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What are your College students doingthis summer?

casinoofnycasinoofny 116 replies12 threads Junior Member
Wondering what kids are doing this summer? Mine are lucky to get summer internship at home. But no travelling this summer.
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Replies to: What are your College students doingthis summer?

  • compmomcompmom 11893 replies82 threads Senior Member
    Is the internship in person or online?
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  • casinoofnycasinoofny 116 replies12 threads Junior Member
    edited June 25
    It is online, they have specific tasks and outcomes. Work output must be submitted daily. Pay is good too.

    @Compmom, what about you kid(s)?
    edited June 25
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  • 4kids4us4kids4us 1161 replies4 threads Senior Member
    My oldest, a rising senior, stayed at school in her off campus apartment and is working there since none of her DC internships panned out. She is also volunteering with a local political campaign office.

    The other, a rising sophomore, is living at home and working at a produce stand as well as training for his fall season, in case they even have fall sports.
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  • Tigerwife92Tigerwife92 186 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Participating in her school's summer research program for rising freshmen; it moved to home based/virtual, but they're shipping her equipment.
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  • cinnamon1212cinnamon1212 1217 replies11 threads Senior Member
    Rising junior is taking a course required for his major that has always been online. We figured he might as well knock it off now. He is also working part time doing landscaping and odd jobs for neighbors.
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 2463 replies40 threads Senior Member
    My college D was fortunate with her internship. She was supposed to be in Seattle but the company cancelled all remote internships and made most of them virtual. We're fortunate the company has two major facilities within 20 minutes of home. It was delayed 4 weeks, so she took a class from next Spring during the 4 week Maymester, and started work on Monday.

    My high school D had summer camps cancelled but we were fortunate to find a 6 week AI/Machine Learning bootcamp being taught by a recent MIT masters program graduate. She's finishing her first week and it will take her until it's time for band camp to start.

    All in all, it certainly worked out better than it might have.
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  • melvin123melvin123 1884 replies34 threads Senior Member
    Zoom workouts with her team. At the beginning of the quarantine she ordered some weights, mats, balls and bands, and has been using them daily.

    Zoom study sessions for organic Chem just so they are ready to hit the ground running in the Fall.

    Zoom language tutoring.

    Doing TA work to convert a Prof’s class to be more on-line friendly via zoom.

    Wish I bought some zoom stock!
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  • NhatrangNhatrang 1345 replies1 threads Senior Member
    edited June 26
    Mine is taking 2 summer classes and working 20 hours a week at a store. Just had a scare of possible case of covid but she is fine now.

    She is also working on a couple of nonprofit projects for a rural village in Vietnam: well water project and crawfish farm project. She has weekly zoom meeting with the local folks and really enjoyed it. It is fascinating that a rural village in Vietnam has amazing WiFi, probably not so rural after all lol.
    edited June 26
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  • eb23282eb23282 890 replies25 threads Member
    edited June 26
    Full time Co-op @ Apple. Remote for now, with the potential to move to CA or TX later in the Co-op.

    Edit to add - sister's kid, not mine.
    edited June 26
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  • marrastmarrast 202 replies21 threads Junior Member
    D21 is interning 2000 miles away in California. S24 is working on a construction erosion control crew building character.
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  • me29034me29034 2187 replies110 threads Senior Member
    Mine is working as a cashier at a sporting good retailer that has recently reopened.
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  • whidbeyite2002whidbeyite2002 314 replies1 threads Member
    Mine is waiting for the go-ahead for census work. It might never happen before the new school year.
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  • taverngirltaverngirl 1725 replies45 threads Senior Member
    Both my kids have been waiting for their restaurant to open back up. Which it did this past week, and neither were hired back :neutral: One was a host and server assistant; one was an assistant. Seems they only hired back a few servers since it's reduced capacity for now. S probably doesn't have a shot at getting any jobs at this point. We're leaving for a 2 week vacation and then he's back for just a month before school. D is nannying for my BIL OOS for three days/week starting after vacation. She was supposed to be doing research at school all summer but it didn't translate to WFH. We are keeping S busy with home projects, saving us the money he'd be contributing towards his tuition.
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  • mountainsoulmountainsoul 181 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Mine is taking a free open source class since her request to enroll in summer classes for credit at our state flagship was denied by her university.
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  • ClassicMom98ClassicMom98 623 replies1 threads Member
    @whidbeyite2002 my older S applied for a census job back in January. he wanted to do it April-May when he was done with school, but still in college town. He heard back 2 weeks before he had to move out that they wanted him. Same thing with the contact tracing. He doesn't start his new job in new city until early August. He applied weeks ago and heard nothing. I thought they were desperate for people. He doesn't really need the $$$, but it would have been something to do.

    Younger S has an internship with our city collecting/building GIS data on cemetery graves. It's a project we've had on the books for over 10 years. It's grunt work, but he's doing it with a good friend. He's thrilled to be getting paid and some experience in one of his minors. I am thankful that the City hired him. Interns are not common and the few that the City hire typically go to grad students from out of town. And it's perfect for social distancing.
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  • surfcitysurfcity 2780 replies61 threads Senior Member
    Everything fell through and I dont see a viable job opportunity for her. She is still keeping busy by some things she put off during the last semester, and she has been sewing masks.

    I have a bunch of household projects I can probably get her to do, but she will most likely research grad schools and binge watch TV. LOL. She really doesn’t want to go back if it’s remote learning because she loves the classroom. On the other hand, she doesn’t want to postpone her 2021 grad date.
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