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Chances of getting into Boarding school

SomehowMeSomehowMe Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
Hello, Ladys and Gentlemen! I am from Africa but I have been living in Europe for almost fifteen years. Currently I am in my last days of 8th grade. I want to apply to several prestigious boarding schools in the United States. I've read a lot about "hooks" here so I will explain mine fastly. I've been in drama club for over six years. I work as a volunteer in a home for elders. Since I attend an economic-focused school I have had accounting,economics and home economics. In my spare time I love doing Origami(s) and playing chess. I love languages and I learn them in my spare time. It's Japanese, Russian,Hebrew and a little French (since my teacher is a little disappointing). The downside is that I am more into academics than into sports. I've tried lots of sports, stayed a few years and moved on. I haven't taken any of the standardized tests yet but I will in autumn. I will rely on FA but not completely. I want to apologize for all the potential mistakes I made in the text. Do you think I have a chance?

Replies to: Chances of getting into Boarding school

  • PhotographerMomPhotographerMom Registered User Posts: 1,839 Senior Member
    edited June 2017
    Which " prestigious " schools are we talking about? They're all prestigious.

    I don't see a hook here but I see many nice ECs. The sports thing can be remedied by expressing interest in sports you haven't done before but you'd like to try. Once you have identified the sports that could potentially float your boat , you can convey that interest to AOs ( during interviews ) and again on your apps.

    Over the summer peruse the online athletic pages ( Fall, Winter and Spring ) for each school and find new sports ( Yes, sports- plural ) or resign to do sports you've already done .... again.

    Go willingly or be dragged. If you're not a rockstar athlete.... be the fearless kid willing to try and mean it . :)

    If you really want to go to BS and you need ANY amount of FA, I would get going on research and cast a very wide net. All schools in the Top 30 are able to give full or very generous FA. Be mindful of the very competitive pool you're diving into which includes all boarding schools in the Top 30-40. All girl/ All boy schools are getting very popular and competitive, too.

    If you don't care if you get in or you're a " Big School " or Bust applicant.... roll the dice and give it your best shot .
  • SomehowMeSomehowMe Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    Thank you!
    I am going to apply to Exeter,Andover,Blair,Choate,Lawrenceville,Deerfield,Loomis Chaffee,Kent,Peddie School,Berkshire,Brooks,Hotchkiss,Taft,St. Paul's and Westminster.
    And thank you for the sports advice too.
    Could you name me a few other BS?
    I know it sounds silly and potentially lazy but nobody in my social environment knows boarding schools in the United States.
    Thank you,again
  • cababe97cababe97 Registered User Posts: 434 Member
    Hi @SomehowMe :) I'm a little confused... you said hat you are just graduating the eight grade so are you applying to go into the sophomore class at a boarding school or are you going to do freshman year at your school at home and then repeat freshman year (which would improve you chances of getting in).

    I come from a very under represented state where it's very weird to go to boarding school and peoplebhunk you are being "sent away" to military golf camp so I completely understand where you are coming from. All of those schools sound like good choices, and especially since you will need FA, it's important to apply to at least 6+ schools and cast a wide net with the schools you are applying to (applying to school that you know you can get into, higher acceptance rates, and schools that might be a little bit harder, lower acceptance rates. This will help make sure that you can try and get the most FA as possible.

    The schools you listed sound like a great list of schools. To help you out with finding schools, a great tool that I used when applying to schools is boardingschoolreview.com. You can filter through boarding schools and get a look at some that could be good for you, with the website taking into the account the size of the school, what gender (single sex or coed), acceptance rate, different sports offerings, religious or non denominational, etc. It's a really helpful website.!

    I'm a current student at Berkshire and would be more than happen to answer any questions you have about the boarding school application process and boarding school in general, as welll as questions about Berkshire. Feel free to pm me :)
  • SomehowMeSomehowMe Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    Thank you for your answer!
    I am in a economics-focused school where we have 5 years before we graduate.Which means that we have a 13th grade.
    I would leave for boarding school in 11th grade and graduate there.Theoretically it's possible for me to return to my current school and also graduate from there.
    Should I apply first and then send in the test results?
    I'm currently learning for the TOEFL and I will start learning for the PSAT within.the next week.
    Thank you for the clue with BoardingSchoolReview. I was there at the beginning,but as a total rookie I stayed at lists with the top schools.
    I will use it. Thank you!
    Again,I apologize for all the potential mistakes in the text.

  • PhotographerMomPhotographerMom Registered User Posts: 1,839 Senior Member
    You've chosen some heavy hitters with unforgiving acceptance rates. The schools with more reasonable acceptance rates are on the rise in popularity. Next year's admission cycle will probably shatter records because of the growing economy and ongoing disenchantment over lackluster public schools. It won't matter if you're applying FP or seeking FA.

    But here is what you can do now: Prepare yourself and be strategic about your apps.

    You'll need to articulate why you want to go to BS and why you want to apply to each school on this list. You can't go by name recognition alone or something vague because your app requires depth and it has to make sense ( to you and the AO ).

    Ask yourself : What are the things that make your heart sing about each school and what do you want to get out of a BS experience? These are not trick questions but you'd be surprised at the number of kids who completely miss it ( insert gameshow buzzer here ) . Successful apps require thoughtful answers that reflect why you're ready and why you want to go. If you can do that effectively on your app, or during an interview ( preferably both ) - that's the next best thing to a rockstar hook.

    You and your family must also decide if you'd be open to repeat III Form or if you'll be applying for IV Form- or if you'd be open to both.

    I have no idea what your grades are or what your test scores look like. Researching a wide-range of schools now will be very beneficial- especially if you need to switch up your apply-to list later on. Be flexible and look at all schools with an open heart and mind. In addition to Boarding School Review- take a look at some CC Hidden Gem Threads, too. You'll find parent/student insight and some very helpful information.

    All the best and good luck!
  • SomehowMeSomehowMe Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    Thank you very much!
    I am going to dig more into all of the schools.
    The biggest reason why I want to go there is the fact that I want to make something out of my life.I can't become what I want (A pilot,but I am too myopic.)but I can still do a lot. I want to understand people and the best way to do this is learning languages and be educated. School wouldn't be a part of your life anymore;it would be your life since you actually live at school. I would be with people who have great goals in their lives and want to achieve them. And especially at Berkshire my dream of aviation could come true for one day.
    Well,that wasn't planned but I felt like writing all of this down the moment I think about it.
    I have many A's and a few B's.
    Thank you for your advice, @PhotographerMom !
    I'll give my best shot, just as you said.
  • Shambhu2784Shambhu2784 Registered User Posts: 15 Junior Member
    I too am looking for similar advice. I need to know if what I am doing is enough. I only have a few months before I need to submit an application. I am attempting to get into IMSA, a highly competitive 9th-12th high school, as an 8th grader.

    I have not officially taken the SAT but the highest I have gotten on a practice test is
    Math: 720
    I am currently practicing for better.

    I am in math club, 3 years in a row as a selected Service Learning Leader (school program), Scholastic Bowl, Lighting Crew/ Theater Tech, Science Olympiad, Band (First Clarinet), Yearbook Committee, Basketball Team, First Robotics Team, I volunteer, and I am currently pursuing studies in Carnatic/ Indian Music at Home.

    I have attended
    SIT Conference (3 locations in State)
    Makerfaire (Throughout State)
    Leadership Conference in Skokie

    I have reached the level of cadets in girl scouts and then discontinued
    I have participated in chess club up till recently.

    My math and English teachers like me. My science teacher likes me but I need to work on some skills. I answer a lot of question in class.

    I have won a few awards. Few as in 3-4.

    I have a few months to work on things that could potentially increase my chances. Please, science is my dream. Help me out and tell me where I stand and what I need to improve to get in. Thanks!
  • bumblebee1212bumblebee1212 Registered User Posts: 46 Junior Member
    @Shambhu2784 If you are really interested in science, tell the school! Make that evident in your essays and for sure bring it up in your interview. It shows them that you're interested in the school. And in terms of your SSAT, you have a lot of time. But do consider taking it more than once (if it's in your financial means) bc many schools super score, and I assume (not 100% sure) that IMSA will too
  • preppedparentpreppedparent Registered User Posts: 3,291 Senior Member
    If you don't need financial aid, I'd say your chances are good. If you do need FA, or a great deal, you still have a shot, but there would have to be something really outstanding for a school to want to give you a full scholarship.
  • applejuice007applejuice007 Registered User Posts: 168 Junior Member
    @SomehowMe it's difficult to get in for 11th grade, but it's definitely possible.
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