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A good article in the Atlantic on the problems at Reed and the Hum 101 protests

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While much of this is an all too familiar recitation of the "do what I want or you are a racist" tactics of campus protesters, this is the first somewhat in depth treatment I have seen of a general push back from the student body against the crazy left. Some of the quotes from professors and upper class students, about the general fear of opposing the agenda of the protesters and others warning the freshmen who were leading the push back not to do so, are chilling.

One thing I think is obvious and that is no matter whether you personally support the agenda of the protesters or oppose them, the faculty and administration at Reed has utterly failed to lead the campus. That is very sad, and would enrage me if I were paying tuition there.

On a personal note, if there is one thing that would get me to vote for Donald Trump, it would be people hating on Steve Martin, comic genius.
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Replies to: A good article in the Atlantic on the problems at Reed and the Hum 101 protests

  • ZinheadZinhead 2473 replies137 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    There was an earlier thread on the topic.


    In the meantime, this student group has moved on to occupying the office of Reed's president.

    A rotating group of around 40 or 50 students at Reed College have been camped out in an administration building for nine days, demanding the the college divest from Wells Fargo. And the college is, largely, supporting the effort. It's our job to disrupt oppressive systems," Tiffany Chang, a sophomore, said Tuesday.
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    Re: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/rampage/wp/2017/11/02/older-people-and-republicans-threatening-free-speech/

    No surprise that support or opposition for freedom of speech tends to be selective and situational (i.e. more support for those on the same side politically, more opposition for those on the other side politically).
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  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone 22979 replies17 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    A friend's daughter went to Reed. Lasted one semester.This kind of stuff wasn't fun for her. She didn't like the drugs and pot smoking.
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    I am the parent of a freshman at Reed. I received an email from the President of Reed the first week of school, discussing the protests. I talked to my D about it, and got the sense that the vast majority of the student body were not supporting the disrupters. Weeks passed and I heard nothing more about it.

    Now, thanks to CC members, I see that the Atlantic and WaPo have reported in the past week about the Hum 110 controversy and the Wells Fargo protest. I have not gotten any further updates on the protests by email or snail mail from administration. We did receive an invite from Parents and Family Weekend at Reed for Nov 3 through 5. Too far for us on the East Coast to attend. I wonder if admin was forthright that the school is kinda under siege. Instigated by 'a former sophomore, currently on leave from Reed' whatever that is.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 41882 replies451 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    ^ I'd be very interested in hearing from curretlnt students.
    Hum 101 is so integral to Reed that it's like protesting the main reason they chose to attend - it doesn't make sense and I'd imagine most stusents would be horrified.
    The fact the protests were instigated by a former student "currently on leave" (which means "fix the problem before you return or transfer") should also be taken into account.
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  • ZinheadZinhead 2473 replies137 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
  • Ohiodad51Ohiodad51 2459 replies41 threadsForum Champion Athletic Recruits Forum Champion
    There's absolutely nothing wrong with students agitating to adjust curriculum to better meet what they believe to be their needs and concerns.

    You do understand that is not what happened here, don’t you?
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  • CorinthianCorinthian 1788 replies62 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    The Spike article showed the "Amanda" student as a real person, not just a caricature. But it also showed Hunter as a real person, a first generation student who carried with him the hopes and dreams of a family that had never sent anyone to college before. He was driven off campus and out of college completely for mildly questioning the protesters. The article made me both sad and hopeful.
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