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How to Self Study for SSAT

badminton4lifebadminton4life 93 replies13 threads Junior Member
Hi guys,

I was wondering if you guys had any idea how to study for the SSAT by yourself, or if there are any good cheap alternatives to the really expensive tutors. I mainly want to focus on verbal and reading sections. Thank you! And if you haven't check out my last forums, please do, as I need advice on my application process as well. Thank you! site: https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/prep-school-chances/2099315-chance-me-for-the-following-schools.html#latest
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Replies to: How to Self Study for SSAT

  • AltrasAltras 354 replies6 threads Member
    Verbal - Quizlet, over and over and over and...
    Reading - Online videos reviewing strategies. Such strategies are most important for this section.

    SSAT website practice tests, section tests, study tools, etc.
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  • daddy538daddy538 8 replies0 threads New Member
    I self-studied for the SAT and got a 1520. Khan Academy has excellent SAT prep, as do Princeton Review SAT Prep books. The SAT prep book costs around $20, and Khan Academy is free.
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  • daddy538daddy538 8 replies0 threads New Member
    Also, do practice tests. Princeton Review SAT review books come with like 4 practice tests, so do those practice questions and review your answers.
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  • Victory_Victory_ 6 replies0 threads New Member
    Yes. Princeton review books were hugely helpful for me. Practice IS everything.
    For verbal, just look up "SSAT 500 Words" or something on Quizlet. I just searched it up myself, and I found a deck that was actually made by a friend of mine who also goes to PA. I used a similar deck, however I coudn't find it. 500 words is a lot, especially if you're studying the words using the "learn" feature like me. I probably completed about a third of the deck before I took the test, so don't feel bad if you don't learn all 500... Here's the link to the one my friend made: https://quizlet.com/236123553/ssat-500-words-flash-cards/
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  • willmowillmo 145 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Even though it is a bit more pricy, the ivy global english book vol. 2 is definitely worth a look IMO. It gives off a different kind of vibe than the other prep books (in a good way) - it is not filled to the brim with tips and tricks everywhere, instead it comes off as a clean and polished book and studying tool.
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