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How many are YOU applying to/auditioning for?

christeapchristeap Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
edited September 2006 in Musical Theater Major
I saw a thread like this in another forum and thought that us MT folks could do something similar.

How many colleges do you plan on applying to? What do you think is a good number of schools to audition for? If you'd like, list them off! Just want to see different opinions. :)

Right now I've got my list at seven or eight but I'm trying to narrow it down to five.
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Replies to: How many are YOU applying to/auditioning for?

  • _simplywicked_simplywicked Registered User Posts: 85 Junior Member
    I've heard that guys should audition for between 4-5 schools, and girls should audition for 8-10.

    i've got a list of about nine, but a few are non-audition
  • MTgeekMTgeek - Posts: 113 Junior Member
    I'm auditioning for about 10, and I'm a guy. Most of them are "top tier" I guess, but thats because I'm already going to be a college freshman at a state school, so I'm considered a transfer. I would recommend applying/auditioning for 1 or 2 back up schools with strong BA theatre programs. That way if you arent accepted to any BFA programs, you can still get your feet wet in a college, and then try again the following audition season. Here are my schools:

    NYC Unifieds/Regional: Ithaca, CCM, Roosevelt, Point Park, Penn State, UMichigan, Shenandoah, Carnegie Mellon

    On Campus: The Hartt School, Boston Conservatory

    Those are mine. But I HIGHLY recommend applying to some non-audition based programs, because there's always that chance. I'll already be at a state school, so even if I'm not accepted anywhere, I'll at least be enrolled in a college. BEST OF LUCK! IM me if you have an questions. AOL: dramapimp87
  • BRbwayBRbway Registered User Posts: 239 Junior Member
    I should apply to 8-10, but this year I'm only applying to NYU and CMU. I'm auditioning at the Chicago unifieds. I'm a year younger than all the other seniors, so if I don't get in this year I'm going to live in NYC for a year and take voice and dance lessons, then audition again for 8-10 the next year.
  • Sporti2005Sporti2005 Registered User Posts: 387 Member
    being younger can DEFINITELY affect admission. i know soozievt's probably going to jump in and tell you that her daughter was young when she auditioned and got in places, but so was i.

    i was given feedback FROM ADJUDICATORS/ADMISSIONS REPS that they're very very wary of taking students who are younger. so definitely try again if you're not accepted -- age can definitely be a factor!!

    this year i'll FINALLY be the same age as everyone else. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY.
  • BRbwayBRbway Registered User Posts: 239 Junior Member
    really i didn't know about the age thing...i'm not so significantly younger, i turn 17 on August 30- is that a huge gap? interesting, thankyou.
  • Sporti2005Sporti2005 Registered User Posts: 387 Member
    nah, i was 15/16 when i auditioned the first time. 17 shouldn't be too big of a deal. you'll be going to college when you're 18, and a lot of kids will be the same age.
  • abparentabparent Registered User Posts: 320 Member

    I bumped a previous thread along these lines for last year's class. Thought it might help. Good Luck!
  • soozievtsoozievt Registered User, ! Posts: 31,536 Senior Member
    BRway, you would NOT be considered "younger". You are the normal age for someone entering senior year, though you are one of the younger ones within your grade. Your age will not be noticed as significantly different than anyone else. You made the cut off chronologically for your grade, after all. SOMEONE is going to be the youngest in their grade. My oldest child's birthday is Aug. 27 and so she is the youngest in her grade. This had no affect on admissions because she was still the RIGHT AGE for her grade, just as you are considered to be.

    However, as Sporti mentioned, I have another daughter who was young applying to college but this was different. She was an early graduate, and so she was graduating after eleventh grade and auditioning during eleventh grade. On top of that, she ALSO entered K early as she did not make the cut off for entrance. She is currently a rising soph in college at NYU/Tisch but chronologically would normally be entering senior year in HS. And grade wise, the class she was in through school is currently entering freshmen year in college. So, she was 16 when she auditioned and also when she entered college. While Sporti was ALSO young when she auditioned for college the first time, her case is a little different because she was actually a senior in HS.

    While I have never heard adjudicators say what Sporti was told (though I m not doubting her, just didn't witness it), I know for a FACT that admissions committees IN GENERAL (not talking BFA programs) will srutinize an early graduate more than normal grade/age graduate. Before my D embarked on this path which was not one I ever planned but was all her idea, mid tenth grade, I called each school (blindly) she was interested in and asked if they accept early graduates (again, this is NOT what you are). All said that they do, as long as the student has earned a high school diploma which she would have. But I know admissions will look closely at such students. Admission officers take extra care in evaluating early graduates to make certain that they are socialy mature, as well as academically ready, for college. My daughter included an extra statement about her reasons for early graduation, as did her guidance counselor. It did not seem to hurt her admissions. She applied to 8 BFA schools, got into five BFAs, waitlisted at one, admitted to one college but not its BFA program, and was denied at one. Each case is different so it is hard to generalize. However, you do not fit this scenario. An admissions officer will see you as any other senior in HS and as age 17, the typical age of an applicant.

    I personally think only applying to two colleges, ones that have admit rates of about 6% for CAP21 and about 2% for CMU is an unusual choice. I think the choice you may wish to consider FIRST is....do I want to go to college next year or take a GAP year. Because if you get into CMU or NYU, then you seem to be ready to take on college. And if that is the case, the odds of admission with only two schools, two top schools that turn away even the most talented kids as there are more qualified applicants than slots available, is very very very risky odds. So, if you want to go to college next year, you truly need more schools and a more balanced list. Or a GAP year may be just what you need or desire.

    Anyway, it is your choice, but that is my view. Also, you are not a full year younger than all seniors. You are likely 11 months younger than those born in Sept. but just two months younger than those born in June. Your age will have no impact in admissions or be noticed. Where age comes in for you, is a decision as to whether to take a GAP year or to head to college. But if this "grade" has been the right placement for you all along in school, you likely are ready to move on with your peers. If you feel you would benefit from a GAP year, that can be a good thing for many kids.
  • SrMomentSrMoment Registered User Posts: 48 Junior Member
    This could be an interesting/informative thread if it kept on topic.

    D is applying to 6 schools. In no particular order they are: Otterbein, B-W, CCM, U-Mich, Ithaca and Penn State.
  • kaysmomkaysmom Registered User Posts: 507 Member
    Right now d's list sits at 10 schools. Not sure that she will be able to even do that many but she wants to try. She is waivering on a few so it could be less when it's all said and done, but I know it won't be more because we limited her to 10.
  • freelancefreelance Registered User Posts: 190 Junior Member
    I suggest to everyone out there to apply to more than a half-dozen "name schools". I personally know some kids with major talent; kids who performed at a professional level with YEARS of experience who kept getting rejection after rejection. I'm sure that soozievt, who is a college counselor will agree with me that it is prudent to include a few BA "safety schools" and a few more less competitive programs on your list. 8-10 in all sounds like a better number.
  • NotMamaRoseNotMamaRose Registered User Posts: 4,090 Senior Member
    A voice teacher we know who has worked with kids preparing for college auditions for years and years advises kids applying to MT programs to prepare to audition for between 12-14 schools.
  • bwaychicbwaychic Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
    okay, so everyone here seems to be saying anywhere from 8-10 schools, but i have narrowed and narrowed and my list right now is at 14. They are, in no particular order CMU, CCM, BoCo, NYU, U. of Mich, U. of Miami, Point Park, U.Arts, Ithaca, Syracuse, Hartt, Fordham, Roosevelt, Columbia College... Im doing unifides for CCM, U.Mich, U. of Miami, Point Park, Roosevelt... Columbia College is non-audition, and the others ill go to the school. Is this a bad thing? I've tried to narrow it down but i know several people who went through this process last year, all very talented, and they all ended up at great schools (CCM, BoCo, and Ithaca) but they were rejected alot. Its very hit or miss with these schools and it seems like each of them got into 2 or 3 schools so i would rather apply to a lot even if it will take a lot of time. What are your thoughts on this? Is there any that anyone would recommend dropping? I've visited many of them and plan to visit all except CCM and U.Mich because its far and Ive already flown to chicago and am going to miami so my mother is sick of sending me places. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Much Love
  • EricsmomEricsmom Registered User Posts: 1,224 Senior Member
    bwaychic - I don't think Fordham has an MT degree, if that is what you are looking for.

    Good luck. The list is really not too long.
  • FosseCaitFosseCait Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    I am applying to 7: 6 auditions and 1 non-audition. However, I am not doing any unifeds, I'm doing all on-campus auditions, to visit the campus will kill 2 birds with 1 stone, or something... am I crazy for doing all on-campus auditions? I originally was going to apply to only 5 but upped the number, though I'm not worried about that since most of you seem to be applying to more than me.
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