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Your favorite charity organizations

NhatrangNhatrang 483 replies1 threads Member
First thread here.

Which charity organizations you are donating or would like to donate if you had the mean? I have a few that I set up automatic deduction (NPR, PP, Cal women soccer club, Cal Alumni, my beloved UNHCR) and a few adhoc ones that I donated on impulse especially around 2016/2017. Donation was also my coping mechanism.

Please share yours, I need new ideas. TIA
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Replies to: Your favorite charity organizations

  • VaBluebirdVaBluebird 3406 replies241 threads Senior Member
    St. Jude's
    Alice's Kids
    Red Cross
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  • ClassicMom98ClassicMom98 186 replies1 threads Junior Member
    St. Jude's
    Make A Wish
    Big Brothers/Big Sisters
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  • thumper1thumper1 76087 replies3353 threads Senior Member
    We donate local, and we donate to places that support the arts.
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  • HImomHImom 34800 replies394 threads Senior Member
    edited December 2019
    I donate to organizations I’m personally involved in—a nonprofit I created and run and the US COPD Coalition. Sometimes I expand and give to more local orgs—depends on finances, needs, etc. Have also donated to American Thoracic Society, COPD Foundation, American Assn of Respiratory Care and Hawaii Association of Respiratory Care.

    Have donated to Hawaii Public Radio and other charities as well.
    edited December 2019
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  • dentmom4dentmom4 1415 replies4 threads Senior Member
    I donate to organizations that feed people. A personal favorite is Kids Food Basket—they send home a sack supper 4 school nights and a weekend sack. Staffed almost completely by volunteers, our local one runs out of a church and feeds 1000 kids per day, with several other schools on the wait list. Direct donations stay in our school district.

    Also, a farmstead community that connects disabled adults (mostly with autism) to our community, Feeding America (our regional branch), and our schools and athletic programs.
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  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 2658 replies55 threads Senior Member
    My favorite charity is DD's college fund.

    I actively volunteer and donate to her school's booster club, which benefits all students, not just sports teams.

    I wish I could say I volunteer with animal shelters and rescue groups, but I have terrible allergies, so I just donate what I can to help out.
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  • kiddiekiddie 3569 replies221 threads Senior Member
    Locally, I support my library, first aid squad, and volunteer fire company

    The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
    Room to Read
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 39376 replies470 threads Senior Member
    Local pet shelters.
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  • momo2x2018momo2x2018 936 replies52 threads Member
    Children's Tumor Foundation
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  • bajammbajamm 1683 replies19 threads Senior Member
    American Lung Association and Alpha 1 Foundation

    American Red Cross (occasionally)

    I am also starting to give to NAMI and organizations that support medically ill children llike Ronald McDonald House and Project Linus.
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 8291 replies70 threads Senior Member
    We also donate locally - church mission fund, local non profit hospice, women’s group.
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  • PublisherPublisher 9040 replies110 threads Senior Member
    The Salvation Army.

    Donations overwhelmingly used for stated purpose, not for high administrative costs & not for exhorbitant salaries.

    Very well run organization.
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  • HouseChatteHouseChatte 888 replies2 threads Member
    - local crisis center

    - one of our kids' alma maters

    - EFF / ACLU / ADL
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  • abasketabasket 19938 replies884 threads Senior Member
    Definitely more local than national groups. Local gardens/food co-ops, libraries, children's organizations.
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  • MaineLonghornMaineLonghorn 39535 replies2177 threads Super Moderator
    ^I highly recommend donating locally. The national NAMI organization doesn't help out states at all. Each state is on its own to fund all its activities. Since a lot of grants don't cover overhead costs, it's a constant battle to keep the lights on, literally. :(
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  • AlwaysLearnAlwaysLearn 343 replies17 threads Member
    A couple of local animal rescues
    St. Jude's
    Give Kids the World/Make a Wish Foundation
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  • abasketabasket 19938 replies884 threads Senior Member
    As a director of a non-profit program that relies mostly on local donations to exist, THANK YOU for your support of any local org you choose to support.
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  • LindagafLindagaf 9686 replies521 threads Senior Member
    edited December 2019
    Great post. I donate widely.

    I’d like to encourage people to buy charity Christmas cards. I’ve been buying them for the last 25 years. It was easy to do when I lived in England because most people can easily find all sorts of charity cards there. Here in the US, it’s more difficult. For 15 years now, I’ve been purchasing UNICEF Xmas cards. They get 100% of the profits. The cards are high quality with beautiful artwork. I know some people love phot cards, but I just put a photo in mine if there’s someone who hasn’t seen my kids for too long. Photo cards make me sad because they just get put in the recycling. Sorry, I’m not keeping a pic of your kids, no matter how gorgeous they are. 🙂

    I donate to a local group who fundraises in support of Kakenya’s Centre for Excellence, a school for girls in Kenya.

    I also donate to our volunteer fire department each year by getting our Christmas tree at their annual tree sale. Far better to give that money to a local group.

    For the last fifteen years, I make Mother’s day and Father’s Day donations to groups that my parents are interested in. That includes groups who support struggling women and children. I’ve donated to Save the Children many times. My dad is interested in the law so I donate to nonpartisan groups who advocate for nonpartisan legal stuff.

    My husband’s family has been doing charity donations for one another for decades, so the one we contribute to for his family is Kiva, which is gives microloans to people in developing countries. That’s a great charity because the money goes on the help someone else. It’s literally a gift that keeps giving. His family donates a lot to Oxfam. My kids used to be unimpressed when their aunt would send them a birthday card saying “you’ve purchased mosquito nets for a family...or...your donation has helped a family buy a goat!” Now, they think it’s cool.

    My kids like donating to animal charities for Christmas.

    Me personally, I donate to the SPLC, ACLU, Brady Center, and Planned Parenthood. No points for guessing my political leanings, haha!

    I have a group of friends and we all celebrate our birthdays. A few years ago, I asked them to stop giving me presents and instead donate in my name. The first year, we donated to Planned Parenthood. I love doing that. I don’t need more stuff.

    This Christmas, I’m hosting a party and every one coming is donating to the charity of their choice in lieu of presents. Most people are donating to local groups (animal shelters, food pantry, library.)

    Finally, I “donate” to the local library at least once a month with overdue book fines, haha!

    Oops, nearly forgot! I donate to WNYC (NPR).
    edited December 2019
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  • chmcnmchmcnm 326 replies4 threads Member
    We try to stay local. We've done Goodwill in the past but we donate goods and money to a local outreach, especially around the holidays. There are many local food banks that need food along with volunteers. The number of people needing food keeps growing.

    We love our pets so the Humane Society gets some money and love too although I'm banned because I'd bring them all home. I also participate in our township's deer management program. The venison goes to the food bank and the hearts go to the high school biology class. The biggest gift is time and effort. Volunteers are a welcome sight.
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