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Ask Me Anything!


Replies to: Ask Me Anything!

  • shasha101shasha101 Registered User Posts: 20 New Member

    Thank you SO much for answering my questions! You answered them thoroughly and I really appreciate it.
  • cowboycliche022cowboycliche022 Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member

    I'll be sure to ask him either later tonight or tomorrow and get back to you!


    Not a problem, it's good that you're asking them! Besides, it gives me a reason to stop studying for my chem midterm on Friday ;)
  • Crimsonstained7Crimsonstained7 Registered User Posts: 1,300 Senior Member
    I haven't gone through this whole thing yet, but I have two things to say so far. #1 is you like Mad Men. Mad Men is amazing. Therefore, you are amazing :-) I've only watched 6 or so episodes so far, but I LOVE it! Especially the Jazz. #2 Pretty much covered my whole Why NU paper, haha. I agree with you on everything there. That's why I think I will (hopefully) love NU. I'll read the rest and come back with questions later, I just wanted to point those things out now :-)
  • cowboycliche022cowboycliche022 Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member

    You think Mad Men is good now...wait until you get through the first season. :)

    And it's great that a lot of what I've said aligns with your NU supplement! It sounds like NU would be a great fit for you, and I wish you the best of luck in being admitted! Just about another month now, right?!
  • rapfan313rapfan313 Registered User Posts: 209 Junior Member
    thanks for taking time to answer our questions! i really enjoy reading your responses; they make me love the school even more....
    do you know if there are any dry frats?
    along those lines, how prevalent is drinking?
    how cold is it? (i live in NorCal, so 40 degrees is freezing for me)
  • cowboycliche022cowboycliche022 Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member

    I doubt there are any "dry frats" per se, but I do know people who don't drink and are in frats, so it's definitely doable. Also, there are frats that just aren't as conducive to drinking (i.e. service fraternities). However, the frats I've encountered are by and large alcoholic consumption and distribution centers.

    During orientation, we had an "alcoholic consumption" seminar, and I believe it was stated that the percentage of drinkers on campus is about 70% (don't quote me on that, though). Regardless, you'll be fine if you aren't a "drinker." I don't drink, and the thing to remember is that people are extremely tolerant here; they'll respect your personal choices, whether you choose to drink or not.

    I'm not going to lie; it's very cold in Evanston. Not as cold as in some other parts of the country, but for you, it will hit hard. For example, we had our first snow yesterday (which is actually rather unusual). I think the worst aspect of it is definitely the windchill (amplified by the beautiful lake, of course), which is known to drop temperatures to 10 to 20 degrees below zero during the heart of winter. Don't fret, though! Warm layers are quite popular here, so if you look like a marshmallow, just look around and you'll notice that that everyone else (who's sane, that is) does, too. Also, if you have an idea of your major, you can try to pick a dorm that's close to where most of your classes will be held. For example, if you're a science or engineering person, you'll have most of your classes in a building called Tech, which is further north on campus. It would be helpful, then, to try and get into a dorm up north so that you wouldn't have to make the 10-15 minute trek from south campus every single day.
  • shasha101shasha101 Registered User Posts: 20 New Member
    One more question. When Northwestern considers your GPA for admission, how do they exactly calculate it? Do they consider an A- and A+ as different GPAs or is any kind of A a 4.0? The reason i'm asking is because I always see people post their stats on threads here, but I don't know how their school calculates their GPA and how Northwestern ends up looking at it. Thank you!
  • cowboycliche022cowboycliche022 Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member

    As far as I know, Northwestern does not attempt to "recalculate" applicants' GPA's. Generally, colleges look at the unweighted average (i.e. X.XX/4.00 at most schools) as a means of comparison, but of course, everything is looked at in the context of the individual high school.

    I believe that, rather than recalculating GPA's, NU considers the following factors: Is the curriculum particularly difficult at this specific school? Or is it surprisingly easy? Are honors/AP courses offered? Does the individual high school differentiate between A+'s, A's, and A-'s? What are the GPA's of the other applicants from that high school? What percentile is the applicant in, and what is the applicant's rank?

    All of the previous questions help the NU admissions committee develop a comprehensive understanding of the applicant's academic ability.
  • oceanman95oceanman95 Registered User Posts: 27 New Member
    What's it like living in Willard? Do you ever see anyone longboarding around campus?
  • Crimsonstained7Crimsonstained7 Registered User Posts: 1,300 Senior Member
    I can't wait to get farther in Mad Men! It's so spot on, it's hard to think anyone finds any discrepancies in the times. Decisions are almost exactly a month away (Dec. 15th or so), and I could not be more excited to see the results! I think I'll get in (My confidence stems mostly from being a URM and two grandparents having gone there, which hopefully helps boost me into the acceptance pile), but it's hard to say at NU.

    I have a kind of strange question relating to weather. How annoying are showers in the middle of the winter? I'm planning on being in Hinman if I get in, so I wouldn't have to be in a communal shower, but still, how do you survive showers when it's that cold? I don't like showering in 40 degree weather, haha.

    Also, I'm planning on being Biology and possibly minor or double major in Applied Math. However, I want to take a lot of humanities courses, also; plus I like the idea of being right next to Evanston, and being around less Frat/Engineering people. Will being on South still be okay, or should I think harder about being in North?
  • cowboycliche022cowboycliche022 Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member

    I know Willard is super hyped-up and what not, and that being said, I'll try to give you my honest opinion of it. Although Willard is a "non-themed residential college," the reality is that about 80% of the residents here (that's my best estimate, at least) are theater majors, or something along those lines. Of course, there's nothing wrong with theater majors; they certainly contribute to a large chunk of NU's identity, and they're also incredibly kind, outgoing people.

    The thing I struggle with by living here is that my schedule is just VERY different from theirs. Being pre-med, I find myself staying in almost all weekends and either studying or doing schoolwork. On the contrary, my roommate (a theater major) goes to about 5 shows (as they are called, or "theater productions") per weekend, takes an average of 2 naps per day, and is involved in more clubs and extracurriculars than you can count on your two hands. It's not a bad thing, but sometimes it is difficult to relate to him and the majority of the residents here.

    I'd say if you're a theater major (or just very outgoing), Willard would be fantastic for you. Even you aren't, that's not to say that you wouldn't mesh will with the "Willardites;" you'd just have to be prepared to interact with a pretty homogenous group of kids.

    Longboarding is definitely not the #1 transportation method here on campus, but it's not uncommon, either. I definitely recommend that you bring something (longboard, bike, etc.) though, especially if you know you'll have to traverse a significant distance to get to your classes.
  • cowboycliche022cowboycliche022 Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member

    If the enthusiasm you're displaying here on CC shows through on your NU app, I'm confident you'll be accepted as well!

    It looks like you've done your research as far as dorms are concerned! I'm fortunate enough to live right next to the bathroom on my floor, so I don't have to walk too far to get to the showers. Even if I did, though, the dorms here are very, very warm in the winter, so you'll never be deathly cold after showering. On top of that, there's almost always hot water. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

    Being on south campus will DEFINITELY be alright, even if you're thinking of taking a more sciencey route! Evanston is my safe haven; I don't know what I would do if I was further away from the city. Also, it is kind of refreshing to not have pre-meds and engineers in your face all the time, even if you can't relate to the theater kids all that much. The only reason you would really live up north is if you just could not STAND the trek to tech. It is a 10-15 minute walk from Willard (probably a little bit further from Hinman), but if you have a bike, the time is negligible. To summarize, if you bring a bike, south campus is the place to be!
  • Crimsonstained7Crimsonstained7 Registered User Posts: 1,300 Senior Member
    Speaking of warm, warm dorms, so are heavy blankets unnecessary? I like bundling up in the cold when I go to sleep, but I guess I'll survive :-)

    And for bikes, can you bike in the snow? I'm from SC, I wouldn't know haha. And do you have to lock your bike, or is NU pretty safe without locking the bikes.
  • momof3sonsmomof3sons Registered User Posts: 5,116 Senior Member
    My son is a junior at NU and is in a frat and doesn't drink. There are a few others in the frat who do not drink and nobody pressures him.
  • cowboycliche022cowboycliche022 Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member

    Personally, I think either one warm blanket or a few sheets and a lighter blanket will do the trick. Definitely no need to have a full, decked-out set of bedding complete with a duvet cover. :)

    I'm not sure about the snow situation, but let me tell you one thing: I'm going to try! As of now, I ride my bike along the side streets in an attempt to avoid all the commotion on Sheridan (not sure if you've visited yet...if you have, you know what I mean). That being said, I'm assuming the streets won't be hit as badly as the sidewalks when the heavy snow does come, and hopefully I can make it work. One thing I AM sure of is that you should definitely bring a bike lock. Theft rarely occurs when the bikes are locked up; it's when they aren't that things go missing. The popular lock on campus is the metal "u-lock," but I just have the classic cable and I'm fine. The lock is acts largely as a deterrent, anyway, but if you want to be extra hip, go with the u-lock!


    Of course there will be "a few" non-drinkers in the frats, but again, the overwhelming majority do choose to consume alcohol. It just comes down to the fact drinking is a main component the frat culture, especially at NU. That being said, I agree with the lack of negative peer pressure to drink; you might be bothered once or twice about it by someone (who usually ends up not being the greatest person in the world), but ultimately, people will respect your personal choices.
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