have. Your SAT reading score is below the published standard and if you can increase that score to above 650, your chance for McGill would amount to very good and McGill should be considered safety school for you (I am guessing your unweighted GPA is above 3.6 range).
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  • sspdsk8asspdsk8a 69 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for your input! I plan to take another SAT in early December, in which case I will receive my scores before the deadline. However I can't help thinking... Is there much of a chance that they will take me with my current scores? And do they superscore? I can't find any concrete information on this. The website also mentioned recs. Do you think they will at least read them through despite not requiring them?
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  • CatriaCatria 11199 replies150 threads Senior Member
    Can you remove freshman year off the GPA please?

    No superscoring at McGill, though.
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  • sspdsk8asspdsk8a 69 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I'm honestly not entirely sure what my gpa was freshman year because Sidwell didn't calculate gpa but my transcript after the first quarter of junior year said 3.4.
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