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ITMom56ITMom56 20 replies5 threads New Member
If my D does not get into the BS/MD program, is it a good idea to get into a BS/DO program and then apply for MD in the third year?
How will medical schools see it? Or is it better to go for regular undergrad? Any advice or input is welcome. Thanks all!
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Replies to: BS/DO to MD

  • RoentgenRoentgen 1561 replies31 threads Senior Member
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    @ITMom56, great question. I would not rely on transferring between medical schools by the end of your 2nd year (MS-2), especially between an osteopathic (DO) medical school and an allopathic (MD) medical school. It is very difficult to do so, even between 2 allopathic schools, for even the best of reasons: i.e. a family member is very ill or close to death and student has to go back closer to home, being engaged/married to a faculty member or resident at the institution, etc. The school has to have enough room (since total attrition in medical school tends to be much lower, like in the single digits), and would also probably ask for MCAT and USMLE Step 1 scores, and that's even if they consider it at all. There are allopathic medical schools that will not entertain any possibilty of transfer.

    There used to be an AAMC transfer database that was free, but now the AAMC has included it as part of a subscription package: https://services.aamc.org/tsp_reports/, to see which schools do allow transfers.

    I personally would not take part in a BS/DO program coming from high school. As a general rule, DO schools are easier to get into than MD schools when you look at matriculation statistics -- MCAT and GPA. If your daughter does not get into the BS/MD program, I would do the traditional 4 + 4 route and apply to both MD and DO schools. Don't compromise this early, just because of fear.
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  • ITMom56ITMom56 20 replies5 threads New Member
    @Roentgen , Thanks a lot for the advice! :)
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  • upstreamupstream 286 replies0 threads Junior Member

    It is possible to apply to MD programs as your D is completing the undergraduate portion of the BS/DO program. Personally I know a student from NYIT/NYCOM program, who applied to MD programs and got into Mt. Sinai Medical School after receiving the MCAT score of 39. DO schools are also becoming more difficult to get in now days. NOVA Southeastern received more than 12,000 applications in this cycle.
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  • docV97docV97 2 replies0 threads New Member
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    @ITMom56 I am currently a student in the BS/DO at NYIT/NYIT-COM! At NYIT's program, MANY students come in with the intentions of applying out, although some don't end up doing it for variety of reasons. It's an ambitious goal, but definitely doable. According to the our program director, there are a few students every year who apply to other MD and/or DO schools because it was their goal from the beginning, OR they were kicked out of the program early on and got their game together and eventually excelled as applicants. :) I know of people who started out as BS/DOs who have gotten into medical school at Touro-COM, Thomas Jefferson, Stony Brook, and some other schools that I can't remember the name of. This goes to show that you don't have to go to an elite/well-known undergrad. to get into reputable med. schools.

    I have info. on the program at NYIT as well as the ones that some of the SUNY schools have with NYIT-COM,

    here: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/multiple-degree-programs/1838083-nyit-bs-do-progarm-quality.html#latest

    & here: http://****/threads/nyit-bs-do-program-student-here-ask-questions.1183988/

    (same username for both forums :D ) If you have any other questions regarding the program, please do not hesitate to PM me. I would be more than happy to help!
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  • docaspirantdocaspirant 6 replies6 threads New Member
    My daughter just got admitted to NOVA BS/DO 4+4 program.
    But I have some concerns about this school:
    -I heard from staff that most of the students fail to meet the MCAT requirement,
    -Too expensive
    -Most of staff especially the admission counsellors are inexperienced, They all are either recent graduates from NOVA, or currently attendg graduate school
    -Very poor follow through, staff don't return calls or respond to email. They seem very disorganized
    -Also majority of student reviews online are negative.
    Very conflicted. This is an important decision, don't want to mess it up.

    Can you guys share your thoughts?
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