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Fall semester, 2014

rockingthequestrockingthequest 17 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
I'm a 4th semester American Community College student applying to McGill for the Fall semester of 2014. My GPA, a 3.95, is well above the required range for acceptance into McGill's Arts faculty,but my transcript has been slightly tainted. In my second semester, I failed a test due to a medical reason and, because the test occured after the withdraw date, I was unable to withdraw from the course. I retook the course in the summer and received an A which, according to the policy of my Community College, allows the A to be factored into my GPA rather than the grade before, although the previous grade is still labeled on my transcript. Idiotically, I haven't made an attempt to change the grade on my transcript until now, and even though my Dean said he'll remove the grade and replace it with a medical withdraw, I'm worried that my time is running out to submit my supporting documents.

My question is this: Is is better for me to wait to submit my transcript with it revised by my Dean, or should I submit it to McGill now in it's current state and explain my situation to them?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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  • upapilotupapilot 173 replies5 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
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    McGill follows a rolling admission process. The longer you wait to submit all your documents, the lower your chance of getting admitted.

    I would recommend, you send your grades as they are and attach a small note explaining the low grades. Then get your Dean to send a letter to McGill on your behalf corroborating your explanation.

    If you are still a little unsure, I suggest you write to the McGill admission department and tell them about your problem and enquire about your best course of action.
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