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What is the point of an interview this late?

TimeUpJuniorTimeUpJunior 184 replies27 threads Junior Member
My son just got contacted for an interview yesterday, not even an in-person, but a phone interview. I thought the decisions were already made.

Does Princeton interview ALL applicants no matter what?

Anyone else got an interview this late?

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Replies to: What is the point of an interview this late?

  • TortuousProcessTortuousProcess 28 replies0 threads New Member
    My interview is today (phone interview, international applicant). I think the deadline fluctuates, since other potential interview dates offered to me were about a week (!) before the March 30 decision date.

    Best of luck to your son!
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  • TimeUpJuniorTimeUpJunior 184 replies27 threads Junior Member
    So he is not alone getting an interview this late. Good luck to you too @TortuousProcess
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  • Seniors.yikes.usSeniors.yikes.us 134 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Best case scenario, the interviewer walks away and writes a glowing review that gives him the extra push to get in despite being late (if it even is late? Eh). Worst case, your son gets interview practice.
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  • USUG21USUG21 959 replies11 threads Member
    I think when one gets interview this late.... it may be that earlier thr were not much alumni.... but since one persons app is under consideration and they found out that he or she has not been offered interview.... they try to take extra care to give that person interview only to ensure that the person they r selecting is real and is worthy of the ivys single digit acceptance.... so when u get interview after the deadline its a good thing....however thr might be some ... whom even after taking care they can not provide interview but still accept...
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  • carrots0066carrots0066 49 replies27 threads Junior Member
    I got mine late :/ HOWEVER, I think their emails are simply just to give you the opportunity to get a feel of the alum's experiences than a factor for admission.
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  • needshelpmanneedshelpman 5 replies1 threads New Member
    I, too, JUST got an interview request yesterday, I wonder why they might be sending requests so late.
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  • paveyourpathpaveyourpath 1297 replies0 threads Senior Member
    Princeton isn't the only one still offering interviews late. Brown initially had a 2/15 date for their interviewers to submit their evaluation. Seems they moved this to 2/28 with some students being interviewed as late as 2/27 and 2/28. Perhaps they all received many more applications than they were able to offer interviews for within their initial time line.
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  • psywarpsywar 701 replies25 threads Member
    An email I read two days stated Princeton admissions were up "30%" this year. While that number sounds astounding, SCEA was up 18%. Whatever the number is, I'm sure it is stressing the system of volunteers. A late interview is still a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the school and ask questions.
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  • dewrrrettdewrrrett 104 replies5 threads Junior Member
    This is super late, but I interviewed last Saturday and my interviewer told me that the Princeton deadline for alumni to submit an interview report was last Friday (3/3) but they gave him a one day extension to submit mine.
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  • eqh83ii3eqh83ii3 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Hi, also a late response but I'm a current Princeton freshman and just wanted to let you (and your son) know not to doubt the late interview! I can't remember which day, but I didn't have my interview until either December 6th or 13th and was then accepted on the 16th, so don't be discouraged by the perhaps last minute feel of the interview!
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  • G8tr2momG8tr2mom 48 replies2 threads Junior Member
    My daughter just had her interview yesterday. Her interviewer told her he had submit all his reports by this Friday. I don't think the interview will influence the final decision much, but it was a good experience. She really enjoyed hearing his perspective on how the school has changed since he was a student.
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  • ExwireExwire 106 replies17 threads Junior Member
    Kinda late and possibly irrelevant but I never got contacted for an interview at all, should I be worried?
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  • yonceonhismouthyonceonhismouth 1953 replies24 threads Senior Member
    @Exwire no, Princeton tries to interview all applicants but if there aren't alumni in your area you won't get an interview- it won't hurt your application
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  • getnintheknowgetnintheknow 11 replies2 threads New Member
    My daughter had her interview with Brown on February 19th. It was a phone interview, because they didn't have an alum in our area. Wondering if maybe they had an increase in students applying in areas outside of where they traditionally get applications from. I think, in general, more excellent high school students are applying to ivy league schools, because they are aware it is becoming more popular to apply if they have the stats to be considered. Many good scholarships out there -- and the chance is there for all.
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  • CantigerCantiger 931 replies17 threads Member
    @Exwire have a read through a couple of pages of this thread...offers for interviews have virtually no relationship to the probability of admission.

    @getnintheknow Princeton and other Ivys do not offer scholarships so I assume you are referring to outside/private scholarships. Princeton and the other Ivys do offer very generous financial aid packages (some more generous than others) but these are not scholarships. They are based on financial need alone.
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  • MSYP100MSYP100 40 replies0 threads Junior Member
    What if there are alumni in my area, but I still didn't get an interview from Princeton?

    I am an international student, and its widely known in my region that Princeton offers interviews to almost all applicants. Many of my friends got Skype interviews etc. Almost everyone gets an interview, either in person, phone or Skype. But I haven't been contacted for an interview. Yes, interviews are optional, but if the admissions committee is considering accepting someone, and noticed that there isn't an interview report in that applicant's file, wouldn't they try to get that person an interview? On the other hand, if someones application didn't make the cut, there would be no point in offering an interview to someone who they are going to reject. I have no idea why I wasn't offered one... every other person I talked to from my school was offered an interview, but I wasn't. :/
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  • MedSciBudMedSciBud 898 replies63 threads Member
    @MSYP100 - understand your situation, but at this time - absolutely no point fretting over this. All we know is that interviews are optional - not all applicants are interviewed - and there has not been any correlation between getting interviewed vs admits (or) not getting interviewed vs rejects. You will know in 5 days. I know it is easier said than done but please just try to relax and not think about this.
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