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UC to CC to UC or State or Private. Does this hurt me? Insight please.

bigooooofbigooooof 3 replies5 threads New Member
edited March 2019 in Pre-Med & Medical School
Hi, I just recently transferred from a UC that I attended freshman year and only the first fall quarter of sophomore year (due to personal issues) to a city college near me. However, I am looking towards a career in medicine, how will this affect my chances if I transfer to just a basic state school?

I'm retaking some of the basic pre reqs at my CC to average out the grades I got at my past UC (which I have to do since my CC didn't allow me to "challenge" these courses and also I'd like to get a better grade rather than C's within my report card). Would these medical schools judge me harshly for this matter?

I'm also leaning more towards my local state school just because it will save me money, but I also have a lot of EC's around me that I'm committed too as of right now so I can improve my resume and chances of getting into medical school. I'm overall still worried but this because I know it may affect my chances of getting into any medical school if I go from a UC to CC to State. They may be suspicious of what I'm trying to do; however, within the UC I was in I did not know how to balance my time with studying the courses I was taking and also doing the EC's which makes me a weaker candidate and also having a lower than average GPA.

Therefore, I made this UC to CC change for the better of my own good, knowing that I was not ready for the rigor. However, if I decide to go onto a UC again, or maybe a private school (USC maybe), I'm fearful of the outcome that I may not do well again and will not be able to balance the EC's that I'm committed to.

It seems I have a better chance at a state college, but I don't wanna cut myself short just because of one bad experience; I'm just afraid that medical schools will deem me as less worth for a position for medical school in the future. Any thoughts?

Edit: Right now I’m also volunteering at a local hospital and volunteering at a OT/PT clinic teaching special kids karate (preparing them to be independent for their future). I’m applying to summer scribing jobs and also looking into research during the summer and in the future taking EMT classes so I can later become an EMT.
edited March 2019
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Replies to: UC to CC to UC or State or Private. Does this hurt me? Insight please.

  • WayOutWestMomWayOutWestMom 11148 replies240 threads Senior Member
    edited March 2019
    What state are you a resident of?

    Is your local state school a CSU?

    If you're a CA resident planning on attending a CSU, then that could spell trouble for you. CSUs do not have a strong track record of placing students into health professions schools.

    You say that you're re-taking basic pre-reqs at the CC. The optics on this are going to be bad. This implies you didn't do well the first time you took them at the UC. Re-taking them at the CC says you are weak student. In your case, it will be vital total additional UL coursework in all the areas where you've retaken "the basics" and crush them.

    Also be aware that med schools do not allow grade replacement. Both your original grade and your retaken grade will be included in all your GPA calculations.
    edited March 2019
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  • JohnMaxhariJohnMaxhari 4 replies0 threads New Member
    I wouldn't take them at the CC.
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