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Chances Regular Decision

aVenger1751aVenger1751 297 replies19 threads Member
edited June 2005 in New York University
Hey guys, I was just wondering about my chances to get into NYU Regular Decision for pre-med (NOT Sterns)....I would not be willing to apply ED since I will porbably applying ED to JHU (my dream school)...

First of all, I am entering my senior year at HS in a top notch public high schools in NJ...

GPA is about a 4.0 (my school doesn't rank....)

SAT I: 2150 (first time...plan to retake in October)

Math II C: 790
Physics: 710
Bio: 660 (I know this is weak)
Chem: 660 (Again...this is very weak)

I will have taken 9 AP classes by the time I graduate...
AP Calc AB, AP Stat, AP Spanish, AP US History, AP Art History, AP Chem, AP Bio, AP English I, and AP English II

All of my grades are B+'s and A's (one B in AP English....but I got a sure 5 on the test...the class is notoriously challenging in my HS, but as a result everyone gets a 5)

- President of Genetic Research Club at my HS (this is not based on a typical popular election, you have to be selected by a board of Rutgers Professors...there is a whole admissions process...only two kids from my school got selected...I was one of them)
- Attending Genetic Research summer program at Rutgers this summer (part of the genetics club presidency)
- Also visiting a foreign nation this summer
- 150+ volunteer hours at local hospital
- Vice President of Auxilliary at local hospital for past three years (raises money for the hospital by organizing findraisers such as walkathons)
- Orchestra from age 8
- Private lessons for past five years
- All the honors societies (Spanish honors, national honors, Mu Alpha Theta)
- Nominated and participated in Natural Helpers Program for the past four years
- Me and a group of friends created our own online school newspaper/forum (I'm an admin in there....I don't know if that would count as anything, but it does eat up a LOT of time)
-Very strong reccomendations (a lot of my teachers like me a lot...I can't figure out why...they actually ask me to let them write recommendations for me)
- I am a pretty good writer...therefore I will probably have descent essays

-Grades went down slightly in my junior year since I broke my foot while playing basketball (intramurals...not on school team). I was in a cast and on crutches for two months and had a walking brace for another one month. Will colleges take this into consideration?

-GPA has increased every year from a 3.7 in freshman year...I have heard that's a good thing...

Any replies would be appreciated...
edited June 2005
8 replies
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Replies to: Chances Regular Decision

  • aVenger1751aVenger1751 297 replies19 threads Member
    Anyone willing to reply????
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  • pepgirly14pepgirly14 342 replies76 threads Member
    yea u ahve a good shot my brothers stats werent as high (except his sat IIs were higher) and he got in for pre med..biology major regualr decision..but then again taht was 2 years ago
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  • aVenger1751aVenger1751 297 replies19 threads Member
    hmmmm...thats what was worrying me...the SAT II Bio and Chem...
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  • Razorsharp911Razorsharp911 98 replies29 threads Junior Member
    dude chill, ur chances are fine

    i got in this year, c/o of 09 with a 3.55 UW GPA, 1430, writing: 700, math: 670, and BIOLOGY: 610
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  • aVenger1751aVenger1751 297 replies19 threads Member
    Wow...you're lucky man....

    I don't know...this whole process seems so random...I've seen some pretty dumb kids from my own HS get into amazing colleges...its really weird...I guess luck is involved (to a degree at least)
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  • the_nightboythe_nightboy 68 replies1 threads Junior Member
    "-Grades went down slightly in my junior year since I broke my foot while playing basketball (intramurals...not on school team). I was in a cast and on crutches for two months and had a walking brace for another one month. Will colleges take this into consideration?"

    i'm gonna say no on that one. only because it isnt really a good excuse for your grades dropping...your broken foot doesnt necessarily equate to you not being able to think...unless you were taken out of school for an extended period of time.

    otherwise, i'd have to say you're chances are pretty good. if your school's scale is on a 4.0 system, you should have nothing to worry about. however, you dont really seem to have a "hook" per se...i mean, you do a lot of great stuff, but a lot of activites doesnt necessarily show passion for an activity, a quality nyu in my opinion looks heavily on. it seems that you're really into genetics, so push that a lot in your apps, not just for nyu, but anywhere else.

    btw, pre-med isnt a major at nyu, its a track. i'd recommend writing down bio or chem as a major based on your background, or go undecided.

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  • NJ1grlcrusNJ1grlcrus 182 replies1 threads Junior Member
    what's yur chances at JHU? That would be really cool...If not, you have a shot at NYU, go ED
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  • jwbluejwblue 1016 replies12 threads Senior Member
    Applying ED clearly increases your chances at NYU so you might want to consider that if you decide JHU is not for you. I reccomend you visit any school before committing to apply ED there.
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